Finn, Neil - Chameleon Days Lyrics

Cruel shame
Oh what have I done?
Punching a wall
Nearly broke my thumb
It's harder than you think
Not that it matters
If I show myself to you

Come on, I know, you will
That must be how the music is meant to be played
A rush of blood
And it's gone as fast as it came
Chameleon Days

Though your anger is red
Envy is green
But if you have a choice
It will always be blue
Should I show my self to you?

Come on, I know, you will
That must be how the music is meant to be played
The colors change
In our lives we all have our own
Chameleon Days

The more I have to wait, the more you come in late
The closer to the ground, with every other sound
The more I have to wait, the more you come in late
The closer to the ground, with every other sound
And anyone can tell you that it's out of your hands
And god is rolling numbers while I'm making a plan
And anyone can tell you that it's out of your hands
And god is rolling numbers while I'm making a plan
For a soul

The sky and the water
To the sky and the water
There is beauty and surrender
Oh sweetness of sorrow
Oh you wake up before tomorrow
That color won't get you into trouble

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Finn, Neil Chameleon Days Comments
  1. tony parsons

    Neil at his best love it .      god is rolling numbers while making plans for the soul.   just lush

  2. Anthony Monaghan

    I can hear a lot of Sting in this song...which is no bad thing at all.

  3. Punch

    Who else was compelled here by the melodic genius of Neil Finn's exquisite and timeless songwriting? Gossamer grace

  4. 1DaTJones

    Astonishing. I LOVE the video - it's very rare to see such a beautiful, clever visual to go with the brilliant song.

  5. Pferdberg Laboratories

    What an amazing song! And the video is quite beautiful too. Thanks Neil, keep on rockin'!

  6. Todd Brooker


  7. Shannon Harrison

    You Tube! Where did Out of Silence go?

  8. Diddy The P

    Evolution of a genius! Thank you Neil! 🎸🙏🏼👏🏼✨🌟

  9. CelestialMusicCan

    A great song to jam along with. Thanks.

  10. Elsie Bloom

    I want to tattoo these lyrics all over my body. This song is everything.

  11. LOVEworksofHEART Smile

    Anyone can tell you that it's out of your hands... Which colour? loveLoveLOVE

  12. Susan Ritchie

    this music has many layers of sound, word colors, kaleidoscope shapes & i feel poignancy when I listen

  13. Mitch Ross Music

    This is very, very good. Loved the layers and how you extended the middle section. Interesting sonic territory you went into.

  14. Annabel Temple

    Makes this ex-pat Kiwi-in-Northern California feel slightly homesick. 12 y/o daughter remarked that this is slightly Beatles-esque. A true gem, for sure!.

  15. Modern Champions

    How he doesn't believe in a spiritual dimension I'll never know..he is spirit pesonified

  16. Modern Champions

    Unbelievable the only one I look up to

  17. Johnny Rogers

    This is magnificent. Watched all episodes back in August of the recording. Went to both shows in Boulder, Co with Liam and Sharon on the stage with him in 2016. You, sir an a musical treasure🎸🎸🎸

  18. Tantalize

    One of the greatest musicians. Neil, your music never ceases to amaze me. This song is one of your best ones. Vocals are hauntingly beautiful.

  19. Carma


  20. Ali Naqvi

    A man who is still at the pinnacle of his talents. This is so beautiful and moving, with music and words coalescing perfectly. A song that shapeshifts from the first to the last note and with some soul splitting lyrics.

  21. John sweda

    He hasn't lost his touch but I love split ends I like that raw moody music, didn't go for long enough

  22. Liz Belmont

    Amazing. Love it!

  23. Rose Bouris

    brilliant what more can we ask...your a genius Neil....

  24. goldbanv

    The best LP of the year, please tour the UK, Bournemouth would be good!

  25. FinnLlywelyn

    Awesome, Neil ... can we have a video like that for ALL of the Out of Silence songs? Everything sounds so great, and I’d like to see how those hands are making it happen. :D

  26. One for Rock 'n Roll

    Thank you Mr. Finn. You are and always will be one of my favorite song writers (and one of the World's greatest). You are a gift from the heavens to the rest of us

  27. marina potonnier

    Thank you M. Finn, what a gift for your faithful fans. Greetings from France where we long to see and hear you again.

  28. Annie N

    That extra verse 👏😉 beautiful song. One for dreamtime 💓

  29. Michael Caughey

    He just nails life in words- inspired

  30. Susan Ritchie

    The colors of emotion , the intense feelings of life. I'm flying

  31. michelle arnold

    man, fun and lovely and the lyrics...feel this song.

  32. Diana Pitzer

    All Finns in the ocean! Thank you for the lyrics Neil. Cheers!

  33. Paul Comis

    That is superb, a perfect little gift. (Although I thought we didn't like hands on keys and frets ;) )

    Something similar for "I Know Different" would be awesome!

  34. atman343

    Esoteric christianity teaches that after we die we traverse backwards through our just finished life and experience the world through the effects of our actions on those around us and that this lays down the seeds for what later becomes our karma. I hope when his time comes that Neil experiences the joy, cleansing and uplifting of spirit that he has brought to all who listen to his music. But I also hope that is a long way off yet! :-)

  35. Paul Mitchum

    Every chameleon day has at least four seasons, each an edible flower. Water ballet FTW!

  36. ariesred777

    a gentle refrain

  37. Birgit West

    Love this. Thanks for the little piano tutorial. :) I so love this song and have been trying to play it on the piano!!

  38. John Pattillo

    This is great. Clears up some of the lyrics for me. I thought it was “cruel shame”

    Birgit West

    Me too!

    Birgit West

    I just discovered recently, the lyrics are now on the website:

  39. mjklamay

    This song is definitely one of Neil's best. Pure bliss...

  40. Vearus08

    I really just wanna write a song with neil and make it sound so new age and bring him back to top 10 of charts where he deserves to be.

    The One

    I don't think he really cares about chart success. Not sure it really matters any more to him.

  41. dirtysouthlepluv

    Ah Neil. You are nothing short of phenomenal. Love your voice, love this song, love this whole album, love YOU!

  42. brojoro

    Geez what a beautiful song. Neil Finn is a national treasure and the 'Finns' are an iconic Kiwi family. Brilliant!

  43. greg orr

    is that a different mix to what is on the album?

  44. Vivian Jones

    I love it. Every thing about this video is so Neil. Magnificent.