Finn, Neil - Divebomber Lyrics

Sat by the window, widow sat
And dreamed of planes in silhouette
in cloud formations overhead

Oh, you better get there when it matters
when she’s taking off, you will really need to hold on tight
pretty soon the connection is made
we’re ascending higher and higher each day
and there’s no turning back
sun is overhead, target’s down below
it’s gonna be a wreck, alright

It’s a risk if you’re flying fast enough
with the rush of blood, you can bet you’ll forget anyone
she understands where you’re taking her
and she won’t break up under the strain
the engine sighs it’s time, we must pull her out
I have this to say to you, I’ll do my best to save you
but I’m hoping I don’t black out
cos there’s only one way down

then I wake up in a sweat
landing safely in bed
oh man I thought we were dead
punch me gently out of shape now darling
it cannot be that bad
for all I know we’re high above the ground
and there’s only one way down

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Finn, Neil Divebomber Comments
  1. יו יו

    Wow it’s already been 5 years ! I remember buying this album when it came out and being very excited to see the new direction Neil was taking. Still an awesome opening track !

  2. Elmo Blatch

    Well, I'm going to see Neil in a few days (6/21/16) so we shall see. I know none of these songs -- just Crowded House -- so I get to listen to all new music.

  3. Paul Barrett

    Neil Finn is a musical genius.

  4. Anouchka Groce

    I really like Neil Finn I really do, but how to protect him from Alastair Riddell? That person is horrible and I don't want that Neil Finn would meet him! But scariest fact that they both lives in the same city! Don't they?

  5. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Great song reminiscent of the revamped Beatles LOVE album redone by producer George Martin's son.

  6. loveuabundle

    I love this song would love to see you sing it live reckon it would be amazing

  7. doug vogel

    flaming lips producer... yet Mr. Finn is very talented...strip away the production...and it just a beautiful folk song

  8. RockoMusiQc

    The first time I heard that song I wasn't sure if it was good or not, the only thing I was able to say is that it's a bit weird. Now I really like it, probably one of the best on the new CD. However there's just one thing... I'd like to hear the same song but sang 1 octave lower, in the same way than Fingers of love, should be wonderful!!

  9. kevinocooldaddy

    I like it. The lyrics are abstract and the music a nice swirl. the dive bomber samples...always thought Cheap Trick could have used those sounds on their song Auf Weidershen. ..I think I botched the spelling there. I love it when artist experiment and make things interesting. ..pushing boundaries...that's the way John Wayne would've done it ;-) ...mano a mano

  10. kevinocooldaddy

    I like it. The lyrics are abstract and the music a nice swirl. the dive bomber samples...always thought Cheap Trick could have used those sounds on their song Auf Weidershen. ..I think I botched the spelling there. I love it when artist experiment and make things interesting. ..pushing boundaries...that's the way John Wayne would've done it ;-) ...mano a mano

  11. Moderately Minimalist

    I think this might be a video of the cliff divers of Acapulco, Tim sang about the cliffs of Acapulco in his song "Protected".

  12. Rosa Rubiginosa

    Freak me out!  I love this!

  13. pseudosun

    okay, now i want to see the video of the kids swimming. Was that footage of Neil as a kid?

  14. sunshinesuperman10

    Totally Angelic...This is fabulous!


    Any chance of posting up the lyrics for this?


    I've ask the Boss for you & me & all of us ! :)))


    Love it! Strange and interesting at first. Quite beautiful by the end. I'm guessing that both the song and the video might have been inspired by a dream.

    Selsey Reclaim

    To be honest I have thought that since woodface nit the scene.

  17. Mark Sharman

    Will take a few listens to get into. There's v little Neil does which isn't magic, so will hold judgement. Hope CH do another concert at Auckland Town hall. Was Magic. Look forward to the album. Here's another Kiwi Mark from Auckland at if you get the chance to listen.

  18. MyTitus

    Pure magic !

  19. Francesca Cappucci

    This song now lives in my head. A superb piece of magic. 

  20. Dave o keeffe

    'Try Whistling This' in my mind is one of the most complete and perfect albums I have ever listened to. I am very very excited for 'Dizzy Heights'

  21. Tom Mulchinock

    Wow...Mindblowing! And so refreshing! Thank you Neil!

  22. mariangoldenville

    mercury rev?

  23. paul46722

    Really wanted to like this but sadly I don't. It's good to see an artist stretch themselves and not settle but this isn't my cup of tea.


    Ur just a H8R. LOL!!!!


    total crap..........and im a life long fan

    Katie Garland

    Just because you don't like something it doesn't mean it's crap


    @Katie Garland
    Agreed!  I think it's amazing and beautiful.  I love all kinds of music so I appreciate lots of things.  A sign of a true, good artist is not making the same stuff over and over, and branching out to try new things.  I love Neil's diversity, and this song along with the ones he played in the webcast make me more excited about the new album!

  25. Francesca Cappucci

    Intriguing and lovely. <3 Neil Finn

  26. l0066

    I hope the rest of the album is as good as this. Amazing complex track.

    Jakub Urbánek

    +l0066 It is. Best album since CH's Together Alone IMO

  27. Lunar Light Parade

    This is utterly beautifully. If an artist, such as Neil, can't experiment, then why would anyone keep listening? Music is about change and evolution. Redundancy is poison. Neil's musical progression is awe-inspiring, and should be applauded as such. Music is life, and Neil portrays this is in every melody he writes. 

  28. tony parsons

    its so different from anything on try whistling this and one nil and so I will give it time and my attention and I will judge it then

  29. dongelen

    Loving this track, polarising track. As a long time fan I'm really happy Neil is experimenting and exploring new ground on his last albums. 

  30. Steve Barton

    Yikes. He fell off!

  31. slowpogo

    This isn't really that weird. Once you listen a few times, you realize it has a structure, verses that repeat, etc. like all his songs. It's just given a very different style and treatment from what we're used to. But it's still Neil Finn through and through. The solo piano at the end is a good reminder of that, almost a little joke, like - is this what you really wanted to listen to for the last 4 minutes? Too bad!!

  32. Brian Morris

    Neil seems to be taking the Bon Iver route with this song. Very cool! This is a powerful track and I love that Neil is following his muse into new songwriting directions.

  33. Mariam Brueske

    It's starting to grow on me. I appreciate the beauty of the song but I hope that the entire album isn't too far off the beaten path. I guess we'll all need to hear Dizzy Heights from start to finish before we can really pass judgment. As was the case with Radiohead's Kid A, for every "Motion Picture Soundtrack" and "The National Anthem there was "Optimistic" and "Morning Bell". For every "Dream Date" there is "Sinner". For every "Divebomber" there is ____________.

    - jeremy

  34. Katie Garland

    I personally like Dive Bomber but if it's not your thing David then don't make that stop you from buying the album! Did you see the webcast? His latest songs are stunning and have been stuck in my head for days. TWT is my favourite album of all time, and I wouldn't be surprised if DH ends up being a close second.

  35. David Metcalfe

    I just had the misfortune of listening to Divebomber. It is not only the worst track of his I have ever heard. It’s also one of the very worst trailers for an album by a major artist ever.

    Woeful and I for one will not be buying the album, on the strength of that, anyway. Is this really the man who wrote WWY, DDIO, FSIOD, WYC, IT, FAYF?

    It makes the dodgiest stuff off Pajama Club sound like Distant Sun!!!

    Let's hope the album is better or retirement beckons for our hero.

  36. Mariam Brueske

    Listen to the entire Neil collection from the last 30+ years and you'll understand why there's apprehension from some fans. Neil's pop sensibility and gifted songwriting is why we continue to 'fall at his feet'. We've listened to everything from I Got You to Twice if You're Lucky and we are indeed 'addicted to the drug'. It's not that Neil owes us, but that we owe so much to the music we've invested in. I know in the album's context Divebomber will be great, it just freaks some of us out.

  37. Jack4343

    Well now I know what taking LSD is like...

  38. Rian Adkinson

    I love it !!! Strange and Beautiful

  39. nard9991969

    Is it the man himself at 1:37? Strange, yet very appealing song.

  40. spaceboy537

    Wow, very different from what I was expecting! I like it though...

  41. Jack4343

    Ok Ok...jokes on where's the real 1st single?

  42. saturdaysun10

    ...or surr-Neil, if you will.

  43. Katie Garland

    The best comment so far!

  44. Katie Garland

    Nobody forces you to listen. I get the impression that some people think he owes us something, I don't know where they get that from. I love experimental Neil, I love that he's not afraid to try new things, and I personally feel we are very lucky that he still shares his music with us. He's honest in what he does which is a lot more than can be said of most artists.

  45. Francis Shortle

    So you're such a big fan that you want him to not do anything new and just write songs that please you and not himself. Ya you're the type of fan that every musician wants. By God I am Fucking loving this.

  46. lolomaeulalie

    intriguer and polariser ... we grokked it we love it at boogoodoogada
    (also sexier back than JT)

  47. Mariam Brueske

    I am an avid Neil fan but this Thom Yorke obsession is out of control. All I hear is Amnesiac or Kid A. It was Split Enz and Crowded House that earned him his followers and afforded him the luxury of producing this now hardly accessible music. For him to indulge in this atypical experimenting over the last few years is great for him (now that he's wealthy thanks to Dont Dream Its Over, Weather With You, Best of, etc.) but this hardcore fan is disappointed. There better be a King Tide 2.0 coming.

  48. Indiana Nottingham

    About what are you talking? This is Indiana's song and will be! Period!

  49. Indiana Nottingham

    I'm glad this song singing a woman! Good job, Indiana!

  50. Ferry van Rossum

    This is terrible ! I follow Neil Finn since 1976 Split Enz, but this song is not for me

  51. 53greenhill

    Did I say harmony? I meant melody. Either way.

  52. 53greenhill

    Album samples are on itunes. Just search "Dizzy Heights"

    Where have those wonderful lyrics and harmonies gone?? Only one song jumped at me and that was "Flying In The Face Of Love".

  53. truemansparks

    How the hell can anyone call this crap?it's brilliant more please!

  54. Paul McGuigan

    Beautiful music and an intriguing scraping vocal as Neil continues to move forward and explore. The first listen was about trying to get my head around it but I already know this will be one that in months to come I'll be getting lost in with the headphones on. It took me a while to come to terms with Pajama Club and now I can't turn the damn thing off, so yeah, I can easily have faith in Dizzy Heights.

  55. Bastionvision

    I think Neil Finn is going through an experimel moment in his career 20 years too late. First sporting a moustache on intriguer, then the panama club album, now this very strange song from his new solo album.

    Selsey Reclaim

    Actually legend has it that someone in NZ drew a moustache on a billboard of a Neil Finn and he decided to copy it cos it looked cool.

  56. archidroid


  57. Laurent Guinness

    Haha at 0:23 it sounds like the same airplane sample as in Van Halen's Panama video.... I was expecting Eddie's guitar to kick in


    very full on Neil. Get ready to be opened up people. One of the worlds greatest singer songwriters is stepping inout

  59. sunlightHalo

    Aweome beyond awesome

  60. sacflies

    Never mind. Clicked the link above. Neil Finn solo album. Nice. Sounds great!

  61. sacflies

    Excuse my ignorance, but is this a Crowded House album?

  62. Mods Australia

    Love it Top work Neil ;-]

  63. seamusthebogman


  64. Mike Williams

    February's too long to wait...sounds incredible!

  65. MsLP74

    It sounds like Neil's been listening to some SDan Kelly,, Dick Diver & Tame Impala. I think I like it.

  66. Jon Matos

    Not having heard the entire album (obviously), I'm still thinking this is a bold track to release as the first single… and good on Neil for doing so. I hope those kids are alright. ;)

  67. Russell Bell

    I love the way Neil makes us wonder.

  68. James Farrelly

    Love how he leaves the last chord unresolved at the moment the last plunge is made. Very cool. Another song about our tenuous hold on LIfe, perhaps?

  69. Michael Alexander

    Strange... And interesting!

  70. I Watson

    Hey Neil, who put the clip together, your style is evolving each time I listen and I've been listening for thirty years or more. Just really want to say thank you, every song has a meaning.

  71. Damien Hutchinson

    It's always all about the it.

  72. Rob Thomas

    The word 'only' should be inserted between 'himself' and 'through' in the first sentence.

  73. Rob Thomas

    Up until now I feel Neil has expressed himself through music. This is him expressing himself through a fusion of other formats. Yes, the sound style is totally new, but if you really understand what Neil does, the whole project is totally him all over. I really like what he has done here.

  74. Rick Goldschmidt

    I love all Neil Finn music...up to this. Don't know what to make of it..

  75. Debonaire Nerd

    The first minute of this song makes even the strangest moment on Pajama Club seem like a song by One Direction.

  76. Grok!

    Audibly and visually gorgeous.

  77. MeDzoDzo

    Ethereal heights over Greece. :-)