Fitzgerald, Ella - F.D.R. Jones Lyrics

I hear tell there's a stranger in the Jones household
(Yes siree, yes siree)
That's what I'm told
I hear tell there's a new arrival six days old
(Yes siree, yes siree)

Worth his weight in gold
Come right in and meet the son
Christening's done
Time to have some fun
(Yes siree, yes siree, yes siree)
Yes siree, yes siree

It's a big holiday everywhere
For the Jones family has a brand new heir
He's the joy Heaven sent
And they proudly present Mister Franklin D Roosevelt Jones

When he grows up he never will stray
With a name like the one that he's got today
As he walks down the street folks will say
"Pleased to meet Mister Franklin D Roosevelt Jones"

What a smile and how he shows it
He'll keep happy all day long
What a name, I bet he knows it
With that handle how can he go wrong?

And the folks in the town all agree
He'll be famous, as famous as he can be
How can he be a dud or a stick in the mud
When he's Franklin D Roosevelt Jones?
(Yes siree, yes siree, yes siree)
'Cause he's Franklin D Roosevelt of Jones

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Fitzgerald, Ella F.D.R. Jones Comments
  1. H.J. Davis

    Goodness her voice so delicate and precious, it just makes me want to give her a hug 😍💙

  2. Don Scott

    From a time when we had a decent man as our president.


    Theo or bust!

    Keith L.

    Fortunately we have a better president now. Thank God for Trump!

    Kobalt Steel

    Apparently, this man was so decent and awesome, a lot of people wanted to name their kids after him (primarily African Americans)... which this song is apparently about.

  3. Miguel Catarino

    O melhor hino que já se fez à memória de Sua Excelência o Presidente dos EUA Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  4. jonjamg

    @stan469 Try listening to the Flannagan and Allen version.

  5. stan469

    Almost as good as the Charlie & His Orchestra version. Lyrics include:

    "He's grown up, but I'm afraid he will stray,
    "With a name like the one that he's got today,
    "He sends the boys to Iceland's shore,
    "to engage in foreign wars,
    "Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones"


    A years-old comment, but I need to push back on your ugliness. Nazi propaganda, which is what Charlie & His Orchestra were, will never be better than a performance by Ella, Chick Webb & his Orchestra.