Fishbone - In The Cube Lyrics

Well let me pull myself up and out of this toilet
That I'm in. It's liberating for a little while But living in shit
with shit And bein' all about shit ain't my style
So up to the front I go Past the ass rim where the sun and
the snow melt into a river of sprinkly clear water

Deep in the toilet
Doo Deep Doo
I'm in the cube, in the cube
[Repeat 2x]
Deep Doo Doo

Numb to the cold that I'm swimmin' in
I imagine a world without sin Where there's
mutual respect for every soul
With no question And no testin' of no one's
wits or individuality.



I'm in the cube And I'm deep in the toilet
Way down deep Where no good scent can
spoil it where I can get respect from all
the shit around me As far a what comes
down from above me I'm in the cube
And I'm deep in the toilet Way down deep
Where no good scent can spoil it
It eventually turns into a degree of a flea
Down here I see the future of life to be
It's too crowded up here Everybody's
greedy and they just Won't calm down
Their intentions are good But they always
get drowned by the ego overthrown
And the know-it-all hard-heads that insist
on running the show. The devil dookey that
threatens my friends and me

[Chant 2x]

Some get so caught up within the
Whirlpool of bad that while trying
to reach the good they still end
up bein' sad from trying to rush into
Helping God's plan

[Chant & Chorus]

Back down I go to the toilet bowl roll
Where no one is and are Afraid to go.
I can find peace and tranquility amongst
the peanuts and shit The smell is only a
bluff Just to make me leave from
In the cube this fuckin' cube In the toilet
Where no good scent can spoil it.
Let's be real with ourselves Let's be real
with ourselves From the dirt we came And
from the dirt we shall return This is a
lesson in life We should all learn
I'm in the cube And I'm deep in the toilet
Way down deep Where no good scent can
spoil it It eventually turns into a degree of a
flea Down here I see the future of life to be.
Cuzz no matter how much you
Stack it up high, it always goes down
To the dirt where the shit fertilizes
Some don't realize we come from this dirt
Shit. The mineral pit. God made the devil
But the devil makes us weak sometimes
So are we fighting against a part of God
Or is a part of God's creation lying?
Let some woman or man deem himself
special Cuzz when your label is gone
Your road is long Back to the minerals and
vitamins Where you belong

[Chant 4x]

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Fishbone In The Cube Comments
  1. Chris Smith

    This is tylawn hi fishbone I mis you all tell your mom hi

  2. fishbone3333

    Even among hardcore Fishbone fans, Chim Chim's Bad Ass Revenge is an unheralded record. It's an album with many solid songs, including this one.

  3. Anthony Garcia

    Is it just me that gets it @ 4:11 the sax is imitating farting sounds on purpose to fit the songs theme ! ? ! ?

  4. Rockitfish Ray

    Saw them it was awesome eye opening !

  5. Dik Beats

    Poor. From a fishbone fan.

  6. Spencer Ellsworth

    I <3 u so much, Fishbone, but damn is this ever one of your best songs melodically and worst lyrically.


    The lyrics are an analogy of life here being similar to living in a SHITBOX.

  7. Johnny Scoggins

    This is the JIZZNESS in the phonez. XD

  8. LPF

    find there snl appearance

    Matthew Nyberg

    I fucking Love you guys

  9. Michael Nugent

    LOL I heard this on XM Octane when M.Shadows took over Octane

  10. ___

    is this country western?


    @Salmon Head Studios issa preety good 


    Does not Exist yes

  11. John Telencio

    if you are on the side of Fishbone you are on the right side of history...


    Very well said!



  12. Rubyredskin

    My step dads girl friend(yeah) gave me this disc when i was in like 7th grade. I still love it like then

  13. John Ostrunic

    These guys consider thier genre nutmeg music, a mixture of everything

  14. Dankuel

    Completely digging this 'genre mash' I wish more music took this direction.

  15. Jody Streloff

    Two thumbs up,Can you dig it?

  16. Francisco Gracias

    metal funk rock reggae

  17. animeskin69

    They could also put them in the ska ska-core genre but they have many different styles

  18. 29rkd

    Fuckin great live band

    Repair Department

    I saw them on the Reality tour. Incredibly powerful.

  19. Forbidden Cargo


  20. 242jams

    @Craft2299 i personally dont believe in genre. but i think these guys defy genre. theyre kind of a fusion of rock, metal, funk, swing and whole lot of other shit

  21. Craft2299

    What music Genre are they?

  22. leadbones

    @242jams i've searched for it every which way and can't find it. i own the album, but can't find the cd... and have bought it on amazon too but that computer is out of service atm and amazon won;t let me dowloadit again....

  23. Anton Flint

    Love this tune!!

  24. 242jams

    @leadbones i was thinking of doing that, but i thought most songs were already up. ill double check

  25. leadbones

    sweet! thanks for posting this! maybe you could also post the song chim-chim's badass revenge?