Fishbone - The Warmth Of Your Breath Lyrics

You don't think for me
Or see what I see
I will not do the things that you say
An explanation if I may
I don't like you and by the way
May your dogs colon be familiar
With the warmth of your breath

You don't own my mind
Or my black behind
And I will not follow the order of the day
If you thought it was any other way
Listen closely to the word I say
May your dogs colon be familiar
With the warmth of your breath

You're just a pig to me
With a dog with fleas
Run your kennel!
I think the answer is No No No
I'm no cow, No herd, No ho
I stand firm and will not blow you
May your dogs colon be familiar
With the warmth of your breath

Come here Fido! Hey beautiful dog. Oh it's a Police dog.
Here puppy have a nice raw steak and some gravy train,
Maybe a little Alpo. Whew he sure eats a lot.
How about a mint flavored dog biscuit. Still hungry?
Now have this chocolate flavored Ex-lax covered jelly donut, Pigdog
Now Now Now

May your dogs colon be familiar
With the warmth of your breath

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Fishbone The Warmth Of Your Breath Comments
  1. Ceasaro Grant

    Love this band and track this is ridiculous.. this track will never get old

  2. Notis59

    ...3 youtubers are already familiar...

  3. Gerimaya Whyte

    This album had so many elements. They integrated influences like Mr. Bungle, King’s X, and Funkadelic on this album. I always thought they peaked on this album....

    Kamilah Cummings

    This album was amazing! It was hard to surpass it. All truly great artists seem to have the one album where everything just crystalizes into something truly unforgettable that cannot be repeated. For me, Give a Monkey a Brain . . . is it with Fishbone. I have it on cassette, CD, and now mp3. It is a timeless classic of unbridled creativity and talent. I LOVE IT!

  4. gentillyguy1

    That bassline is insane!

  5. kevin fockler

    soooo good!!!!!!

  6. johnnyp pi

    I heard this back in the 80's on WXPN in Philly. I think I had my radio set to stun!

  7. EdMcStinko

    This song is ingenious!

  8. Anita Talbot Muirhead

    I play this when I don't want to go work which is all the time.  This song gets me thru the day.

  9. bigmarty11288

    I just went from crying to a Carl Sagan video to Head-banging to this.

  10. Lady Cheyne

    Hell goes with yes right here!! Thank you for taking me back to high school 😉

  11. Ser Garlik

    2:22 Blast off!

  12. bigmarty11288


    Chris Ashby

    bigmarty11288 I remember that from Lollapalooza '93!

  13. Red Vynil

    May your dog's colon be familiar with the warmth of your breath.


    Jeezez, trying to squeeze these out in time in the right speed ..? Can’t fathom..

  14. xxoldmanzz

    To my dear sister and niece! And well deserved!!