Fink - White Flag Lyrics

White flag
White flag

Obey the signs
White flag

Obey the signs, the signs, the signs
Obey the signs, the signs, the signs

White flag

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Fink White Flag Comments
  1. Chee Rio

    I feel like im high and floating in the air with this music. Lovin’ this!


    Fuck yah!!💞

  3. Mila Souza

    i loved this song

  4. Robert Hall, van

    This is a great song, the atmosphere reminds me of my all time favourite band, The Comsat Angels. Haunting...

  5. Γιωργος Κουζελεας

    All my thanks to devine artist!

  6. showreports

    We recorded this playing at the Munich Highend show this year in the Nordost cable room.  You guys have this music "blocked and Muted: on Youtube.  We had to remove it from the video.  You guys are missing thousands of viewers by having your music blocked.

  7. Eric Barr

    Would have never heard of this band had I not watched an episode of "The Black List". Thanks, Norita!


    House of Lies for me. Looking too Closely. Love that song!

  8. Robert Broderson

    Love your sound! -like the Martin /tweed Fenders as well .. interesting 3 pc. from the video I watched before .. different song

  9. Javy Dones

    Dat bass...

  10. Even457

    ominous dark gloomy in a lovely way, i don't know why this track remind me of the video game Driver 3...

  11. chilloften

    So gorgeous, I adore.

  12. Thuraya Shi

    Such magic!

  13. Alice Hulkes

    Just an incredible band.