Fink - Pilgrim Lyrics

Come a long way, come a long way
Come a long way
Not to work it out
As cold comfort
wraps around you in the dark
Come a long way

Come a long way
not to ask the question that’s been on your lips all the way
Spit it out
The words come out, yeah
it’s already
not as heavy as before
Come a long way
Come a long way
Come a long way

Come a long way
Just to say
Doesn’t matter when it mattered yesterday
And tomorrow ain’t too far
Come a long way
From small beginnings
Come a long way

From small beginnings
Come big endings

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Fink Pilgrim Comments
  1. antonio de montenegro


  2. MMM Melissandre

    Powers ?

  3. Louis In Name Only

    Yes, Blacklist and SOUND HOUND brought me here, over and over!

  4. Alfredo Krasser

    Beats close to looking to closely! Re think that a couple times, wish you a good night 👁️

  5. Edo Gallotti

    music and words are terrific

  6. Ben Jerry

    Fink are the best kept secret that should not be a secret.

  7. Somei - CWA

    You know what's funny. Everyone says they found Fink from "The walking dead" and "Bitten" I have a beautiful new Sony tele but never watch it and haven't seen any of those programmes. Just came across Fink accidentally and he's brilliant. Real understated musician.Highly talented artist. You feel proud within yourself that your listening and watching a genuinely gifted guy instead of a group of stupid boys jumping around with ridiculous dance routines thinking their cool. Yo man dig it. My goodness. This world has gone mad. Why don't you run for president Fink and send them all to some far away planet where they can be cool a long way away from here. LOL.

  8. The Wanderer

    A few months ago I came back from a 90 days solo trip around all Thailand.
    While doing planes, buses or trains trips I was watching Blacklist, and then on S02•E03 this magnificent song showed up.
    I remember I was doing a 3h train trip from Phitsanulok to Ayutthaya, and there was a beautiful sunset above the mountains, with orange, red and pink colours all across the sky. This song made me feel something at that moment, it became so powerful and meaningful. I was far away from home and this song was the perfect soundtrack for my trip.

    Now every morning when I wake up, this song is the very first to play.
    Everytime I listen to it, I literally can feel the air on my face and the sun on my skin when I was driving a motorbike on the southerners islands. Brings me joy and tears at the same time.

    Thank you for this masterpiece and all the others Fink!!

  9. Milan M.

    I'd love to hear Queens of the Stone Age/ Josh Homme do a cover of this!

  10. Andrew Knapp

    He falls into a class of musicians that can't be categorised. Creative artistry

  11. Diego Serra

    I was born in rio de janeiro; brazil and you?

  12. emily angel

    U ise dijo e mil mol ise d

  13. MEDIUM

    Love it so much. Can't stop listening.

  14. legendhero 45

    Thank you for the video! All of you friends are super awesome! Oh, moments in this video are sad.

  15. MEDIUM

    Hey Mr Fink. One of the best things I have ever heard. It begins small and ends BIG. Thank you for that beautiful piece of music!

  16. Doria Fichelle

    JOLIE VOIX ! bel aura ! j'aime ce personne, la mélodie est toujours prenante !

  17. cherry

    Wow!! Thank you so much. Feel it so much deep inside


    Right, this has my attention,my curiosity has grown outside myself,thank you

  19. Wilson Gomez

    Nice song.

  20. TheBritomart

    Another great song discovered listening to KCRW on Sunday afternoon

  21. Michael R. McGrady

    I'd like to see a music video for the full 7 minute version of the song someday. It is honestly fantastic, group should be more known then they are.


    Blacklist? :D

  23. contrafax

    Okay, for the people that listen to oldies and say things like, "Today's music sucks." Not so much. I can't keep up with all the artists and acts that are sooooooooooooooooo good.

  24. Cedric Lepreux

    Near to the perfection....


    STILL - one of the best fu**** songs in rock !?- in "our time" - thank you so very much for producinng - philoxera

  26. nosskopajtas

    wtf is blacklist???

  27. Justin Morgan

    It's weird how I discovered this song. I was in a quiet little mom n pop book shop, I was staring at a white book with a drawing of Christ on the cross on the cover, and this song was in the middle of playing... I stopped, stared at the book, took in the power of this song, thought about how my life has been for the last 5 years then instantly shazamed this song on my phone all in about 30 seconds. It was such a small, simple, yet powerful moment for me.

  28. neyla chaverra

    Ncis LA season 10
    brought me here

  29. Emilie Fontaine

    Im in love <3 seeing them 4th time this year!

  30. Judy Loubser

    His nose is magnificent

  31. Felaxus

    Blacklist Dr. Covington brought me here

  32. Robbert van Oosten

    Sometimes, just sometimes, hypnotising great music is still made. Rare, these days.

  33. Sahar Nueva

    Magnifique 💕

  34. Hakan Gencol Official


  35. RHDarkrai

    Really good. Wow. Just wow.

  36. Peter Enzenmüller

    incredible - HOT

  37. pakachakawaka

    no one gives a flying fink what show brought you here...

  38. JeehDem M.t

    Melhor banda ❤🎶🇧🇷

  39. Skyler Lucky

    Ahhhhh. Beavis and Butthead would thrash but also say ahhhhh Ahhh why does this video show that dude with the cool necklace the whole time

  40. Corey Carroll

    Here from blacklist....

  41. mostafa ibraheem

    wasn't this riff taken from lifelover - Stockholm ??

  42. Uncomfortably Numb

    The blacklist 💙


    thanks to radio paradise for brought me here and this masterpice

  44. Tebogo Senna

    I would like to ask a question …………………….when is yall coming to SOUTH AFRICA... AND WHEN YALL DO just don't forget to tag me in.....!

  45. ninika

    L O V E ♥

  46. leese27canadian

    my.god... This song is perfection..... I am so grateful for this music I feel like I should hand over my first born child

  47. Flowmotion

    Let me know when you're in the Netherlands

  48. Better Withage

    Wow just wow

  49. cyril debost

    With this guy, all is fuckin good...

  50. jesseparker85

    Danish X Factor brought me..... They did the cover much better.

  51. Camsfotograf

    The Cardinal Session brought me here! <3 new fave!

  52. O'connor Izan Zabiuk Ausfet David

    Amo su voz, Sr 😍👌👏👏👏

  53. Fomeh Martins

    Thanks Fink. Thanks Blaclklist. :)

  54. cocoapop71

    "Powers" Season 1

  55. Leon Laksø

    A pretty good cover from the Danish X-factor winning group

  56. Christina Lux

    You are pure inspiration! Thx!

  57. Showno

    Raymond Reddington Sent me,

  58. Davy Thwaites

    Please come play n Cork City! This song.... just... one of the greatest things i have heard in my 49 years on Earth. Deep, deep love, dude!!!

  59. Mateusz Moś

    its masterpiece also clip!!!This band rock al the time!!

  60. Emily Andersen

    X Factor denmark brought me here

  61. AnneSofie Dal

    Place on Earth brought me here

  62. Ib Rene Cario

    reminds me of Yoav Adore Adore

  63. rodgrod1999

    Such an awesome song. Just became one of my favourites. Was introduced to it by at cool song group on X factor DK, they made an awesome three voice version of it. Check it out here:

  64. jakob3k

    X Factor Denmark brought me here. Mesmerizing song! :D


  65. Tactical Turtle

    If you like this song you should check out a cover of it from the danish x-factor. It's quite good.

  66. Wat Hat

    Place on Earth <3

  67. Henrik S

    Powers brought me here!

  68. Harun Reşit Yılmaz

    great song but very bad video

  69. fana406

    I look at him and all I can think of is his hairy thick cock! And it smells too!

  70. anatol1204


  71. Алексей Грицай

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  72. Nikash khan

    the blacklist ..

  73. Nikash khan

    the blacklist ..

  74. biomechanicalclone

    Sounds an awful lot like VAST.

  75. Isaiah Davis

    Absolutely blown away. A masterpiece.

  76. Троян 72

    Обожаю эту песню

  77. Grace lilly

    pls take the chain of the neck....unless u want to be run like a DoG

  78. Ilse Fenzl

    Looking forward to see Fink tomorrow first time in Upper Austria. Love this music!!!

  79. Nathaniel D. Bethelmie

    I got here by the way blacklisted season 4 E8, love the voice and music.

  80. fergalwergal

    Suits brought me here! :D

  81. pequelina

    me encanta!!!! abrazos desde ARGENTINA!!!!!! me haces el día... y la vida...ahora

  82. Muhammed Yousif

    how is fink not global
    how the fuck is the world hooked on something horrible like despacito and not this? or fink's yesterday was hard on all of us ?
    this world is cruel and unjust

  83. Khalid Al Shehhi

    blacklist brought me here too


    tx for the recommendation, tommy yorke.

  85. Aswan Aswan

    your voice give me goosebumps

  86. Anke Jatzkowski

    love it!

  87. Nazih Khalil

    This is absolutely amazing

  88. black black

    2ne1 brought me here.....any blackjack? ??

  89. Rahim RahmatuLLoeFF

    Leon The Professional ?

  90. Angela M

    god I love this man.

  91. Mart Rootamm

    A warning to epileptics: lots of blinking around the middle of the video. There be quick frame cuts, too.

  92. Paula T Alvarez

    Me encanta su voz ☺

  93. Red Senpai

    This damn song though! <3

  94. Micha-el van Luijtelaar

    I fell in love with Fink back in 2011. The series was Stargate Universe (SGU). His song Sort of Revolution near the end of the final scene of the series gave me chills all over my body.

  95. John Kla7

    I don't know what the Blacklist is, but I do know that this is the best song on this Album.

  96. Ifeoma Umeala

    Thank you for this song. Like really, just... thank you

  97. FeelTheGroove

    OFFradio brought me here..(Gr) 😃😎

  98. Savoir-vivre

    what a musician....thank u for making music

  99. X.A

    Love the ending. "From Small beginnings come Big endings" . Keep it up Fink.