Fishbone - Shakey Ground Lyrics

Lady luck and a four leaf clover
Won't ease this hurt I feel all over
My life was one big special occasion
Until your leaving damp with the situation

Standing on shakey ground
Ever since you put me down
Standing on shakey ground
Ever since you put me down

My car got respossessed this morning
Hard times I haven't seen in years
Girl you better thwor me a life preserver
I'm about to drown in my own tears

Standing on shakey ground
Ever since you put me down
Standing on shakey ground
Ever since you put me down

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Fishbone Shakey Ground Comments
  1. Rubens

    Oooo the bass lines!!!!
    This is soooo heavy -funky!!!!

  2. Martin Andriuolo

    LIKE si llegaste por Frusciante

  3. PookaDude42

    Where's the rest of the song?

  4. terkyo27

    genial esta banda!!!
    me acorde porq la vi en un programa dnd pasaban metal
    siempre supe el nombre,nunca la busque
    ya me estoy bajando algo

  5. Dave Lindsey

    I love this track.

  6. Underdog2020USA

    "Shaky Ground" Was a creation by Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel, who plays lead guitar on the song. Original Funkadelic bassist Billy "Bass" Nelson also plays on the song. P-Funk

  7. David Gray

    Love this band

  8. Little McGriddle

    struggling with which version I find awesome ...this one or Aerosmith's version

    Jon Greenbaum

    Aerosmith copped their version from Delbert McClinton.

  9. Tony W

    check out some Doug Wimbish/Tackhead stuff... genius bassist!!!w

  10. Nick Pelkey

    My understanding is that Billy Bass Nelson and Flea are supposed to be on this.
    Shakey Ground
    Backing Vocals – Donny Osmond, Ivan Neville
    Bass – Billy Bass Nelson*, Flea
    Drums – Chad Smith
    Guitar – Jeff "Skunk" Baxter*, John Frusciante
    Written-By – A. Boyd*, E. Hazel*, J. Bowen*

    kjdxysz rmfdomg

    +Nick Pelkey i thought it was Norwood and Flea

  11. FunnkDrummer

    Nice...but an imitation.

  12. chucku00

    How do you spell Fishbone ?
    Easy : G.U.T.S. and H.E.A.R.T;

  13. John Ostrunic

    elleanarchy is so right norwoods been around years before flea thats not to say flea isnt an amazeing bassist i just believe norwood blows him outta the water

  14. elleanarchy

    flea learnt everything from Norwood... truth!

  15. Oliver Williams

    Yeah like there the only ones, dude I love these guys but there's a hell of lot of extraordinary inspirational players that most people don't even know exist.

  16. hanbaal

    Great playlist.

  17. Andrés Rodríguez

    mi Madre .

  18. sclogse1

    Thank so much for this. I'm headin' to amazon right now.

  19. Mike F

    The best man in my wedding loved this band. After the show, we partied with FISHBONE in Albuquerque NM, some years back....... Truely a dream come true for a man who learned the bass guitar because of these guys. In April 2011, My best man was killed in a motorcycle crash. I will always listen to this song now and remember my friend. Big Pat..... This is for you, my brother.

  20. Jody Pate

    Eddie cowrote this jam, jam on playa, jam on!

  21. soulpeanuts888

    Eddie Hazel played guitar on this original version sang by The Temptations.

  22. riseandshinetruthnow

    FISHBONE Kicks Mutha F*kin Ass !!!

  23. Confluxsteam

    lol who the heck was the one thumbs down lol geeeeeeeeeetttttttttt outta here

  24. shwabity

    rumble. this is some straight up larry graham-esque shit!

  25. cman750rr

    @imdoubtful What about him ?

  26. Stacy Harden

    @leskoalasvolantcie : Are you on CRACK?!?! Robert Trujillo? Really? Flea is WAY better than that guy.

  27. Zack Lester

    Flea is a good player, just not a good soloist or improv player. He can write well and keep a good bottom tho.

  28. cman750rr

    My comment about Flea is out of respect, all the Bassist mentioned are awesome players. One Bassist that comes to mind, is Doug Wimbish. His work is legendary , They all know their craft extremely well.

  29. madefrom9

    @cman750rr Anybody that says Flea is not a good bassist knoweth not what speaketh! Lol

  30. cman750rr

    How can anyone say Flea is not a good Bassist , come on...

  31. partysince96

    I can never pin down where Donny Osmond is singing. Is he REALLY that good?

  32. Thur Brandenburg

    TOP....2 da bone!

  33. jwentzien

    Cool as funk!

  34. cman750rr

    Norwood and Flea hands down two of the baddest kickass Bass Players on the scene amen .......................

  35. maxinicotra