Fishbone - Lemon Meringue Lyrics

I see you setting up your shot
I'm gonna git out of your range
I'll never sing your sad sorry song
Lemon Meringue
Sour to the taste and sweet to the teeth
Death by saccharination,
And the criminal charge is the same
A chance to tell the crimes of the cruel
A chance to wave the flag of the fool
But the cross on your road is twisted
And reflects an imageless tool
Creepin like a cavity waiting for
The time to be, drilled up under the
Bridge, Who's looking for oil, who's diggin
For Diamonds, Who's diggin
For Gold, Lemon Meringue Pie
And I must say goodbye.

Varmints and vermin writhe down the vine
Too wet to whistle, When the moon is rhine
Sound asleep when the sun does shine
Watchin a clock instead of watchin time
You can take away the drum
But the beat will never change
Evercharge Everlarge
Lemon Meringue

A windless sail and a waterless sea
A rusted ship and a discontinued journey
When will you be what you need to see
A mile in your shoes may cause swollen feet
Pipe dreams sound sweet, that's why
The drilling is so deep
Lemon Meringue Pie & I must say goodbye
Gotta Let the taste buds blossom
Sunny side never lost em
Easy over born to be clever
So I conclude you'll never lose

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Fishbone Lemon Meringue Comments
  1. GoodtimesMelody

    My favorite song by them, puts me in a good mood.

  2. Redd evE

    Dedicated to Adam L. I'll never sing your sad, sorry song.

  3. Steven Cole

    Have been listening to Fishbone since the 80s - have seen them live dozens of time - get to see them open for George Clinton tomorrow night - super excited!!!

  4. skeeter197140

    It really grinds my gear this band never got the respect they deserve. Sure, their peers in other bands respected them, but not the rest of us.

  5. POOPSTARS Official

    5 peeps no like Lemon Meringue shakes head- for shame Long live Fishbone !

  6. Biff McLargeHuge

    After 25 years I realize this a a go-go beat.... Fishbone keeps proving they are the most versatile band ever.

  7. Jeff Ankton

    Billy "Bass" Nelson of the original FUNKADILIC I believe did the vocal arrangements on this track. FISHBONE 4LIFE!!!!

  8. My Fake Name

    there is a lot of love in this tune

  9. Christopher Macaluso

    Watchin the clock, instead of the time.

  10. kraptoob

    It ends before the end and therefore you have failed.

  11. MisterMitch

    Crazy Tractor Man Brought me here.

  12. Priscilla De Zambrano

    "FISHBONE" lo maximo CTM!!!!!

  13. eabsurfs808


    My Fake Name

    in the future post-humans will marvel

  14. Coddio

    Love love love love

  15. X YZ

    I listen fishbone for more than 25 years and I've just discovered this gem today, what a loss... anyway better late than never.

    Doug Prishpreed

    Gotta let them taste buds blossom ;)

    Eileen Dox

    We can still be frenz

  16. Jim J

    FKN GREAT SHOW. met Angelo well I was trying to sneak in the House of Blues in LA shortly following its grand opening. I notice angelo walking up and down sunset with a handful of poems. I said nobody has spotted you yet and he giggled after I talked to him for a few minutes and somehow got right inn. I couldn't believe nobody noticed him. considering the line wrapped around the building with excited people talking about Fishbone.I will never forget that show that's for damn sure that band is as real as it gets. PS Primus sucks!!. and if anybody asks Dave's not here.

    My Fake Name

    yeah my mate met Angelo in an alleyway with the poems too !

  17. Funkentelechy Inc.

    First Fishbone record i bought and i`ve been a fan ever since!!

  18. jos hofhuis

    you can take away the drums but the beat will never change...

  19. royalwithcheese

    I loved Fishbone in Jr High and Hs. (Almost 30 years ago) I'm old

  20. michael ian green

    I see you setting up your shot I wanna get out of your range

    My Fake Name

    death by saccarination

  21. How do I Look?

    Only a band like Fishbone could make a song about one of my most hated desserts and turn it into on of my most favorite songs :)

    Dominique Dolphin

    I've got the same thought !

    David Gonzalez

    its about eating. . . . . never mind

    Superannuated Sounds

    How do I Look? How dare you. Lemon meringue is a national treasure.


    Yes in deedy


    You just gotta let your taste buds blossom dude lol

  22. Jarvis Martin

    Lindsay Glenn, that's my favorite line, too.

  23. Redd evE

    "I see you settin' up your shot. I'm gonna git out of your range. I'll never sing your sad, sorry song"

  24. Danfrombackhome

    Under appreciated jam