Finn, Neil - Into The Sunset Lyrics

Here lies the place
Won't let me languish
Hear's all my footsteps and waits

Watch how she fades into the sunset
A vision spectacular in grace

Hunger for the well-travelled
Stimulating discussion
Lift me
Faster into the weakness
Off the wall into blackness

Red eyes reflect
Open the suitcase
Spread all your clothes on the floor
Much like it was
Ten years ago
Time on the clock
Don't want to waste it

Hunger for the well-travelled stimulating discussion with me
Faster into weakness
Off the wall into blackness

Watch how she fades into the sunset
Vision spectacular in grace

Hunger for the well-travelled stimulating discussion with me
Faster into weakness
Off the wall into blackness

And I'm away from home
And its a way of life
And I'm flying high
And I'm a wheeling gull
Here, now, I come to rest
Under a lying rock
Over marine parade
Maybe this time
Here, I'll stay

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Finn, Neil Into The Sunset Comments
  1. Vicki Jo

    Such a mesmerising song

  2. Matt Nicoll

    Great- keep going Neil- love your music

  3. John Austin


  4. Rhyme & Reason

    This was such a great tour.., caught the show in San Francisco.., was blown away..

  5. T Weir

    Not an Ordinary Person. One of the Worlds best songwriters and singers. Watch this space

  6. Erik Hertzer

    Still surprised hes going to play guitar for Fleetwood Macs upcoming tour. Fleetwood mac should open for him, lol...


    110% the truth. Will be seeing the show next Monday 99% because of Neil and 1% due to FM being my first concert ever way back as teen in the early 80's

  7. Birgit West

    So beautiful! Thank you for such amazing songs. There are too many favorites to count.

  8. Debonaire Nerd

    This is pretty much why One Nil is my least favourite of Neil's solo albums: EVERY track on this album sounds so much better when played live. I love this album but only in performance, not as a studio piece. The shift in the overall tone of this song is palpable compared to the studio version.

  9. Andrea N. S.


  10. nickdryad

    It's too fast.


    It's not too fast just an updated version... some of it is abbreviated as well so that tells me it's just an updated version but he does have many other songs that he record differently from the original versions which sometimes are really different

  11. lester lives

    I keep coming back to this video , not only because its one of my favorite songs but Neil and the band nailed it. It's as "in the pocket" as a band can get....You can see it the joy in Neil's face....need a live Finn record and I need it Now!

  12. P.G. Reitsma

    One of my favourites also. I looked up the lyrics and found them to be references to Piha. Under a lion rock, over marine parade.
    Lion Rock is this huge jagged rock just offshore and marine Parade is the road along the coast. Such a beautiful area.


    That's their home away from home.

  13. lester lives

    so great! bout a Neil Finn live album!!!

    Birgit West

    7 Worlds Collide is a favorite of mine for that very reason.

    Brent McGilvary

    I always thought Neil is amazing live!

  14. P.G. Reitsma

    Oh soooo good. Pretty much my favourite track from One Nil. Where did that cd get to?

  15. James Palmer

    Great backing singers voice, but isnt it a Neil Finn song? Does he throw a sidelong glance more than once?

  16. TheBlueskyson

    Gr8 2 c Liam on drums.

    Neil Finn

    Alistair Deverick is on drums.
    - Team NF

  17. sledger2003

    Bass player is playing a diff song :D .. One of my faves btw :) You're an absolute legend Neil.


    Huh? What do you mean playing a different song?

    Tom Somers

    It's his wife on bass. I doubt she's off! :-)

  18. Pia Auman

    2.58.... just made my heart ache.. like.. for real.. the way they opened up and just rolled.... omg.. awesome. thank you neil

  19. craw19950

    God bless you, Neil Finn...

  20. Tom Somers

    This one, Into the Sunset, Catherine Wheels, Fingers of Love, Message to My Girl, Weather With You, The Devil You Know, Last One Standing, Kare Kare, Now We're Getting Somewhere, It's Only Natural and Tombstone are my favorite Neil Finn songs. How about yours?


    Something So Strong, Better Be Home Soon, She Goes On, Twice if You're Lucky, Distant Sun, Nails in My Feet, She Will Have Her Way, Last One Standing, Last to Know, Message to My Girl, and with Tim, Edible Flowers. Probably forgetting a few, but then he is the greatest songwriter alive. Too many masterpieces.

  21. Jamie Robert

    So beautiful. ..

  22. Tom Somers

    Mesmerizing song. Celestial.

  23. Johnny Rogers

    Outstanding rendition!! This backing band is remarkable. Neil is amazing. Great post!!

  24. tony parsons

    I have an insane amount of love for this track gorgeous

  25. paducah46

    Thought I knew all the songs..not this one. Smooth as silk and sublime. I continue to be in awe of this remarkable singer and song writer.

  26. Steve MacGregor

    Still my favorite singer...Life long fan....:)

  27. P.G. Reitsma

    An truly great tune no matter how it's done. 

  28. Gentle Hum

    Oh I love this video, thank you for sharing it with the fans!  An absolutely beautiful song.  So happy to have been at this show with several friends...memories to last a lifetime.  Dizzy Heights was a fantastic tour with a super talented band.  Neil Finn will always be my favortie singer / songwriter.

    Tom Somers

    This band is tight! Maybe even better than Crowded House? Dare I say that?

  29. Shaun Shears

    Love this cover played a gig took the finness of interaction & exploring each song & rediscovering the beauty of the past this song doesn't just take me back but makes me look to the future. :)

  30. SherryAdcox

    So good and Im so in love with this man.  Thanks for the download!

  31. cflsuarez

    A beautiful song. Neil - looking forward to see you again in Amsterdam or Belgium.

  32. Coby Koster

    Never heard the song and I...........LOVE it. Wonderful female singers with him. Such talent. 

  33. David P. Thomas

    Ooh, yes, one of my favorite Neil Finn songs! 

  34. Gentle Brother

    Ah, my favourite Neil Finn song ever. Thank you.

  35. Campbell Ross

    6 over 3 always works - great song from a great album too.

  36. Rick Goldschmidt

    Always loved this song!

  37. John King

    There is no better creator of melody and simple beauty than Neil Finn. 

    Pia Auman

    +John King PREACH!

  38. chrisbacos

    I like it. Sounds like something from the Split Enz days.