Finn, Neil - More Than One Of You Lyrics

Make it level
Don't misunderstand
Make it level
On the other hand

Every age is a different colour
Deeper for the memory of the sun

If you want to take your place
Find a present every day
If you want to answer yes
We won't have to double guess

And there is more than one of you
But only one of them is true

Make it level (make it level)
When you take a breath
Make it level (make it level)
There is enough time left

If you want to take your place
Find the present every day
If you want to answer yes
She'll follow you right into bed

Well, there is more than one of you
But only one of them is true

Running around her
Knowing that
There is more than one of you
But only one of them is true
Only one of them is true
Only one of them is you

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Finn, Neil More Than One Of You Comments
  1. dewi suriayani

    🎼😭😭🎼TQ all

  2. Hootville


  3. Philomena Wales

    Beautiful......thanks for sharing, regards P

  4. LOVEworksofHEART Smile

    Happy Birthday "Gemini" Neil... loveLoveLOVE More Than One of You, thanks for sharing

  5. Lourdes Pimentel

    MIL GRACIAS, por incluir la letra de la canción, corazón.

  6. R.P McMurphy

    can he sing go your own way ?

  7. TheOmniBach

    This song makes me cry everytime.....beautiful N Finn ...

  8. Kethertomalkuth Orchard

    Niel Finn makes me cry.

  9. Max Fredericks

    Gotta be one of my favourites.

  10. Maria Luiza


  11. michaelcorbin2540t

    What a great tune real music through real life situation 's

  12. atman343

    Wow, what a fantastically deep and beautiful thought - there is more than one of you but only one of them is true and only one of them is you. This new album has some real corkers!

  13. Fred DeSmet

    Like rings on a tree, the only one that's relevant is the one you can see. Forever young. A beautiful piece music even with all the crusty old bark and imperfections.

  14. csilt

    : o     This is sublime

  15. B Philippe

    One of the greatest songwriters of all the times !


    The chorus is cracking up at the beginning because he is killing it, and they should know.

  17. Jamie Lea

    was there amazing

  18. James Wold

    Thank U Neil for reminding that creativity is never ending.

  19. serenevasister

    Love this!!! Love the whole album!!!

  20. kay

    Aww seriously I followrd this artistic creation journey from start to ... you were all fantastic. I don't get the 6 thumbs down. Seriously why even do that. Bloody hell you guys are great. Love n light to u all xx

  21. Jane Yates

    My favourite album❤️✨ Each and every song is a gem

  22. Sean McMorris

    Stunningly gorgeous!

  23. schweig

    Neil my man

  24. dizzy lizzy

    Absolutely beautiful ❤

  25. Rand Carpenter

    If there was only one person to sing with it would be with Neil!!!

  26. The One

    Help me. Make it xxxx what. Level, clever ????

    Neil Finn

    Click the CC (closed captions) button to read the lyrics. - Team NF

    The One

    Cool! Thankyou!

  27. Glen Salmon

    So much Joy thank you Neil just amazing. Funnily the unpolished live streamed versions and video I'm drawn to more.
    Love the new feel and sound especially Widows Peak and Terrorise Me.
    Feels like i've heard the sound track to a great new movie, now can't wait to see the movie!

  28. Shannon Harrison

    Just tried to preorder.... why do they want to charge $32.00 for shipping?!?

    Neil Finn

    What country are you in, Shannon? - Team NF

    Shannon Harrison

    Neil Finn US/Arkansas

    Neil Finn

    Team NF

  29. DCH73 Miami

    Musical genius...

  30. philsandberg

    I stood. I clapped.

  31. love2sing777


  32. Ste Lats

    I havnt a clue how but he just keeps getting better

  33. Hemi *

    Our taonga.

  34. DamGreek

    There are few songwriters, who can write and perform a song, that when you hear it for the first time, just brings you to tears. Neil is one of those songwriters. Been a fan since he first joined Split Enz, way back when and still, he continues to break my heart with joy, by sharing his brilliance and majesty and continuing to be a humble soul. Sharing his music with all of us, is like he's giving us a beautiful sunrise. Thanks Mr. Finn for continuing to make our lives and the world a more beautiful place.

    Hemi *

    ...a gift that keeps on giving.

    Ben Fletcher

    Someone said to me recently that there was a huge galactic f**k up in the 50's, and 30% of the entire planet's talent somehow got poured into the Finn family. It made me giggle because at the very least, the second part of it is true. :)

  35. Gentle Brother

    I was about 12 or 13 when I gazed at Neil and the rest of the band in the cassette sleeve of Woodface. I fell in love: with the band, the songs, the sunshine that beams through everything Neil does. Even as I drifted into metal and grunge through my teens and beyond, Neil was a constant companion and provided the soundtrack to my inner life. So there.

    יו יו

    I can agree with this, regardless of where my music taste has drifted over the years, I always come back to the Finn Brothers.

  36. Peter Butler

    Neil and Todd Rundgren, a pleasure to be around while these guys are on the planet.


    There are a couple of lovely Todd-like changes in this.

    Gary Brightbart

    Peter Butler omg! My thoughts exactly!! Was just extolling their virtues today to a friend! 😀

  37. Michael Croaker

    One of the all time greatest songwriters the world has seen.

  38. Jerry Black

    Amazing!!! Thank you Neil, you're the greatest. What a great idea this is....

  39. TheCappelletta

    This is stunning! Can't wait to hear more! What a great gift to the world! This has filled me up with love!

  40. JungleTom

    For anyone wondering about the chords:
    Verse: Eb (on piano he goes in between Ab and Bb on his right hand) then he goes to F to Eb for end of verse bits
    Pre Chorus: Ab, Gm, Eb, Ab, Gm, Eb
    Chorus: Ab, Bb, Eb, Fm

    Then for the "running around" part he goes between Gm and Ab then goes into the chorus
    on the last chorus he repeats "only one of them is true" and for that you just go Bb Eb Fm
    He ends the last chorus on the Eb then plays a sequence of chords for the ending

    Ending: Ab Gm Ab Eb

    Hope this helps, let me know if I made any mistakes :)


    There will also be a tab on Ultimate Guitar once approved :)


    Thank you!

  41. Mark Zimmerman

    He's done way better

  42. Phil Cooper

    One of the greatest living songwriters in the world today. Such a massive inspiration on my own music.

  43. Phil Jones

    fast turn around on the mixing and mastering. sounds great

  44. Gerard Hughes

    Would love neil and paddy mc aloon to write together

    David Copson

    @Gerald Hughes: I'm with you completely on that. Two of the greatest song writers of modern times. Personally I prefer Neil and Paddy when they go for the more emotional/melancholic stuff but nearly everything they do is superb and they are such good lyricists as well. Sadly Paddy's health now might preclude such a magical collaboration but what a mouth watering combo they might have been.

  45. Gordz Hartz

    Another fab N. Finn composition!

  46. dale

    Such  an Amazing talent - it's always the best from him !  I still  think  'Don't dream It's Over' is one of the best songs that's  ever  been  written ....  what an awesome song  then and now  ...still going strong!!

  47. Annie N

    Truly beautiful and that ending ❤❤ nice thank you 😏

  48. mjklamay

    Stab at lyrics anyone? Thanks...


    Make it level, don't misunderstand
    Make it level, on the other hand
    Every age is a different colour, deeper for the memory of the sun

    If you want to take your place, find a present everyday
    If you want to answer yes, we wont have to double guess

    And there is more than one of you
    but only one of them is true

    Make it level, when you take her breath
    Make it level, there is enough time left

    If you want to take your place, find a present everyday
    If you want to answer yes, she'll follow you right into bed

    Well there is more than one of you
    but only one of them is true

    Running around her
    knowing that...

    there is more than one of you
    but only one of them is true
    only one of them is true

    only one of them is you.

  49. Lane Wright


  50. Timothy J. Eaton

    at last, again, genius in 2.40 sec ... there's only been a few who can do it xotj

  51. Sean McMorris


  52. RockoMusiQc

    Great song Neil, congrats!! :)

  53. Moritz Huettich

    The right place, the right time, right here, right now... Oh please, if Tim is gonna be there this time, please play Won't Give In!!!! That song saved my life and so much more, so many times...

  54. Kiwi

    melody magician Mr Finn

  55. Annie L McPhee

    God and it truly did get better as they went...
    Amazing song -

  56. Andrés González-Barba

    What a wonderful song. Since I heard it for the first time, I knew it would be part of the soundtrack of my life.

  57. April Weis

    This man has such tremendous talent. I don't think there will ever be another like him.

    Jeff Bielecki

    worth being up at 4 am in Buffalo NY

    April Weis

    Jeff Bielecki I know! I'm in Pennsylvania and besides work, he is the only reason I would get up so early!!

    Shannon Harrison


    The One

    His sons aren't too bad at songwriting and performing.

  58. Paul Rose

    Seriously beautiful song Neil.. your an absolute genius! Wish I could be in that room.. :(

  59. Shaun Shears

    Another album around my birthday are you touring this in September or this year in the uk shaun

  60. Hildean Silva