Finn, Neil - Dizzy Heights Lyrics

Fairy lights like the stars
You could be lost but here you are
It's halloween, on the street
You came looking for me

I'm sealed in tight, through the double glass
Come inside, take off your mask
All the zombies in town
They're all dead to us now
And we can't hear the song they're playing

Smoke drifting up
To the dizzy heights
Where the elevator won't come down
And the ceiling cracks like a treasure map
The mosquito's buzzing round, round, round
Help me make up a new sound

It's alright in my room
The worlds moving at a different pace
Ah the buzz it never stops
If you don't like the groove well call the cops

On halloween, it's halloween
And they don't make a sound
'cause I don't like the song they're playing

Smoke drifting up to the dizzy heights
Where the elevator won't come down,
And the ceiling cracks like a treasure map
Every destination pulls you in, turns you back
The mosquito's buzzing round, round, round

I'm gonna take you up to the dizzy heights
There's a lot more going on
I will take you up to the dizzy heights
I'm better off that way

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Finn, Neil Dizzy Heights Comments
  1. Electric Light Lynne Trex63

    Great song. The video is awful.

  2. teige james

    this is a monster of a pop song...jeesh what a gem..thanks for writing this, instantly one of my all time favorites in all regards/for all the right reasons.

  3. Michael Reyes

    such a underrated song

  4. Mary Dunleavie

    love it.....

  5. William Gibson

    Has elements of all sorts. Sounds like a great Bee Gees track, then a few seconds later something else. A long way from The Enz.

  6. one_khz

    "Don't like the groove? Well, call the cops." That line says it all...Love this album!

  7. Carlos Díaz

    Eddie Vedder!! 2:20!

  8. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Great song and video ... Sounds like a fresh new artist ... not one that's been around for four decades.

  9. Michael Brown

     Beautiful!  BUY the album people.  Support these guys so they keep writing... 

  10. Gazz S

    Absolutely love it.. keep up the good work neil..

  11. santubong2011

    This is so surprising to come out from Neil Finn. One of the best pop song of 2014

  12. SherryAdcox

    Good song.  Strange vid

  13. Matthalamew DoTheMathYourSelf

    Loved This

  14. Cherie Currie

    Nice song Neil Finn, but what happened to your other or Crowded House album called "Seventh Wave" what was released in 1996?! I really wanted to hear that your written "Here Comes The Gods" song!

  15. Barney Miller

    Great song.  Great songwriter.  He deserves better videos.  No offense to whoever made it.  It looks like it was a fun day.  I just think good videos make songs stronger.  I'm an 80's/90's kid that way.  Just my two cents.

  16. Benjamin Lo-Fi

    the late Benjamin Lo-Fi wishes he'd visited Auckland, and New Zealand generally...maybe one day he might...

  17. loveuabundle

    great song Neil I love it :)

  18. Steve MacGregor

    Freaky clowns...but cool Neil great song

  19. Sergey Magell

    !!!  Interesting video  !!!

    Alexandre Miguel lopes

    Great song ! 

  20. Tony Jones

    Luuuuuuurve it :-)
    Heard it on radio today and didnt realise it was you til they said after it played
    Really unique sound to this one, moooooore please!

  21. astrobhoy

    I love Neil Finn, and this is a great song - but what a shit video this is!  Wasted.

  22. Alexis Taylor

    Saw Neil Finn on Jools Holland last night and downloaded the album...Lovely mellow choons. Like it lots. 

  23. Liz Kerr

    Love this song! Heard Neil sing it on Q with Jian Ghomeshi last week. Great interview, btw.

  24. Paul Murphy

    a great song, i bought the new album and love it

  25. BladderProductions

    See you Saturday…

  26. Sonya von Heyking

    Brill! Why do I get the sense that this was just an average night in the Finn household?

  27. Benny Chong

    Just saw Neil & Co at The Orpheum in LA. Just a spectacular show! 

  28. Sarah Gunn

    AWESOME! Also went to Sydney Opera House for their last night in Aus, was spectacular. Still got it going on!! Great song, wicked video. 

  29. KittensForever

    Went to the concert in Sydney - it was great!