Fishbone - Chim Chim's Badass Revenge Lyrics

The ultimate in flip script deliverin' many blows
All that primate thinkin' broke off leg and elbow
A fruit bowl delight of power knockin' down any door
Chim Chim's laughin' at you and he's slammin' you to the floor
Chim Chim's Badass Revenge...

Wit one mega nut bomb you got blowin' up and away
with a bounty full of Kaboom terrorizn'
keep yo' hair arizin' and the sunshine reflects off ah
dah moon, when you think it's over Chim Chim's
scarface in the room Chim Chim's Badass Revenge...

Takin' um hostage holdin' up the bank blockin' the sewer
Drainin' yo gas tank brakin' the rules, ignorin' the signal
Runnin' the stop sign to get your peace of mind.

Takin' um hostage...

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Fishbone Chim Chim's Badass Revenge Comments
  1. manlypedro75

    Rocky George !!!

  2. ffairlane57

    Dat theramin!

  3. fishbone3333

    Even amongst hard-core Familyhood like me, I think CCBAR is a vastly underrated album from The Boys.

  4. hilariousgas

    Angelo Moore discovered the Theramin and the world was at peace.

  5. hilariousgas

    holy shit these guys are still ripping

  6. C Man

    Great Musicians FISHBONE

  7. Repair Department

    Angelo's control of that theremin is pretty impressive. holy shit

  8. Gerimaya Whyte

    Loved Fishbone up till this album. Dowd and Jones were major contributors to the quality of Fishbones songwriting.

    Stephen Gibbs

    They were a big part of it. But shame on you. They have produced some great music since they left.

  9. peter janjanin

    Norwood is a beast low end ranger

    Leb Heidenstrøm

    He absolutely is. Saw them last night...that bass tone is subterranean!

  10. Lord Screwtape

    Norwood Fisher IS the question...


    it's great hearing this one again that whole record was insane so underrated

    Stephen Gibbs

    Damn right it was. Even with the poor production it is still in my top ten of all time.

    Nashon Benjamin

    @Stephen Gibbs Yes, I think Dallas Austin was kinda out of his league. He did fine with TLC, and Boyz II Men, but Fishbone? He shoulda just promoted and put the record out, and brought someone else in to produce.

  12. Rawdon Waller

    Fishbone should be in the universal Hall of Fame, perhaps a couple songs sent in a time capsule sent to other universes.


    Ahhh man!! you're freakin joking me dude!?!?! I was just about to comment 'why did I waste so much time going to maths class when I could have been learning about the universe from this song' and then I see your comment !!! Amazing ! so they truly are on to something! Hahaha ! Peace x

    Joe Rodriguez Jr

    They are bad ass, crazy as fuck but they kick ass.

  13. ffairlane57


  14. jon smith

    I am proudly Australian,and we call this "the ducks balls"

  15. jon smith

    you guys did live justice to one of your best songs

  16. trentigalaxy

    this shit is so cool to hear

  17. Aberinkulas

    WHAT THE SHIT! And I mean that in the coolest, 'im impressed' kinda way

  18. Arran Barnes

    That bass player is insane!

    Lucas Alda Martins

    I fell in love with the theremin!

  19. Buck Paiva


  20. wondermint2

    Pretty cool that they're using a theremin!

  21. MiniMatt317

    WoW good to see these guys still going so strong!!!!!!!!

  22. casper heyzeus

    SICK! only ever really knew about these cause of blowfly, need to check out more

  23. Kevin

    The black faith no more

    George Moore

    Kevin Isinfected incorrect fishbone was doing it way before faith no more such disrespect towards these brothers

    Marcus Latorre

    Fishbone was around LONG before FNM, my friend.

    Lord Screwtape

    Kevin Ortega I would say they're the first black heavy metal band but that's Mother's Finest...

    Gerimaya Whyte

    @Lord Screwtape Black mother's of invention

  24. daniel Goad

    the use of the theremin was perfect

  25. DerEchteBold

    Haha damn, finally something worthwile again after all that boring stuff lately!

  26. Fakename70

    Was hoping to hear "Beergut"!

  27. macabre famine 72826

    that's the most positive way of being crazy.

  28. keixoun

    that is the most amazing thing i've seen in a while