Finn, Neil - Recluse Lyrics

When you’re one of us
you can stay here for the rest of your life
I’ll open windows when you want to look out
at the transit of Venus ‘cross the sun
as you’re gathering dust
ancient dragons and the cicadas come
the edges jagged as you’re coming undone
on the white soft feathers of your bed

Well you know how hard I try
but I won’t get nowhere analyzing your life
and it’s people that you lose
when you become a recluse

Turn away from us
days are darker when the winter comes
can’t remove yourself from what you have done
on the rack where your reputation lies
do you want to exist
between the lightning and the mental bliss
or needing nothing and with no one to miss
like a stray dog pissing on a statue

Solitude is hard to find
and they’re all too busy organizing your life
but it’s people that you lose
when you become a recluse
well don’t be so nervous now
all I want is to be dancing round in your light
with the colours that you choose
when you become a recluse
I make any excuse to stay home
but I can’t do that and I must come back
people that stay at home
watching a game of thrones
and wondering what comes next
well you can’t do that and you must come back

Pictures of geese fly they around us and this leads to that
take us everywhere and bring us back
well I dreamt that Jesus had a gun

Sure it’s getting cold outside
and they’re all to busy organizing your life
but it’s people that lose when you become a recluse

I think Howard Hughes would love to be on the internet
I think Sly Stone should hold his own on the internet
Bobby Fischer lost and won then took a permanent holiday
He’ll be back to host a variety show on television someday
JD Salinger lived long ago and far away
Greta Garbo parked her car and walked home from a
glamorous party
I just want to be alone

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