Fink - Too Late Lyrics

You are, you are, you are
In charge, in control, inside
But outside, it's too cold, I'm too stoned
And it's too late to start again
It's too late to start again

It's too late
It's too late
It's too late
It's too late

Oooooooh it's too late, it's too late

In the end, the end, the end
Is closer than you think, inside
But outside, it's all well-dressed guesswork
And it's too late to start again
It's too late to start again

It's too late, yeah
It's too late
It's too late
It's too late

Tonight, tonight, tonight
It's all that we know, inside
But outside, there's no lights, there's no rider, no aftershow
And it's too late to start again

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Fink Too Late Comments
  1. Somei - CWA

    Hurt my family for too long. Now it stops. I have their respect again.

  2. Somei - CWA

    I love this guys music. My goodness I really do. My own discernment of this video and song is about regrets over a neglected family in place of an evanescent career. I hope so much I'm wrong. We all regrets mistakes anyway. Especially me and my constant fight with alcohol. Sober now one year"

  3. Gavin Walsh

    I really ;love fink but i'm afraid i reported him for drink driving.!.sorry lol

  4. Zofia Skrzypczak

    Fink you are heart

  5. st stonn

    Why is too late?

  6. Arwa Mahmoud


  7. Adnan Samman

    Too late...

  8. Ritayan Bandyopadhyay

    Delicate & Beautiful song! In repeat... <3

  9. Rafael Queiroz da Silva

    Som simplesmente fantástico!

  10. GE0704

    Paradiso! I was there.... as always! :)

  11. MproductionB

    Good video!

  12. Helder Santos

    Its too late...

  13. Alexandre de Almeida

    Muito bom, demais .

  14. Tebogo Senna

    if ever you find your self reading this one day or  in the next life from now just know that your music has touched my soul and thousands and thousands of beautiful people around the world....with that been said YOU ARE THE KING AMONGST ALL FALSE WANNA BE KINGS

  15. Bruno Di Giovanni


  16. yassine niklaus

    is awesome team fink

  17. bekoi

    Your voice is truly so amazing! You have such a gift! Please come back to Portland Oregon :)

  18. Vanda Allen

    it's never too late!!! XX

  19. FA schoen

    A Nice video off That beautifeul city ,and THE sound is fucking good

  20. sulu mailei

    the first time i heard Fink i never stop listening to them.....such great artists,love the music.lyrics too.

  21. Casper Van kampen

    Been to this concert. An amazing night, true music. Thanks for sharing your talent Mr Fink

  22. Δlexbanz

    it's too late..

  23. JensathChannel

    Which city was this shot?

  24. x4treme

    Cool its in Amsterdam!

  25. Bisheshank Shrestha

    cheers from NEPAL

  26. Frederick Tubiermont

    Brilliant song.

  27. Svitlana Vusatiuk

    thx for your perfomance in Kiev- 02.11.15 :)
    awaiting new music in Ukraine

  28. Pablo Vega

    Impresionantes FINK como siempre! Alguien sabría resolverme una duda¿?¿?¿?¿ Que micro usa Fin ? Neumann 104 o Neumann 104 Plus ¿?¿?¿ Gracias!!!

  29. Kiki

    Haven´t checked on it in a while. I forgot how much I love Fink.

  30. Beti rasz


  31. Fink

    'Too Late' with remixes is Out Now -

    Autumn UK & Euro tour | tickets & dates:

  32. lea arnautovic

    I love you Fink

  33. timmlive

    whats too late?

  34. soundtester

    Xcuse me but WHAT THE FUCK? Ninja Tune got right in hell.

  35. Konstantin

    where was this shot? :)

    Johannes de Jong

    +Stant H AMSTERDAM


    Thank you :)

  36. DAVE Zacher

    well done

  37. RageRiseRespect

    #Fink is peace of sound.
    Thumbs Up and Respect #Fink :)

  38. i_am_the_dustin

    Fink never fails

  39. Андрейъ Яковлев

    Like it so much !
    Hello from Russia

  40. Angela M

    yes yes yes!!! I can never get enough of Fink.

  41. Venus Panthar

    EAR CANDY!!!! Awesome tunage!!!

  42. ShareYourChill


  43. Tomáš Coufal

    Great song and video!! Czech fan 👍

  44. jake duke

    Suits and House may have brought me to Fink but I'm here to stay.

  45. jake duke

    Awesome! Loved it.

  46. thomas wolday


  47. A Rex

    Brilliant!! Absolutely loved it, I was hoping you guys would make a video for this one, one of my absolute favorites. Indian fan 👍