Finn, Neil - The Climber Lyrics

Beside me now are strangers to my eyes
They might be getting crazy, might be wise
Were stranded either way in such a lonely place
I'm looking out for you among the flies
That wait in line for days on end
And nights so cold and always so intense

I try to reach the top most every day
In hope I turn my face up to the sky
The cover hangs so low, I see no sign of life
Nothing springs to mind
Among the flies that wait in line
For days on end and nights so cold, always so intense

Here we are
There's a smile between us and it's going on

You and me have always gotten through
Anyone can tell you that it's true
You feel it every time, you drive away from home
The headlights hypnotize and they take you off towards the sea
Into the night, you run away with thoughts you cannot hide

Vacant eyes can't describe my hunger
For your billowing arms

Mother, I can't help thinking of you
Take this dull ache away

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