Fitzgerald, Ella - Round Midnight Lyrics

It begins to tell,
'round midnight, midnight.
I do pretty well, till after sundown,
Suppertime I'm feelin' sad;
But it really gets bad,
'round midnight.
Memories always start 'round midnight
Haven't got the heart to stand those memories,
When my heart is still with you,
And ol' midnight knows it, too.
When a quarrel we had needs mending,
Does it mean that our love is ending.

Darlin' I need you, lately I find
You're out of my heart,
And I'm out of my mind.
Let our hearts take wings'
'round midnight, midnight
Let the angels sing,
For your returning.
Till our love is safe and sound.
And old midnight comes around.
Feelin' sad,
Really gets bad

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Fitzgerald, Ella Round Midnight Comments
  1. Vince Q

    And backed up by the Oscar Peterson Trio! The bass player Ray Brown was married to Ella.

  2. botvinnik64

    Everybody bow down.

  3. Nick Lewis

    Every new Ella Fitzgerald song I listen to just sticks with me. Good Lord is this woman's voice impactful

  4. ThisbeandPyramus

    Crazy, crazy, crazy good

  5. Morahman7vnNo2

    Not enough covers of this tune with lyrics exist.

  6. AngelSusie57

    Pure perfection. Only Ella can sing a song like this and do it justice. Love it.❤️

  7. tax support

    perfect intonation... so good...

  8. Gregory Squires

    Sheesh Ella

  9. ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

    better singer than 99.999% of today's top female hits

  10. Moby Dick

    t begins to tell
    'Round midnight, midnight
    I do pretty well, till after sundown
    Suppertime I'm feelin' sad
    But it really gets bad
    'Round midnight
    Memories always start 'round midnight
    Haven't got the heart to stand those memories
    When my heart is still with you
    And ol' midnight knows it, too
    When a quarrel we had needs mending
    Does it mean that our love is ending
    Darlin' I need you, lately I find
    You're out of my heart
    And I'm out of my mind
    Let our hearts take wings'
    'Round midnight, midnight
    Let the angels sing
    For your returning
    Till our love is safe and sound
    And old midnight comes around
    Feelin' sad
    Really gets bad
    Round, Round, Round Midnight

  11. key bedstuyplum

    so beautiful all I can do is weep 💙

  12. Fanel Fabien

    I did Alfredo ahuma.... Yes I did.. The mom watching u... She didn't know you guys was sinners you Frost and indian frist... Means you...

  13. Fanel Fabien

    Cause I'm the frog... In that game... 3 wonders I did beat the game Ella... All the categories of the section of the game... The video game 3 wonders...

  14. Fanel Fabien

    Who her...

  15. Fanel Fabien

    Momam Fritz geraled ti e...

  16. Fanel Fabien

    Oh qeen Ella frizt fabien your son is evil... Kill him

  17. Phyllis tagg-bovino

    I saw all our legends in!!...Oscar Petersen ,Miles Davis, Ella, Sarah, Dizzy.,Bill Evans,Carmen McCrae,..I miss them so much!!...I hate today's music..

  18. K A R M A

    Her voice is as smooth as milk and honey. 🥰❤️🔥💋💯🌺

  19. HiltonRonaldAlice

    O que cantava!maravilhosamente dava nuances de voz entre graves e agudos com uma naturalidade incrível

  20. Eder Luis Dias Rocha

    Memories always start
    'round midnight
    'round midnight
    I haven't got the heart
    To stand those memories
    So when, when my heart is still with you
    It's so midnight knows it too.

  21. June H

    Our middle school band played this for their ballad and I can't tell you how glad I am to have stumbled upon the real lyrical Round Midnight. It's such a refresher from the secular and distasteful music my generation is surrounded by day in and day out. This is gorgeous and such a relief from the trash music surrounding me on all sides.

  22. monica bella


  23. Mark Narayan !

    Thanks so much for posting !

  24. Moonlight girl

    God bless the person who filmed this magic. Thanks. Gave me goosebumps🤤🤤🤤

  25. Camera Sessions

    The goddess of jazz...

  26. kristi kramer

    00:45 to :51
    she did it again at 1:53
    2:18 as well

  27. Heather Nicole Artrip

    She was so brilliant.

  28. Kadiatou Fofana

    what key is this in? and she sounds completely amazing

  29. Law Bail


  30. Law Bail

    Midnight Sun and 'round Midnight and Lazy Afternoon were the first piano pieces my mother bought with her babysitting money!!!She was 12. She adored Mr Peterson too!!!!Thank you Mom, you started me off very well!!!

  31. gaby404

    I really adore Mel Tormé's version of this song but Ella, her voice always gives me shivers, she is a goddess. Thanks for sharing this video.

  32. Poesía y Arte

    For those who dislike this... Go and listen to Maluma, you have no idea how the hell sounds talent... Get out of here.... This is only for ppl who know about GOOD MUSIC 🙌🏻

  33. Susan R

    Love LOVE LOVE this song....pure soul!!! LOVE ELLA ...Nobody does this song like her!!

  34. Darren Morrison

    She's really the lady song !!!

  35. poetcomic1

    I can seldom remember seeing Ella so moved. It looks as though someone had just broken her heart an hour before she went on stage.

  36. ipa nema

    what a perfection!

  37. mimiteo teomimi

    I I plac videoclipuri pe youtube

  38. LUCKY 472

    Poetry in motion, silky smooth !!!! Powerful

  39. Anita Calloway

    Simply beautiful. And how in the world did she find that correct final note after going all over the scale?! Talent.


    she actually ended it on a C (the 9th), which is a tension in this key of Bb minor. Adding a little bit of flair.


    Dat part!

  40. Akinkunmi Cook

    Ahh, that voice!

  41. Adam Wilson

    The most genius vocals my ears have been privileged to hear and listen to. Nothing compares this.

  42. Tim Harris

    I heard many people do this song, but no one does it better than the Queen Ella

    LUCKY 472

    Tim Harris I agree, I wonder if lady day ever performed this !!!

  43. Valerie Purves

    Superb voice

  44. Lounge Lemrahc with Charmel Moore-Joiner

    I'm putting together a playlist of various versions of #Round Midnight ......... This version will take my midnight to another level......

  45. Orion McNebulas

    Carmen Lundy sings this very well also; heard it on my local jazz station, BUT youtube doesnt seem to have it.

  46. Cattey Marie Odile

    Génial Ella

  47. SteveL2012

    Gorgeous in every conceivable way.

  48. Frances Shilling

    My favourite to sing too...

    LUCKY 472

    Frances Shilling O nice, did lady day ever sing this ??

  49. CvB 69

    Beautiful. Who could not love Ella? :-)
    Does anyone know the source (TV-Show? Year?)

  50. Alessandra Giuliana Marson

    I love Ella Fitzgerald

  51. Leona Haslam

    Now Ella didn't need a hit of crystal meth before performing this but I thought it was a little stale. Tbh. Great crossover version tho 😂

  52. Jason Yeager

    What a masterful and personal interpretation by the First Lady of song. I encourage everyone to also check out the composer of this masterpiece, pianist Thelonious Monk. He has many stellar performances of this song on here and elsewhere.

  53. ManWhysperer

    Celestial! Flawless! She was before my time but I adore her body of work! Love u Ella F.!

  54. RedCanvas05

    Ella was ella. PERIOD.

  55. jaydoebud

    Have mercy.

  56. maria zwink

    Noone sings as authentic as she does

  57. Laurens Hoppe

    Perfect example of a vocalist, it's not just about having a beautiful instrument but you need to be creative and musical with that instrument as well. Ella nailed all of that with apparent ease. <3

  58. Sean C

    Ledisi's version of this song is awe inspiring man! Let the angels sing and show their magic!! They're not witches

  59. Dominik Thattendorfer

    Is this Oscar Peterson on the piano?

  60. DieHard10901


  61. ANDRÉ D

    Simplesmente Ella,espetacular Ella, brilhante Ella.
    À meia noite ou em qualquer hora sempre a pensar....Sempre Ella

  62. Tiffany Cooper

    thank you for posting this ♡

  63. Daniel da Silva

    Pelas meia noite sempre lembro de voc^e!


    Daniel da Silva
    Sempre....E como lembramos!!!

    Daniel da Silva

    No caso, pensava em minha ex-mulher!

  64. Je suis l'Hybre

    Is Ella the original songwriter of "Round Midnight" ?

    Jason Yeager

    Thelonious Monk, one of the most important pianist/composers of the 20th century, composed this song. I encourage everyone to check out his music!

  65. Cxnxdixn Bxcon

    Anyone know where I can find sheet music of Ella's version??

  66. Gabriel Bendinelli

    Brazilian Radio show
    Cultura Jazz (Culture Jazz) Theme...

  67. Mario Aviles

    Wow, its like she is singing just for you and the message is directed to you, truly an interpreter who knows how to mesmerize the audience and bring silence to the whole room when she sings with her soul.

  68. Agnieszka Gaje

    for. ever. love. this.

  69. Aleksandra Tocka

    It begins to tell 'round midnight, midnight
    I do pretty well till after sundown
    Suppertime I'm feelin' sad
    But it really gets bad 'round midnight

    Memories always start 'round midnight
    Haven't got the heart to stand those memories
    When my heart is still with you
    And old midnight knows it too
    When a quarrel we had needs mending
    Does it mean that our love is ending?
    Darlin', I need you; lately I find
    You're out of my heart and I'm out of my mind
    Let our hearts take wings 'round midnight, midnight
    Let the angels sing for your returning
    Till our love is safe and sound
    And old midnight comes around
    Feelin' sad, really gets bad
    'Round, 'round, 'round midnight

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  70. Kevin Harris

    Blessed to have born in her lifetime and able to see and hear her sing while still in her prime.

  71. Kevin Harris

    Masters teaching me from the grave

  72. Natalie RG

    simply stunning

  73. Miranda B.

    When I was in elementary school I had the opportunity to hear her sing live because she used to give free concerts to children! Just a class act all around!

  74. misogushi ozu

    After Elis Regina, Ella is the more important singer of the world.

  75. 9VBGI

    Can she ever!... Looks lik OP KB which means Ella's ex, Ray is on bass and Ed on drums (poss. JATP)

  76. Lamar Allen


  77. anthony booth

    God bless the person who filmed this historic performance.

    Law Bail

    And we love all of them in heaven.....

  78. Anne DeVere Harper

    just beautiful Ella was my main influence when I started singing!

  79. Hranush Bakhshyan

    Божественная Элла

  80. Antonia Massey

    Oh lovely Ella

  81. Ana hernandez

    you are my singing hero

  82. Lita Sandy

    I have to know, can anybody sing this better than Ella?

    Max Aggropop

    carmen mcrae and babs gonzalez. but this is a point of of view issue...´the most covered jazz standard is from a person who wrote music that was never intended to be sung.

    Stavroula Spartali

    Lita Sandy Amy Winehouse sang it preety well

    El chico del apartamento 512

    Lita Sandy AMY WINEHOUSE!!!

  83. Mary Rose Pelaez

    WHo did better version? Sassy or Ella..? <3

    Kerim Leto

    it is not about is just different... check out chaka khan and bobby mcferrin both wonderful...versions of this song.

    Edward Wheeler

    +Kerim Leto

    I love Chaka but I prefer Ella.

  84. Hummingbird77

    My everything

  85. What A Day

    our bass and vocals version :

  86. Дима Архангельский

    вечная музыка...

  87. Veli-Matti Karppinen

    I am just speechless...<3

  88. Jean-Luc Genries

    Ella, Ella, Ella ! yesterday, today, tomorrow !!!.

  89. SugarFreeTV

    amazing Lord Jesus

  90. dlmcc1987

    I've commented on this video in the past, it never gets old, ella is and will always be one of the best

    Kerim Leto


  91. Shekinah Ball

    that ending was gorgeous!

  92. Min LEE

    Sounds Lovely and lovely

  93. Lucas Daniel

    é tão lindo, incrível!😘

  94. Lucas Daniel

    é tão lindo, incrível!😘

  95. harry flakers

    Is there anyone around today who can match this?
    I think not.
    Ella and Oscar - whow.