Fink - Shakespeare Lyrics

Oh why, oh why do they teach us Shakespeare
When you're only 16, with no idea, what it all means
Oh Romeo, oh Romeo he thinks it's a love thing
All masks and kisses from the balcony
It's deeper than that bro, it's a fuckin' tragedy

Oh you, taught me so much about you
Taught me so much about love
And yet I learn nothing
And yet I learn nothing
And yet I learn nothing

And yet I learn nothing

All night, all night I sat through the movie
And the plot was so thin, and they kissed at the end, and I squeezed your hand
Oh Romeo, oh Romeo spent hours in the bathroom,
checking every hair and working on his master plan
Working on his moves, and keeping his cool man

Oh you, taught me so much about you
Taught me so much about love
And yet I learn nothing
And yet I learn nothing
And yet I learn nothing

And yet I Learn Nothing
And yet I Learn Nothing

Turn the pages
Turn the pages
Turn the pages
Oh Romeo, oh Romeo he gets so excited
To get to the end
Well turn the pages my friend.....
And learn nothing
And learn nothing
And learn nothing
And learn nothing
And learn nothing

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Fink Shakespeare Comments
  1. Senemnur Güler

    Meaningful and as always, underrated.

  2. Soul Soluttion


  3. Ben Jerry

    In the top ten tracks of the last decade and few know it.

  4. Arda Köse

    çooook güzel 😔

  5. Katoru XIII

    thats how i dance...feeling every sinlge vibe and word

  6. Gabriela

    One of my favorite songs ever

  7. Dan S

    An odd and rare combination... One of the best songs ever written meets one of the worst videos ever made. smh

  8. luminosia celine

    juste sublime <3

  9. Ben Jerry


  10. Ben Jerry

    Still listening still amazing still mesmerized.

  11. Anati Bloch

    I love this tune ♥

  12. Ctibor Štefunko

    Yes, modern Romeo and Julia. Modern Multi-cultural pair, black man and white woman. Classic today and propaganda in Europe. :)

  13. Lucky Chap

    Exactly how breaking up feels..uncontrollable movements and burning inside..sigh

  14. Dana Wattier

    good stuff

  15. Osho Raj Chauhan

    This song.. Gets me every time.

  16. Keanu Charles Reeves

    Fink is Fink 🇧🇷❤

  17. E.M. Dam

    💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 love your voice :-)

  18. luminosia celine


  19. Saf

    I've recently been to Verona in Italy, the city of love and the city of Romeo and Juliet. I met there by chance someone very special for a couple of days... and there was this ephemeral connection between us, despite the cultural difference, the age difference, our different personnalities and outakes at life etc. This sudden infatuation that - I think - I'll never experience again in my life... thank you destiny, thank you Shakespeare, Fink... for still making me believe in such things like love, infatuation, passion, affection.. call it what you want!

  20. tiejcz

    i miss you so much :')

  21. Atindrela Sharmin

    And yet I learn nothing! --- Just Fin Greenall <3

  22. Paulina Rojas Soto

    I love this song so much! <3

  23. Mj Daly

    It's a fucking tragedy

  24. Matheus parente

    curti dms

  25. Kristina Plochichytė

    Just found this song, so amazing❤❤❤

  26. Laura Vigupe

    cried for almost 40 minutes

  27. St. Dedaelus

    Amazing song and vid. Can't wait for Bristol on Oct 15th!

  28. Dünyalı Alien

    Ölüyorum ben be

  29. Brandon Davis

    The Video is Brilliant. It paints a story of heartbreak amongst two people who still are in love. A modern Romeo and Juliet.

  30. Rosa K.

    Awh men, this is amazing. The lyrics and video, I AM IN LOVE.

  31. Ivanievskivichzra Der Haugglefstav

    ...all bad

  32. TomAraya

    ××× learning

  33. Magdalena

    Cracow is waiting <3

  34. pinsandivy84

    It's a fucking tragedy.

  35. vasiaoo7

    "oh Romeo he thinks it's a love thing,all masks and kisses from the balcony,it's deeper than that bro, it's a fuckin' tragedy"

  36. Andrea Meszarosova

    Video is very wierd but music is awesome and beautiful.

  37. roversberg

    waiting for the uptempo remix 

  38. Marko Dolenec

    waiting for them in zagreb :)

  39. Guardian1972

    Wow, what can i say more! Very very nice song!

  40. Jana Slobodová

    "You taught me so much about love and yet I learn nothing"
    Fink - english singer/song writer and guitarist.
    What a delight !

  41. SamIam

    The video is creepy as fuck, but the song is fucking awesome! 

  42. The Dark Knight

    i didnt like the video you but i still love the song , this version also was nice to hear but not to watch.

  43. rev lp

    Fink can't simply get Enough

  44. Madorasindahouse

    brought me tears.. wonderful track 

  45. cc ss

    Venham pro Brazil imediatamente!!! :D :D ;)

  46. Shaadow Sefiroth

    a pleasure being art of this :) 


    @Shaadow Sefiroth *part? art? :D good guy ;)

  47. Del Mak

    Loved choreographing @finkvids #Fink #ShakespeareVideo, amazing brief, amazing #dancers. Was an honour & pleasure to create the #dance and movement for this song. Hope everyone enjoys it.

    Sam Prince

    Awesome! Love fink. Well done on the choreography


    And who are the dancers? :)

  48. Maggie Lis

    This is absolutely great! I can't wait your concert in Warsaw on the 14 th of November <3

  49. Luiza Magalhães

    mto amor!