Fink - Boneyard Lyrics

One day, the bell's gonna ring
Frightening all the birds in the boneyard
In the boneyard, yeah
Oh yeah

So take your chances now
Take 'em, oh take 'em
Take 'em baby
Oh yeah

For one day, the bell's gonna ring
Frightening all the birds in the boneyard
In the boneyard, yeah
Oh yeah

For my father, for my mother
For me and for you, babe
For you too

And the women cry, cry their wail
And get rid of their sorrow
And the men they love
They love, they love
The men they love
They love, they love
They keep it

For someday, the bell's gonna right
Frightening all the birds in the bone-
In the bone- in the bone-
In the boneyard, yeah
In the boneyard, yeah
In the boneyard, yeah

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Fink Boneyard Comments
  1. leese27canadian

    god daaaaammmmmmmmmmm

  2. C Webb

    Love it, I found this song on spotify.

  3. Paul Benne


  4. EbenhoelzchenKean

    very cool this groove and the voice

  5. Jordan Levin

    whats that delay at 1:55? Trying to replicate with my BOSS Digital Delay pedal... anyone know the setting?


    Fast repeats and high level of feedback, turn the effect level down though cos it will get loud very quickly. Just a theory cos it's late where I am and can't check it, but I reckon that's what he's doing.


    Basically, it's the sound an analogue delay gives off when the feedback is pushed really, really high

  6. nefertitikatka

    Teším sa na koncert! 14th october in Bratislava 😊👌

  7. Som

    Does anybody know the tuning used for this track?!

    rev lp

    Som Aghabala probably DADGAD

    Chris Hoy

    It’s an open E major tuning with a capo on the 3rd fret which brings the key to G major.

    This track is great because he’s not shy to show how he’s chunking this deep roots bass progression.


    @Chris Hoy you can clearly see the capo on the 5th fret. It's DADGAD tuning

  8. Peter Anderson

    Hey Fink, are you sure you weren't born and bred on the Mississippi delta?

  9. falhey

    it's possible to have the tabs ??

  10. Cesnakov

    i sang fck yeah

  11. Bokkepruiker Records


  12. bnk57


  13. Drew Beyer

    LOVE this and the whole Sunday Night Blues Club release . . . can't wait for volume 2!

  14. flywerasew

    Alessandra Ambrosio brought me here

  15. Mcboy Lopez

    Keep the blues alive...! Kool n modern and rootsy...

  16. Lorens Ortigoza

    Good blues

  17. Matti PopularBelow

    Fink ... gran banda espero verlos algun dia en vivo :D! Saludos desde Perú :D!

  18. Simon JULIEN

    oOOoohh good lord !! you're damn good buddy^^

  19. Joe

    Amazing song. Great, great work.

  20. SoulTrainProductions

    that psychedelic vibe

  21. Sergei Kiselev


  22. ke Gusto

    Devo ringraziare Alessio Bertallot che ha passato Fink per la prima volta in programmazione per le radio in Italia. C'è Stile!

  23. Chris Boss

    finks nose represents his groove


    I don't get it...

    rev lp

    Chris Boss because it's perfect aqib

    Charlie Hurt

    on point

  24. Bob Loblaw

    absolutely love it! Can't stop playing this song

  25. Lady Dusk


  26. MachEight

    Flipping awesome, glad I found this!

  27. Connie Jones


  28. aesopsystems

    Hell yes! Another great song.

  29. Sondre Stromme

    Truly unique! Got style!

  30. Terry The Kid

    Stop looking down here...everything is above!

    Miguel Lopez

    Terry Haddon you sir definitely caught my attention with your comment, so for that. I thumbed your ass down. Lol.

  31. Keanu Charles Reeves

    It's Fink quero ver se eu acho algum BR🇧🇷 aqui


    Tomas Sk será q acha

    Keanu Charles Reeves

    @Old School boy Eita porra mentira kk, um cara que ouve boa música

    Eduardo Lima

    Tomas Sk achou babe kkk

    Marco Ferrao

    Saiu na revista Total Guitar deste mês, vai vir mais BRs.

    Jaffindale Abaddon

    O que tu ganha sabendo se tem brasileiro aqui? Vai estudar rapá!

  32. Aaron Machin

    Right click... Loop...

  33. Albert code

    Oh yeah!!

  34. timeless

    Cool!! Good direction... always gladly again

  35. slumteck

    this man is out of this planet !

  36. Lobotomeh

    Ouch... right in the soul

  37. Ayleen B

    Fink's music always leaves me speechless. And the goosebumps...

  38. Martyna Luna

    Keeping your style Fink! Love it! 👌


    Amen! 👌

  39. William McKim

    I dig it.

  40. viktor legend

    i dont like new fin, he is out of ideas

  41. ichsach nix


  42. Bottle Next

    bam bam bam

  43. andE830


  44. Paul Barrow

    You and ya bad self🎶👌

  45. Giang Nguyen

    First comment! yayyy~