Fink - She Was Right Lyrics

Oh she left me
Yes she did
She was right
She was right
She was right to do it
And she did

And I think about her
With the music getting louder
To the whisky
And to the powder

She was right
She was right
She was right
She was right
Oh lord

Oh she was right
To leave me
She was right
To leave that night
To do it when she did
Oh yeah

She turned her back on me
And was right for the last time

She was right for the last time
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

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Fink She Was Right Comments
  1. Rui Lopes

    Fink is so underrated. This is timeless, truly genuine, beautiful, incredible, unmeasurable. And Colin Stetson is so consistent. He has a unique "soundprint" that you can recognize instantly when he's in a project.

  2. Luis Pinheiro

    What a song! Half way through it its like "Adagio for Strings"...(i don't really know, it just sounds fenomenal)

  3. Remigiusz Grabowski

    Blesss you

  4. Magalie

    Beautiful song, I've got chills...

  5. Achim Witcoustic

    Listening to this being lonely...haunting song

  6. rve

    Ma découverte de la rentrée, remercie Caroline, FINK

  7. Ra Ka

    Incredible song ! 24 thousand hits only ... mankind ist deadly sick ...

  8. jack cutts

    The the synthesised instrument type on its own sounds so perfect. It would fit perfectly in an Avatar scene of the beautiful environment

  9. Eugene Lychany

    I think songs like this one resonate with lots of people. Simple, beautiful, getting right into the heart, becoming one with the soul. The lyrics is good. I couldn't have expressed it better. Except for powder and whiskey thing of course) The visuals are piercing and vivid like memories of the person who left. Thank you so much, Fink.

  10. Athena Clio

    Atmosphérique, inspiré...bravo et merci

  11. Blessing Omenazu

    It's so haunting I love everything about it and the visuals just make it even better. How'd they do that??


    Looks like paint on cloth. Maybe the made many "paint on different cloth" shootings and even video takes fo the paint sucking into the cloth while it vibrates and then cut it all together in a video.

  12. Tracy W

    reminds me of a dirge. it's hauntingly beautiful.

  13. Patrick L.

    Where's the meh button? Dig the song, but as a fan I'm left with the question, is this the new Fink?


    I hope so, I really love this song.

    Patrick L.

    Gray Fox me too... But I guess I miss the percussion element

  14. Melanie Jones

    I won't be able to die happy until I've photographed a live fink show. Life goals! xo

  15. lady 7

    freaking good!

  16. Dragisa Mihailovic

    She was right, and I was left... Great song.

  17. khaled karamallah

    i love it

  18. Cyril Peron-Dehghan

    One of the best track for me on this new album!
    Great idea for the Video^^

  19. Dionne

    Counting down the days! See you in Groningen.

    Bob Loblaw

    Dionne den Herder wish they would come to the US 😔

  20. Nathalie Arts

    Heard you last Sunday in Maastricht. First time Fink. Listened to the cd ever since... So a big thanks, also for the 'spoken word performances' to introduce the songs :-)

  21. Bad Mojo

    How does they maked this effect ?!

    Wayland C

    MrJOKER06 it sounds a bit like a synthesized pipe organ, wind instruments, and stringed instruments.

    Simonas Kuzmickas

    @Wayland C Statson's Saxophone

  22. Bob Loblaw

    first time I've ever been first!
    cool song. love fink