Fishbone - Unyielding Conditioning Lyrics

Unyielding Conditioning
Tune out from all that's happening
Nobody deserves empathy
Nobody feels for me
We've all been trained by our worlds

I cannot see no one but me
No one can feel my emptiness
Everybody must fend for themselves
We've all been claimed by our worlds

But I have heard of ways
That say there's light beyond the darkness
And everyone can keep their children warm
And togetherness will guide us safely
Through all Storms

Unyielding Conditioning
Remove all trace of memory
No one needs justice anymore
No voices raised in anger
We've all been tamed by our worlds

But I have heard of ways
Where people topple all injustice
No one lives their lives on bended knees
And all bigotry is like a disease
Drowned in the sea
And all can hold their head up high!

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Fishbone Unyielding Conditioning Comments
  1. waanaabe -

    Wow! Had no idea. I remembered "Swim", so Ska? SHOCK

  2. Theodore Cruz

    🎵 FISHBONE Unyielding Conditioning 🔼🔼🔼🔼🎼 on wire ◻◾◼ ♠

  3. Ro Lee

    Fight the Youth was my favorite Fishbone cut until this came out. Incredible lyrics!

  4. Mango Mangay

    What with Youtube and the ADL introducing new AI censorship, just thought I'd pay this song a visit.

  5. victor du

    that rank xerox looking. good

  6. Ro Ki

    Happy song

  7. tmat 2019

    A bad video for a great song!

  8. Cody Ives

    Music involving actual instruments will always be timeless.

  9. Shemra

    A perfect blend of all 3 Ska generations, Sly and the Family Stone funk, and all the good musical influences LA has to offer.

  10. Rachel B

    This video is so 90's I bet Kevin Kerslake directed this.

  11. Uli Volga

    arguably, the greatest band ever. un-arguably Angelo is the best front man ever!!

  12. Regina Araujo

    Angelo <3 <3

  13. Zzz Zimmers

    One of the greatest songs ever written.

  14. Claudio alejandro Santis lara

    Muy buen video. Fishbone en su mejor momento el Disco Monkey Brain, fue su mayor momento de Fama, incluso estuvo en lolapalloza. En la Actualidad sigue con su calidad de culto.

  15. bigmarty11288

    They are really testing my heterosexuality.

  16. Juan Carlos Valdebenito Vilches

    Hace varios años atras, por las buenas palabras de un gran bajista de Chile, Felipe Ilabaca, descubrí el álbum Give A Monkey A Brain..., y el primer tema con el q quedé anganchado fue obviamente esté. Lógico que Fishbone ha sido una banda muy presente desde aquel día, unos diez años atrás más menos, en mi existencia. Aún los estoy esperando en Chile pa degustar todo el amplio espectro musical que representan e influyen.

  17. Dino Waly

    Les meilleurs !!!! The best band forever!!!!!

  18. Wayne Duncan

    Keep it going, Bruhs'!!! It's coming back and you know what I'm talking about! Peace!!!!

  19. örkki

    I have unyielding condition, because I don't accept this few views!

  20. The Olde Timey Revue

    Such a GREAT and positive song. I LOVE Fishbone so much. They are actually the first band I ever truly got heavy into. On top of that they put on a killer show. Seen them 3 times and loved them every time. They literally put on the best concert I've ever been to period! It's the bone of fish and they be bitchin big time in a great way. I love how their concerts and music bring everyone together no matter who they are.

  21. Erick McCrady

    my god I love this song, love this band.

  22. Paul A

    Listening to Servitude then this and then Swim. Incredible.

    These are truly talented musicians.



  23. Eldridge Martin

    Pretty good

  24. duster71

    I love Fishbone and i love Pres Trump !!!!!!

  25. Ismael Freytes

    Ska music better than grunge


    Ismael Freytes I like both and more so

  26. GM S

    Still goes 20+ years later!!! Ppl will only care when they're long gone.

  27. springer 90

    Besides being the best band ever, the GOAT of Ska!

  28. Jonnie Rosen

    Best song ever!!

  29. a 1 and a 2

    New York City before it became Disney-fied.


    A 1 and a 2 it was gritty and dangerous but i loved



  30. Redd evE

    HAVE we all been claimed by our worlds?

  31. Frederick 5CJS2

    i like them been to all their concerts in N.M.

  32. Frank OTLEY

    I agree that this is also my favorite Fishbone song ever. "..we've all been changed by our worlds."

  33. Kody Ventura

    the most underrated band Angelo Moore, the Fisher brothers, Chris dowd, Kendall Jones are the sheet.

  34. EdMcStinko

    The lyrics are remarkably good in this song, and oddly enough somewhat distressing.
    Perhaps like me you might realize there is a lot of truth to them, yet at the same time it's not something you have considered at great length.


    The lyrics are written by Kendall Jones who left the band shortly after the release of this album to follow some Christian group. So, I understand that the lyrics are inspired by his Christian beliefs. Even the brass instruments are biblical (Ps 98,6).

  35. Mango Mangay

    This song is absolutely terrifying.

    Redd evE

    why so?

    The Featured Goon

    Absolutely terrific would be my synopsis.


    Well said Goon

    ororo m

    @Redd evE listen to the lyrics then you'll understand

  36. Thadd Lewis

    Some of the best lyrics ever

    Melco Wrong

    Rock mix with funk love it.

  37. Tina Spagnuolo

    Brilliant Fishbone!'s just how I feel...

  38. Iván Ulises De la vega C

    De las mejores Bandas.

  39. MultiTaskMaster


  40. Miguel Leiva Bejarano

    muy bueeno, aguante fishbone!

  41. Adamson6669


  42. Ly Bel

    J adore!

  43. Gerimaya Whyte

    Didn't even know they made a video to this song...

  44. Nicholas M. Reed

    this is sooooo motivational ;)

  45. mojav26

    Excellent song!

  46. BoingoTarash90s

    Delightful, that's all i can say.

  47. Michael Boucher

    Favorite Fishbone song ever!

    Rondo Brothers

    +Michael Boucher keep an eye out for a new Angelo album... may 13th.. ropeadope records....

  48. Jijst5

    The vocals in the beginning remind me of "Daughter" by Pearl Jam!

  49. Billy Hughes

    Such an amazing song,..."we've all been tamed by our world."

  50. Marc Payne

    Best band ever


    Third only to The Clash and The Pogues, I.M.N.S.H.O.  But definitely the most underrated.

    The Olde Timey Revue

    bigmarty11288 definitely underrated that's for sure. They have been a HUGE influence and inspiration on me as a musician.

    Trevor Lizik

    Pretty good

    Brian Schmitt

    I cannot formulate a compelling argument against this statement.

    Charleston Rezz

    @bigmarty11288 Clash can suck a big fat one and take it personal

  51. chucku00

    This has to be today's song. Je n'oublierai pas.

  52. Tibo percussionniste

    c le TOP

    Anna C

    Mais c'est pas mal du tout ! Vitaminé et tout =)

    Tibo percussionniste

    t"'as  vus c bon

  53. Jade Prout

    Sucks that they cut off the solos... Bigham's acoustic guitar solo is mind-blowing, and Angelo's tenor sax solo is too...

    Jade Prout

    I'm just judging by the video... I think he also had a solo in Servitude.

    Jade Prout

    Hehe me too.


    It's actually Kendall Jones who did the solos on Servitude and Unyielding Conditioning. He also wrote both songs too. Kendall was gone from the group by the time they did this video..

  54. Chris Ostrunic

    one direction sucks donkey loads if you like that band go home and color because your a fuckin child

  55. Chris Ostrunic

    Fishbone at the culture room ft.lauderdale amazeing show amazeing band long live the fishbone army!

  56. Redd evE

    I met Angelo Moore this past summer. Great guy.

  57. Ben Stone

    Is it because they aren't British teens with erectile disfunction's?

  58. Sam McKenzie

    beautiful song

  59. capntrauma

    Wow, you are 5 dollar pile of shit! the people that visit this bands videos know what's up. head on back to your "marketable" bullshit assdribble!

  60. ObstawaPrezydentaTV


  61. Ayyy doll fiddler!

    Damn.... these guys have no marketable quality whatsoever. No wonder they suck.

    O Justiceiro

    F U C K Y O U


    Vosloff lol you funny

    Zzz Zimmers

    Haha. Marketing is for trash.

    Richard Orahood

    thats because their artists not cookie cutter asswipes.

  62. jablommi

    Best live band ever.


    aaaahhh que recuerdos de adolescencia!!!!!!!!! :)

  64. Mike Cirio

    ahhh the 90's.

  65. La Maga Ponce

    My fav song of Fishbone!!!!

  66. lordfarquad420

    he looks so stupid but so badass at the same time

  67. Michael Todd

    love the blue sax

  68. Areyougoing2fuzzit

    I think they might have changed my thought process for good.

  69. MrSchmevil

    This Video SUCKS.....Fishbone is in my opinion the GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME...and this is why they struggle to this day...because you can't put a FUNKY PEG into a square box....

    Zzz Zimmers

    MrSchmevil kind of agree. Should have just shot live footage of their performance

  70. grubelix jakub

    Jedno z najlepszych SKA jakie słyszałem. Wykonanie , ciekawość, aranżacja, pomysł, BIT :), " wpadające w ucho",połączenie rytmów no i oczywiście FISHBONE ! Wspaniała muza na każdą imprezę :) :) :)

  71. Chris Transistor

    These guys aren't just a ska band.Their music has had everything in it like jazz,funk,swing,soul,metal,punk,and ska! If you are having a bad day just put on some fucking FISHBONE!

  72. Jorge Vega

    great ska band ever, would be great if they were in chile!!

  73. AudioCentrix

    Everything I love is in this band

  74. Eduardo Cesar

    Bass Show

  75. Eduardo Cesar

    Isso é Bom Gosto .

  76. Forbidden Cargo

    My Fav band Ever!

  77. Mickaël CERCO

    I luv that groovy stuff, makes me happy every time i listen to it !!!!!!!

  78. Jason Diner

    It would've been a really cool thing to show Angelo using his leg (or whatever he used) to play the low Ab on his bari.

  79. sfshinz

    Had to sit through Britney Spears ad before this came on. This was then, that is now: someone get me a fucking time machine.

  80. heavy love jones

    Great song!!

  81. ebenozen

    This is such a great song. I can't get enough of it. Such great lyrics. Long live the bone!

  82. BoredinHI

    Love how Chris is playing the keyboard in the beginning! XD

  83. Olivia T.S.R.

    @wideosvatcher You do realize that the ads help keep youtube free for the public right? Ya, they are annoying but not rant worthy.

  84. bennymcfarlane

    @wideosvatcher you're not going to buy shadowblast eyeshadow?

  85. aftermathfool

    Just recently (not even a month ago) got into Fishbone. Already becoming one of my favorite bands, of any subgenre. Should check out a documentary they are featured in called Electric Purgatory, it was really good. Angelo and Spacey are in interviewed a couple times.

  86. Not No


  87. El Guapo

    The drummer is sick but not in a showy way. If you weren't a drummer you wouldn't even notice. If he was a car he would be a ''sleeper''

  88. chucku00

    Who can be compared to these cool cats nowadays ?
    Only themselves !

  89. artgerl x

    love Angelo! and one of my favorite Fishbone songs!

  90. FatManRedemption

    @bboyjemo Angelo was probably 27 or 28 when this video was made. I'm not sure if that counts as old. Maybe it does.

  91. SoundSyzmo

    @mingnrich - single edit!

  92. Jason Diner

    anyone else notice that both the guitar and sax solos were cut short? boo

  93. Thrashing High

    shit for an old guy Angelo Moore is Ripped

  94. fishbone3333

    "Fishbone leapt from a great height -- did you catch them?"

  95. aquababie07

    @jobercat "...even though they also wrote 'Cholly'!!"
    aw c'mon, bbw need thier lovin' too

  96. djammes

    Great song, but it's sad to see them playing Kendall's song without him.


    Yeah, but he went haywire and joined some weird religious cult by that point.

  97. gobbenatoren

    What add?

  98. MrDudde123

    all this bigotry its like a diseise

  99. asiankaos88

    Not only is this song amazing but the lyrics are dead on. A song about how the world just constantly beats you down, Changes who you wanted to be into who you are. That's why I love this band they didn't change for anyone.