Firehouse - Hold Your Fire Lyrics

I'm like a loaded gun I got you in my sight
And you're the only one I want to shoot tonight
Ready and able the trigger to fire
Locked on target for my desire
Got you covered and there's nothing that you can do
But say

Hold your fire
Hold your fire

I'm speeding like a bullet never miss my mark
With infrared eyes that can see in the dark
Actions semi-automatic
Satisfaction the instant I hit
I got you covered and there's
Nothing that you can do
But say



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Firehouse Hold Your Fire Comments
  1. rotceh zaid

    De mis bandas favoritas y discazo con Bill leverty gran guiatrrista

  2. Simo Kosovic

    Ne u mene ziv bio!!

  3. Francesco Flora

    Same drum samples and guitar tone of DT's Images and Words...this is David Prater

  4. Hyde Abrao

    Still listening 2019 still alive!!

  5. jozef kollár

    All album was ,Genialný.

  6. Josh K

    This freakin' song is incredible - can't get enough of it. Its got everything a good song needs and dare I say the best song I've ever heard.

  7. TheMetalGuy Rokks

    Such a great band

  8. Jamie Battersby

    His voices are what makes it guitar solos are out of this world one of the best bands in the 80s Into the 90s

  9. NextSongs4God

    I’ve said it before....TJ makes singers quit !

  10. iwan sunaga

    Awesome 🤟👍🤟

  11. Brad O'Connell

    Wish this song was out in 1986 so it could be in Top Gun.

    jozef kollár

    B. OC.this is true.

  12. Ironman KMSA

    Easily my favorite song by Firehouse. And it's only grown as a favorite over the years.

  13. dave piercy

    great song

  14. V Kolbe

    Que agudo...

  15. randall scott burress

    i can't fight it all the diffusion

  16. randall scott burress

    dirty panty police in question

  17. randall scott burress

    Mine goes to thirteen spinal tap*

  18. Nicole Howse

    This song rocks!!!!!!!!! CHILLS!!

  19. randall scott burress

    My DAD said he hated rock and roll..and all the time I said >.Why I catch you creepin out-side my room?

  20. randall scott burress


  21. randall scott burress

    If mf trunk say's your'e gonna eat it it ? your'e gonna eat it monsanko or not and let him give all your children cancer? notin you can do?

  22. boni hutahaean

    The sound engineering of this song is very brilliant..

  23. Jon Weddle

    So fun to play on drums!!!

  24. Elbert Abrao

    until now I am listening into these.. amazing song!! hold your fire!! rock on!!

  25. FuckGoogle+

    the guitar solo in this is one of the greatest of all time. so much so they have never duplicated or it appears attempted to live.

    Bill Leverty plays it here around the beginning of the video

  26. Nahta Nunez


    brian mook

    thank you for agreeing with my thought lol

  27. Vinicius Andrade

    fuck pink floyd

  28. Elma Karajkić

    you're an idiot for comparing two different but amazing bands.....

  29. Danomite

    ur not the first to like music before there time, i was the same my firend love who i am because i stuck to my 80's metal guns when all the fakes and posers of modern fads couldnt get over their insecurityes tryed to make me look silly being all like "huhuh ozzy? motley crue? why like them? whats the point of that?! haha" told em to screw off the popel that stuck by me atre my true friends

  30. tyler reed

    is this song in drop d or in regular tunning i cant tell because im trying to play this right now but u dont know what tunning it is in

  31. Lavietto

    Booooyah yeah this is soo good !:)

  32. jose romeo Dominador

    i'm 18 y/o ...i really love the songs of firehouse
    my friends laughs at me every time they hear me playing old songs..
    i just pretend i hear nothing:))

  33. Jorge Mezzomo Neto

    I've got a impression that this song (album) was recorded in the same studio that Dream Theater recorded Images and Words...

    Matthew Berdyck

    It's the same snare drum sample from Images & Words, and same producer.

  34. buckeye6382

    The third was JUST as good. Good rockin' metal. The fun, get down, party metal!!
    Long live good music!!

  35. mixinstyle

    I just love those hair metal guitars growling out of my speakers while I'm driving down the freeway.

  36. James Burnell

    These guys are to the note, live!

  37. legojimmie

    kick's crush 40's butt anyday.

  38. uberqueen05131974

    @Alejandro1313sixx I completely get that. You'll get no argument here. There aren't any good groups today like we had back then. Sure wish we had more. Glad you agree with me. Thanks. I appreciate it.

  39. Alejandro Garcia

    @legolaslane2931 This music is really great compared to our times music!!! I got this album and the 1st...I wished we had Great bands like Firehouse now but no its all crap....

  40. carlosZ1981

    great song

  41. Padarack1

    Kick-ass song. Would prefer it like they do it live - without the clean guitar in the chorus (which unnecessarily pretty's it up), but I'll take it

  42. Péter Balázs Kovács

    The first two albums from Firehouse are in the "must-have" category!

    Annette May

    Said no one ever ;)


    If you don't like them then why are you here ;)

  43. uberqueen05131974

    Haven't heard this song in ages. Sure brings back memories. Thatnks for posting.