Fitzgerald, Ella - Oh, Lady Be Good Lyrics

Listen to my tale of woe
It's terribly sad but true
All dressed up, no place to go
Each evening I'm awfully blue
I must win some handsome guy
Can't go on like this
I could blossom out I know
With somebody just like you

Oh sweet and lovely
Lady be good
Oh lady be good to me
I am so awfully misunderstood
So lady be good to me

Oh, please have some pity
I'm all alone in this big city
I tell you I'm just a lonesome babe in the wood
So lady be good to me

Oh please have some pity
I'm all alone in this big city
I tell you I'm just a lonesome babe in the wood
So lady be good to me
Oh lady be good to me

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Fitzgerald, Ella Oh, Lady Be Good Comments
  1. he richard

    Listen to my tale of woe, 
    It's terribly sad but true, 
    All dressed up, no place to go 
    Each evening I'm awfully blue. 
    I must win some handsome guy 
    Can't go on like this, 
    I could blossom out I know, 
    With somebody just like you. So
    Oh, sweet and lovely lady, be good 
    Oh, lady, be good to me 
    I am so awfully misunderstood 
    So lady, be good to me 
    Oh, please have some pity 
    I'm all-alone in this big city 
    I tell you I'm just a lonesome babe in the wood, 
    So lady be good to me.

  2. Phoenix Phoenix

    I like Zaucha's cover/Andrzej Zaucha-Lady be good

  3. Tall Boss

    What a lovely voice. No one could never dislike this

  4. Daniel Rivera


  5. Madam Zajj

    Such a slow version of this song doesn't work for me.

    Matheus Bezerra de Lima

    Ella's delivery of the lyrics is really gentle and moving, heartwarming, her voice sounds fantastic, and Nelson Riddle's arrangement and strings are also a marvel of incredible beauty.

  6. Wattpad Audio

    Cetta Luminita

  7. Royal Pita

    What she did to this song. The lyrics, the composition, and this arrangement which is my all time favorite of all the LBG's - wonderful! But I feel like Gershwin wrote this for Ella to eventually sing.

  8. Bianca Frau

    this is not the version of the album "lullaby of birdland"


    This version is from her 1959 Verve album, Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Songbook, Bianca.

  9. therasunpy

    Sung from the heart, this is NOT just singing, it is soul!

  10. Julia Guitar

    thank you for uploading! Its very helpful and inspiring for me!

  11. Jorge Abreu

    Definitely a Lady in Music and Voice.

  12. Jericka Star

    At this time in my life, im awefully misunderstood. This is my song to me.

  13. thatwastricky

    This must be how an angel sings

  14. Adrian Humphries

    Interesting how Music has taken such a dive from this Pinnacle of an art-form - to now, with filthy words, actions (video) and degenerate themes. We miss your beautiful voice and artistry Ella and all.


    You know that this era had loads of sexual songs, right? My Heart Belongs to Daddy? Let's Misbehave? Ride, Daddy Ride? Poon-Tang?

  15. Ellia Hode Eshye

    My Mommelove would sing this to me

  16. UKMikey

    She is the greatest jazz singer but I prefer the more upbeat versions of this song she recorded with Bob Haggart Orchestra and with Louis Armstrong to this sedate ballad.

    Matheus Bezerra de Lima

    This ballad sounds wonderfully romantic and beautiful also, Nelson Riddle's strings are wonderful.

  17. dave rg

    gee, it's sooooo calming

  18. gilbert ramirez

    What a wonderful voice. Can't think of anyone that even comes close to her.

    Circles [GD]

    @gilbert ramirez yeah - i also play a few instruments too

    gilbert ramirez

    Batman_9635 Listen to the instrumental version of this from Manhattan soundtrack. Zubin Metha

    Circles [GD]

    @gilbert ramirez ok, but which one is better? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    gilbert ramirez

    Batman_9635 I like the instrumental, it is more upbeat to me.

    Circles [GD]

    @gilbert ramirez nice!! it sounds great

  19. Trevor Oestricher

    Greatest singer, greatest songbook (Gershwin), and one of the greatest arrangers (Riddle). What more could u ask.

  20. Ben Jauncey

    How can anyone dislike this

    Marcel Dominguez

    Hater gonna hate

    Tracey Sims

    This song sends chills down my spine!!! I love it!

  21. Bluejeans0701

    I used to imagine that Ella Fitzgerald had a more hoarse voice years ago. I know I was really wrong. Now she sounds as sweet as honey.

  22. John Perks

    Some people just have that magic voice which electrifies any song. Ella, Sinatra, Cole, the great Mel Torme had this special quality by the truck-load.

    Tom Kelly

    @John Perks I would also add a little known British singer Cleo Laine who had a beautiful voice who could sing the phone book !

  23. ideniseb

    The First Lady of song is so pleasing to my ears,I'm hooked!

  24. Shabannie

    I enjoyed your video!

  25. fleur bleu message

    trop top top top

  26. ideniseb

    Ella and Nelson,TAKE ME AWAY!
    If that doesn't start your endorphins flowing you need a new infusion!
    Start by hitting "play" again.

  27. MrKeyboardDK

    Vibrato's AMAZING!

  28. catman916

    She was definitely one of the best. I would place Keely Smith, Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand, and Karen Carpenter in the same category.


    Ella is the best from all of them...

    Tony C

    Anita Carter

  29. Katma Tally

    What an absolutely great singer she was. Technically, beautifully, I can't find all the words. The Queen.

  30. ideniseb

    DITTO to the preceeding comment! For just a moment this song,its arranger,its writer,its singer and its orchestra combined to suspend my world for 4min,05sec!
    They need to do a biographical movie of Ella's life and Queen Latifah would be
    perfect for the role and thanks for sharing this musical gem with the rest of us!

  31. mehappierthanu

    This is stunning, I want to exist inside of this song. Can we go back to this era.

  32. Al Smith

    Found this by flipping through a Gershwin songbook.

  33. blackandtanful


  34. bluesborn

    This performance glows with love and warmth and effortless class.

  35. Hans-Erik Sjöberg

    Ella, fattas oss!

  36. eedobee


  37. FePiu

    Best version!!! Ella is amazing in this! Not to mention Riddle's arrangement, which is always beautiful!!

  38. catman916

    @MrAncho69 Please take a look at the information above.

  39. R-máx

    La mejor cantante de jazz que oí en mi vida...

    The best jazz female singer I ever had heard in my life...

  40. chinze bo

    My dear GOD...What a fabulous version...My hands are shaking with excitement..Thanks sooo much for posting and allowing and reminding folks that THIS is music and THE singer is where it's at!!