Finn, Neil - Lights Of New York Lyrics

In this town I am not afraid
it’s like home we’re here to stay
you find out something in these altered states
(When you’re lit by the lights of New York)
your willingness to perform

As bridges stand against the tide
satellites move across the sky
in all the years that I have seen you rise
you never looked so supreme
when you’re lit by the lights of New York
when you’re lit by the lights of New York

Summer is hot, weekends away
but some have to stay, shelter away
where the blooms gather dust, and the grease covered up
just waiting for now, the sprinklers are out
the children allowed to scream and to shout...

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Finn, Neil Lights Of New York Comments
  1. Kethertomalkuth Orchard

    You Finn people make me so happy and glad to be alive in this time.

  2. Matt Jones

    Simply beautiful

  3. Mike Jenkins

    Dull, Dull, Dull!..his voice is'nt strong enough to be a solo singer.


    Probs should get a hearing aid. Or maybe you're just retarded

    Mike Jenkins

    Nope!!...he's crap!!..OK ?


    @Mike Jenkins
     One of the best songwriters of the 20th century is never going to be crap Mike.

    P.G. Reitsma

    Mike obviously is fond of three things. Stating his preference, negative attention from strangers and being wrong.


    I love your music Mike. Oh wait a minute, you haven't made any I've heard.

  4. Cormac N

    Beautiful tune! Stunning video.

  5. claire e jones

    Kai Ora | Wow. For me.. eyes closed, resting comfortably, no images at all on an expansive internal screen just pure feeling emotion and I, too, feel the deep sorrow.. which I have to think must be dealing and healing feelings because a good safe day for me today here in Aoteoroa | Thank you!

  6. colaboytje

    Chills running down my spine. See you in Belgium in May Mr. Finn. It will be my sixth time seeing you perform.

  7. sassulusmagnus

    Beautiful song. Love what the strings do to pull the mood back and forth.

  8. Mike P and the Classics

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Finn

  9. finngirl76

    Beautiful. Thank you

  10. Ryan's Channel

    Gotta buy more of your stuff. But I downloaded lots of songs already. If only my playlist wasn't so "crowded"...

  11. Rebecca Morris

    Gosh this is beyond lovely. Neil Finn is a melodic magician and drips so much emotion out of this one. Wonderful job Mr. Finn and I can't wait for the new album.