Fitzgerald, Ella - Five O'Clock Whistle Lyrics

The five o'clock whistle's on the blink
The whistle won't blow and whadd'ya think?
My pop is still in the factory 'cause he don't know
What time it happens to be

The five o'clock whistle didn't blow
The whistle is broke and whadda'ya know?
If somebody don't find out what's wrong
Oh, my pop'll be workin' all night long

Oh, who's gonna fix the whistle?
Won't somebody fix the whistle?
Oh, who's gonna fix the whistle?
So my poor old pop will know it's time for him to stop

Ya ought to hear what my mommy said
When papa came home and sneaked into bed
And told her he worked till half past two
'Cause the five o'clock whistle never blew

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Fitzgerald, Ella Five O'Clock Whistle Comments
  1. Alford Whitaker

    Whistle - Just Buggin brought me here

  2. Victor Flores

    I love ella her voice is so amazing

  3. HighLyfe FPV

    so so cool. people were living then

  4. michael russell

    Love it! Go Ella!

  5. vancian1970

    To have!!!!!

  6. jasobres

    IIIIIIIIIIII gotta little bunnyrabbit that I'm takin' ta my Grammaws! Ta haaaaaave!

  7. RIXRADvidz

    knock the speed up to 1.5 and Cut A Rug JITTERBUG!!! !


    Nope! Perfect speed for a gentle east coast swing!

  8. A Wallace

    Dedicated from Buzz to Jim on the radio by the boys at Pizza Paradise in "Rebel Without a Cause"

  9. 519 Forestmonk

    Bugs bunny brought me here


    I'll probably hate myself in the morning......but I'll DO IT!!

    rex racer

    519 Forestmonk "..put on your old grey bonnet with the blu..." 🤣

    Hugh MacLeod

    Me too!!!!


    Yeah yeah, I know, alright alright, Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny, yeah yeah, I know, good bye, good bye.


    Me too!

  10. MIC G

    I grew up in Highlandtown in Baltimore in the 50's and our row house, (with white marble steps), was close to several can companies, and we would hear the whistles every day. My Mom, who was a fine singer, would start singing this song whenever the whistle blew!
    The sound of the factories, the arabbers singing down the alley, "Tomatoes, Cantalopes and Waaaatermelons, and my favorite, the jingle of snow chains on Winter mornings singing "No school today!" God how I miss those times!

  11. david pinewhistle

    Great song ...
    By the greatest ...

  12. silverhairedoldlady

    What a voice! SING IT ELLA!

  13. Don Hitchcock

    I just love this version. Thanks so much for posting.

  14. edward eubanks

    He was her man, but he done her wrong.