Fitz And The Tantrums - We Don't Need Love Songs Lyrics

We don't need no love song
To tell the world
How hopeless we feel
When it's dead and gone
I've been lost without a reason
To keep going on

The truth is you won't
Be coming here no more

'Cause we don't need no love songs
To feel the pain
Everybody's been through love in vain
We're fools for the heartaches
And blind to the soul
Can't feel the cut
Until the blood hits the floor

And it hurts so good
To feel the way lonely should
Sorrow or comfort
Joy is just a name
You give to her forgiveness
And you take with you the blame

I don't need no love song
To make it real
I saw you coming
And this is how I feel
The truth it can be painful
It hurts to be told
The song is almost over
And it's time to move on

'Cause we don't need no love song
We don't need no love song
We don't need no love song

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Fitz And The Tantrums We Don't Need Love Songs Comments
  1. James& Nikki White

    # desperate house wives poor Bree 😔

  2. Matt Kirkland

    I remember I use to play this when I had my first crush in 8th grade. That didn't go anywhere, we never even became a thing 😂😂😂. Still a good song for that time.

  3. Abhishek Saikia


  4. gibber gibberish

    How hopeless we feel when it there and it gone

  5. I'm Not Your Father

    I really STILL lovin' this song the way i still lovin' u too, stupid Fitzpatrick

  6. Lord Maliscence


  7. Oeil Photography

    fav song at the moment ♥

  8. alginta pilkėnaitė

    2017 ? :)

    Lord Maliscence

    alginta pilkėnaitė yep

  9. Irene Gutierrez

    this will always be my favorite song ever

  10. jjmpb

    great song

  11. Nicolletta13

    This is how its done, folks.

  12. Varun Chaubey

    This sounds a lot like 'When a man loves a woman", right?

  13. June

    good music is attractive. and again, good music has no expiration date

    Aj Murjani

    Well said.

  14. Native Blood

    Damn this sounds old school. Good song. Wish more artists can sing soul like this more often

  15. Olga Gakou

    My blues fit this song like my blue jeans fit me..

  16. Taline Mardirossian


  17. Kristin De La Mora

    This is so cool!!!!!!

  18. Nia Mattern

    oh my gosh this is what music is all about!

  19. James B

    Beautiful song yet again....their instrumentals are AMAZING

  20. LINX29X92

    This song makes me not want to break up lol

  21. ELItheJEW420

    Opens the soul

  22. TheRoyalGalaBand

    I do an acoustic cover which sort of works, with capo on 3; G(x4), F#/D(x4), Em7(x2), Em (x2), Bm (x2), B(x2) then Em (x4), C (x4), Am7 (4), D (x3), F#/D (x1). Listen to it while you play to see it sort of works. Sorry it's not very clear also... haha

  23. Tiziana Kang

    beautiful song

  24. jstn4102

    My ex just started dating someone else and finding that out hurt a lot more than I thought it would. This song really speaks to me

  25. Gecs54

    WOW! So far that is all I can say about this song. This is the type of music that you are not going to hear on the radio nowadays.

  26. drummerjonrush30

    Does anyone know the chord progression for this song. I've been trying to figure it out but just can't

  27. Jack

    alright cool thanks

  28. Delbert Shoals, Jr.

    It's either in f or b flat. It's a blues key that's why it's difficult to tell. It's primarily using the notes g, b flat, c, d, and f. Kind of like a pentatonic scale

  29. Jack

    does anyone know what key its in?

  30. Gabrielle Williams

    love this band i think they are so unique

  31. thecheekyboo

    100% agree and love the comment

    Lord Maliscence

    thecheekyboo Do you like their newer albums?

  32. thecheekyboo

    I loves this song!!!! just found out about this band and love them!!

  33. ttt639


  34. Grace flow

    this song is like syrupp. sticky, smooth, and classic

  35. Your Best Friend

    It makes no goddamn sense that these guys haven't fuckin' blown up already, they should be fucking everywhere.

  36. Allen Ford

    this song made me late for school

  37. Mike Eroyan

    love this

    Tawny Lynn

    Mike Eroyan rick stamp of approval!

  38. Jo Bearspirit

    This reminds me so much of the old Percy Sledge and Procol Harem stuff. Thanks for the refresh!

  39. Madeline Jones

    I wanna cry :') It feels so good to hear this song after boys who break your heart haha... whatever! Helps me blow things off... GO FITZ AND THE TRANTRUMS!

  40. MrSirYackel

    0 people need a love song.

  41. Extimous

    @baconpoptarts no you dont -______- smh

  42. albertjace

    0 dislikes just shows how amazing this is.

  43. sean k

    I hear guitar!!!!!

  44. Slow|Bass

    slow dance with the girl tonight. I hate dancing....but this song makes it easy. thumbs up for luck

  45. EPU01

    I think MOST songs PERIOD are about loving someone

  46. brumbot

    this song just about makes me cry...reminds me of feelings I've had for long time that will never be returned but I don't care.....gah such a good song.

  47. Enrique Cortes

    What a nice song! I miss you zandy! T_T

  48. Stefbrofit

    this music just takes me somewhere else




  50. caught you lookin

    love this old school feel

  51. Sara Galeas

    reminds me of 6yrs ago.............. :*(
    oh well

  52. Weberlyn Dossen

    @ClassToGym lmao!

  53. Joe Long

    My soul is whole again...sigh..............

  54. kcshawn816

    touches my soul in a way that if natalie touch me like that... i would say, oooooh!

  55. kcshawn816

    who does the guitar???

  56. Ssiiffll97

    Kinda like the modern Hall and Oates.

  57. William Henry Harrison

    this song makes the babies happen....multiple times

  58. dropintospace

    Fingers the SOUL.

  59. DaddyClb

    Smooth tune...reminiscent of Percy Sledge's 60s smash, "When A Man Loves A Woman". Nice to hear today's artist's gettin' back to the real deal!

  60. thaitan

    Clenches the SOUL.

  61. Wormdog84

    touches my soul

  62. Hazael Garcia

    Feeds the SOUL

  63. AnonymouseWarrior

    Sooths the SOUL.

  64. Ignacio Dominguez-Ramirez

    Speaks for the SOUL.

  65. AmorJustitia

    Music for the SOUL.