Finn, Neil - Flying In The Face Of Love Lyrics

You must reveal your infinite sorrow
Show what you’re made of and what you’re afraid of
You’ll have to leave the comfort of shadows
The places you came from, the troubles you played on
out on the landing leaves are descending
summer is ending and daylight is blue
is that you rising up

Flying in the face of love
now you set your mind to run
In circles around everyone
Flying in the face of love
Thinking enough is enough
before you get too involved

Like this isn’t real, it’s just a feeling
that gets in the way sometimes
every distraction you can imagine
like a disclaimer it’s turning you off
always turning you off

Flying in the face of love
now you’ve set your mind to run
In circles around everyone
Flying in the face of love
And dreaming of the one you lost
Wake up to barking dogs

Were you thinking of her when you wrote that song
Sing it to me – your mysterious life I’m reminded of
Think about her – and it feels like a new sensation then it’s gone

Flying in the face of love
How much longer will you run
In circles around everyone
Flying in the face of love
Dreaming of the one you lost
Wake up to barking dogs

flying in the face of love
flying in the face of love
all the years are catching up
how does it feel to be wrong

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Finn, Neil Flying In The Face Of Love Comments
  1. johnny chrome

    oh god it's totally neil finn - i got you

  2. The Moon Ring

    Neil Finn doesn't suck

  3. Hemi *

    Neil Finn, that was awesome mate. Love that bass by the way.

  4. gustavo eduardo diaz baiz


  5. Adrian Warren


  6. Mark Wallace

    Nothing but AWESOME! You'd expect nothing less from Neil...

  7. johnny chrome

    fuck rugby this is what kiwis love - easy best :)

  8. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Neil is New Zealand's Paul McCartney ... "Neil Finn and Wings" (-:

  9. Marie McCabe

    Neil Finn grasps all the hard bits of life with a mellow hug

    Shannon Harrison

    I know you wrote this a million years ago, but WOW, what a quote!!!

  10. SherryAdcox

    Very Good

  11. robert carey

    The man is a genius. I saw him at the royal festival hall in London this year, such a talent, just love his work!

  12. Steve MacGregor

    Like my opinion matters...Neil Finn.....amazing song one of the best song masters....timeless lyrics & vocals...true Talent

  13. Jay Sims

    This is the best Finn album ever... the metaphor and what it all means.... its crazy but its true..... wow

  14. Roger storry

    Definatly my fave song so far on Dizzy heights ,I love the bassline so addictive.

  15. Paul Murphy

    neil has never made a bad song!

  16. flynelson nz

    I love this new flying song Neil.
    I can't stop listening to the whole album, its great to have you back on form.

  17. T B

    Dont ever eat chips in a cornwall carpark! These fkers dive bomb you and when you frantically get to your car and shut that door and feel relief, the dicks shit all over your roof! Great song! Love it.

  18. DuelElite

    Fantastic Song and Clever Video.

  19. PascalsWager5

    There has never been a better "pop" songwriter on the planet.

    Terrible Crayon

    I agree. "Together Alone" is the most underrated pop album of all time. 


    It is my number one favourite of all time! almost to sublime to be called pop music

  20. Gareth Parsons

    Neil what a fantastic song. The magic is back. Just one thing, why couldn't you do this with crowded house on your last album together?!

  21. 61Dazza

    I feel I am privileged to live in this moment in time when Neil Finn is on this planet and I have been able to follow his wonderful music as the soundtrack to my life.

    Lee Haydn Straight

    Me too!!!!!

    Andrea N. S.

    61Dazza Your comment is amazing. I feel the same way!

    Michael Arnould

    I SOOOO agree, after The Beatles...




    thank you deeply for sharing your excellence ....#1