Fishbone - Psychologically Overcast Lyrics

You ask me if I'm unhappy Well, no I'm not
fine I ask you the same question
and now it's trivia time Well I just turned in
my players card Girl, so here's my parting
line Good-bye, Good-bye, Good-bye [Repeat]
We traveled some rough seas to get
to the shore of sunshine But the sun shines
a brief time Cause the clouds are in your
mind You got your own concepts
Well, baby I got mine It's okay not seein' eye
to eye But we have trouble bein' kind
Just like pourin' cool water in a got grease
Ya see we can't combine You had your
good man but you've taken for granted your
rare find You got a selfish way that seems
to be in your design Well I'm too
experienced to take kicks in my behind
Next time you find love adhere to the
warning sign Good-bye Good-bye Good-bye
Good-bye A doggi deegee dagee Doo goo
You selfish Nah

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