Five Finger Death Punch - The House Of The Rising Sun Lyrics

There is a house in Sin City
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And, God, I know I'm one

My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gamblin' man
Down in Sin City

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and a trunk
And the only time he's satisfied
Is when he's on a drunk

Well, I've got one foot on the platform
The other's on the train
I'm goin' back to Sin City
To wear that ball and chain

Well, mothers, tell your children
Never do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the house of the rising sun

In the house of the rising sun

Well, there's a house in Sin City
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God knows that I am one

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Five Finger Death Punch The House Of The Rising Sun Comments
  1. truongvinh nguyendinh

    I love this song
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    When I listen to death punch
    My city does too
    Greta would be pissed if she saw this video


    Black smoke coming out of that car is disgusting.

  3. Tiara Tiara

    Me :My mother...
    Producer: How crazy do you want it
    Five Finger Death Punch: yes

  4. M. Peyton Christopher

    Me :My mother...
    this came up when i searched for the original house of the rising sun made in like the 1900s

  5. Sonia Harding

    1:48 the music starts
    What's "you" doing at the start?

  6. Oszkár Oszter

    I say something Bro's and Sisters:
    THX Zoltán!!! I am a PROUDE Hungaryan in this Moment!And i would now to Thank you Zotán what you have riched!I dont want your Life,i am a symple man...I am just Proude to you! At the end this Recov. is awesome!!!
    Haters- Skroll to something else...and [email protected] youre self and have a nice day!!!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
    5FDP let it Rock,like 06.02.2020. in Frankfurt!!!

  7. Angela Beck

    welcome to america

  8. dctindall Tindall

    this came up when i searched for the original house of the rising sun made in like the 1900s

  9. Neal DeWitt

    I like that welder er up is in this video that makes it better

  10. Neal DeWitt

    This is a bad ass song that's all I have to say

  11. Maristelah Amorim

    Continuo amando 2020

  12. Clayton S

    Me and the bois when we get our arena war cars but need to do bunker resupply

  13. Brandy Frenchdevoysmith

    If went to this school. Mount
    Elgin college. During the year
    1975 to it torn down. If name. On
    Plat worth about 2. To 20 THOUSAND. Or. 50 grand

  14. Brandy Frenchdevoysmith

    I know that is knot Jeremy
    I just called you that. Forgive me

  15. charles roth

    Tazz 86 @ me too

  16. Otis Moran

    Cars,guns and chicks how American can you get

  17. Otis Moran

    I can’t imagine how hot Zoltan was with ail that tactical gear on

  18. Demon Skrip

    Охеренный видеоря,снято покруче голивуда!!!!
    Ну и песня шикарна!!!

  19. Howie TB

    Making music videos gotta be one of the most fun things to do

  20. Mala Fe

    entera mala la wea se la sacaron del hoyo y lo peor es que un culiao la recomienda despues de escuchar la original

  21. Diogo Smargiassi


  22. Otis Moran

    This video is freakin sweet as a car guy I love this video and this song is badass

  23. colten broadwater

    The cummins rat rod is the best part

  24. Joe Bricks

    Imagine this song could be the theme song for the SONS OF ANARCHY 🔥

  25. Jaidyn Kreamer

    I was looking at this and pausing it for 3 minutes before I thought to read the comments. I saw "You remix" and was like... oh... that's where I know this song from.

  26. Los Death

    My name is Zoltán too

  27. Leanna Beale

    Why does this video start with the song that goes "I don't give a fuck about you"?

  28. drsupremo88


  29. drsupremo88

    1:43 meh

  30. Beata Kruszewska

    Love this Song and five Finger Death Punch ❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤😎

  31. Hexen Esports

    Ivan "Rockatansky" Moody \ m /

  32. bart man

    Who is the girl with pig tails blonde??

  33. Greg Parks

    I've been remembering to call my daughter lately thanks
    To you and Dwayne Johnson having a Facebook page of Dede lol

  34. steve wilson

    just a brilliant twist..ex army vet Love it!

  35. G.O yifo

    Soa forever<3

  36. Woosh if gay

    OG is still better

  37. whatever mechanics

    Why couldn’t we have a whole song of the intro?

  38. Delta 1-2

    Waching this before living the dream

  39. Martin Radics

    Szia Zoltán 😀 itthon mikor lesz koncert?

  40. Bad Fairy

    Thinking of my Honey Moon.

  41. Eric Gipson

    This is NOT house of the rising son. Learn name of song

    Trezdon Shull

    sorry i cant read your comment because i dont speak Idiot

  42. Dust Devil

    I try n try to like this group with its awesome riffage and crushing production but there is just enuff boy band shine in every track to not allow them to sit at a table with the likes of Metallicatz Pantera Avengend 7 Disturbed Slayer and Venom etc. For this banger anyway ....back to Dying Fetus \m/

  43. Bre Evans

    I❤️that music

  44. Arthur Morgan

    Me and my bud from work blasted this as we drove 60 in a 25.

  45. Sisú Entrenadoh

    cut off the bullshit the song starts at 1:47

  46. Alfredo Diaz

    Why you guys never play The House of the Rising Sun live with the kick ass intro of Ivan's agressive singing at the beginning god damn it!!!!?????

  47. hunterofpike

    The amount of Cheech in this video has a guy saying FUCKIN' MINT! 👌

  48. Eder Domingos

    E top demais

  49. LaRockette

    First minute is insane 🔥 🤟

  50. We Are

    The beginning was great, then it went shit. Had to unlike the song.

  51. GAMA D.E

    Mmmm, genial

  52. Brett Taylor



    I was only expecting a remake of House of the Rising Sun. Imagine my surprise when it first started lol

    Anne Jones

    Yeah it’s pretty epic. The monkeys may have wrote it but Evan and the guys MADE it for the feels.

  54. Mista Rich

    Lmao I want a beard that long

  55. Allison Johns

    If you play it in 1.25x it sounds pretty cool

  56. gabriel rayez

    Can somebody provide a link to the song in the beginning

  57. bejafe 1

    They should do a new song based on the first minute.

    Cameron Small

    bejafe 1 there is a song called ‘you’ and its the same song

    bejafe 1

    @Cameron Small Thank you so much <3

    Cameron Small

    bejafe 1 happy to help out

  58. Sebastian Sejer

    Wait this is not the animals xd

  59. maximillian

    Climate change facts..FFDP:What's that?

  60. David Coomes

    Swear it looks like they filmed this at wasteland festival. It is a mad max themed music festival in the desert of Southern Cali

  61. Jake sowell

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    When I listen to death punch
    My city does too

  62. Sparkymarky0802

    WHOS WATCHING IN 2030!!!!

  63. Cameron Small

    These guys have absolutely no idea what attachments go on what guns

    Dank Snowman

    Cameron Small you have no idea how to appreciate music you nutcase

    Cameron Small

    My favourite band by the way, but zoltan has an AR mag on a vector

    Dank Snowman

    Cameron Small no???

  64. hillbilly atheist

    1:48 the music starts

  65. Timothy Cash

    The only reason I play this video is the intro. Need more shit like that!!!

  66. Jameson Haynes

    Still here 2020

  67. Juan Gualda

    He has the Kriss Vector but pouches are full of M4 magazines, please explain.

  68. Darthpandaz

    Maybe someone already mentioned this, but they actually spelled Chris' name "Chris Keal" in the credit 😂

  69. Dank Memes

    Mad max redemption

  70. Randel Palo

    The Animals are still the OG, and this cover does them justice. For those that want to just listen to the music 1:43

  71. Charlie Vernon Hickey

    Modern RDR2

  72. Damian Kwak

    Kto z Polski słucha ? 🤘🤘🤘

  73. Seth Bertrand

    i love the madmax theme

  74. Ceilings In Their Eyes

    What a hilarious band

  75. dirty king96

    this song is a 10/10 but the vid makes it a 100/10

  76. 45. αcρ

    Why wasn't the first part in spotify

  77. Kristin Plopper

    Interesting video there.

  78. Major Hawker

    Does anyone know who the little pixie blond with Ivan at the tables name is? She looks so familiar.

  79. Cindy McAmis

    they sound like Disturbed

  80. DragonHorze

    Best fu king music video ever ...of all time say what u will about the band but damn those thought pirates really got their shit skilled

  81. Nate Vinsek

    This reminds me of some Death the first minute.

  82. Alex Lee

    Sounds a lot like static X

  83. TRAP with a little dub

    Zoltan was the true loyal one to Ivan. Like he even wakes him up for a living. As if being his guard isn't enough he'll take the last shots too. That's a true homie

  84. Big Amish DOINKS

    Can anyone tell me what kind of car those 2 gangster dudes had

  85. Da Broken FACE

    1:48 Eric Burdon?

  86. rickybell

    3:24 dinki-di... being a good boy...

  87. Marron Potter

    I love this song and I live the band.

  88. Zeck-Gaming '

    So wait since this is house of the rising sun... then what have I been listening to??? It’s five finger death punch but it’s got the lyrics. LIKE TD

  89. natty features EVERYTHING

    can you guys cover they live next i mean california dreaming lol ;)

  90. natty features EVERYTHING

    i came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and i m all out of bubble gum?

  91. Jason Brand


  92. Patrick Laramee

    too slow VS the real version :P

  93. Mario Garrido

    Mad Max, Copy that.

  94. Dion

    The production quality is amazing too, good job guys.

  95. Dion

    I can't... I'm done! Hands down best band ever!

  96. Melissa Andrews

    Fuck Yeah! My new angry song!