Fishbone - Rock Star Lyrics

When I was a kid I would go to the show and see
the rock star I'd play my records and look at
the album cover at the rock star Sometimes I'd
check out the R&B But the polka, salsa
classical scene just was not me. I wanted to be
like Bootsy Dr. Funkenstein or Jimi the rock star
Color meant nothing to me Everything was equal
as far as I could see. Ignorant to the racist
music industry music industry music industry
Music industry...white rock star
Everywhere I look...white rock star Read it in the
paper...white rock star Watch it on TV...white
rock star Only just a rock star
Only for a rock star
Sing no rock star
Sometimes for the flavor of Japanese
No communication but it's overseas. Unaware of
how propaganda works I soon became a victim,
a trick at work With my black brotha's playin'
rock & roll signed and ho'in for a major label
selling my soul as a rock star.
Do the rock star ohh Do the rock star yeah
Break a window, smash a TV We're some hott
mother fucka's It's no doubt about, we do the
rock star Ohh do the rock star, yeah
Get real drunk, fuck, fuck, fuck Kick in the radio,
smash up a chair Do the rock star, wooh
Do the rock star, yeah Wreck your hotel room
Catch a Lear jet Stay in debt, manic depressed
Sweat & jerk to the best Smoke a cig, fuck,
fuck, fuck, Lie fry loosin' your mind like a rock
star Loose it! I got supposed fortune & fame
with existential potential Of runnin' the game,
but it the greedy of the whitey at the top of my
frame that's Blurrin' my art piece, makin' it
Weak see makin' it watered down Dilutin' my
funky sound But it's all you need to be in this
weak society Powder puffy rock star dumb
Keepin' people stupid and dumb Do the rock
star ooh Do the rock star hey Shoot up some
heroin Snort some cocaine Smash your guitar
Wreck a jet plane With a short gun to your brain
For the price of fame like Kurt Cobain Doin' the
rock star main Color meant nothing to me
But now I just can't escape From the rains that
drive me ape of their white fear through the
television in my eyes in my ears Racism!
Separation! Media! So I guess you can say I'm an
angry brotha Can't play my music 'cause of
barrier of color Deep in debt with a seven record
set Videos and funky shows but no one knows
The major pain and misery of bein' radical
Speakin' of what you feel in a world that's sad and
dull But the rock star got the money
and the fuck fuck right action lights and plane
flights Drugs and press but in reality
it's a lot less when you're the rock star oooh.

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Fishbone Rock Star Comments
  1. Jasmin Lloyd

    Who wrote this?

  2. Jasmin Lloyd

    One of the best vocal performances from Dirty Walt and Angelo....frantic yet the voices are in control ready to school

    Kirk Wood

    Hell,yeah,---I bought this back in the day after I'd seen them on tour, It's their best release next to The Reality of My Surroundings (which is their masterpiece,bar none) wound up loving it, and playing the hell out of it. I'll have to find it again, though.