Fine Frenzy, A - Borrowed Time Lyrics

Thick as thieves the last of leaves
In the winter sun
Holding fast this freezing branch
Is home to us

Step, step right over the line
And onto borrowed time
When it's life, not waiting to die
Waiting to divide to divide

Counting stars and passing cars
On the interstate
The end is near I feel it dear,
But I am not afraid

Step, step right over the line
And onto borrowed time
When it's life, not waiting to die
Waiting to divide to divide

But you say you're getting tired
You're tired and so am I
When you follow from behind

Step, step right over the line
And onto borrowed time
When it's life, not waiting to die
Waiting to divide to divide

But you say you're getting tired
You're tired and so am I
When you follow from behind

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Fine Frenzy, A Borrowed Time Comments
  1. Avantika Singh

    Miss Queenie from fantastic beasts..😊

  2. Lon W.

    Nice voice. Am listening with the vid behind what I am working on.

  3. HalloMoose

    some how i like her sadder songs than her happy songs...


    Agreed. Funny enough I feel that way about Jewel too. She's got great depth of soul.

  4. zububur

    Nice song, but that's a terrible audio quality!  (It's in mono and in a bad bitrate probably)

  5. wellandany

    Love her always

  6. mebs au

    Its about being prepared to let something (or someone) go. If you're not ready, you "step over the line, and onto borrowed time" and you're just wasting your life when you should have already moved on because time has passed.

  7. Cliffie Jackson

    Really does have an amazing voice.

  8. Jimmy Mcdonald

    I bought this Album off of impulse lol. I love redheads, saw her, and bought the album hahahaha

  9. Stark Darkness

    This is the first time I heard this song, and I'm in love with it!

  10. Austin Swick

    I don't understand the meaning of this song...

  11. Sleepy Cheshire

    I love it when the picture slightly zooms in and out like that! At first I thought i had a delusion or something...

  12. Sarah Omar

    I love listening to her songs, their soo relaxing :P it helps me go to sleep, her voice is so soothing. Love her! X

  13. Elizah Banks


  14. Mazi

    Je suis triste T_T

  15. Rachael Baca

    I broke the replay button on all of her songs!
    I love this music:)

  16. Peaceful Butterfly

    @TheToveLove : I agree... even though its already like 4 min. long lol

  17. amberthystxx

    I've been listening to this on repeat. :)

  18. Radu Popescu

    I just love that expression.... It's one of my favorite....... and I just found out that a really great band does a song named that way:D..... and it's awesome..... believe it or not, I owe it all to a tv show.... funny how life twists

  19. Sleepy ravenclaw

    i'm so happy i found her songs!!!!!!!!!!

  20. kreeepyy

    Oops, I thought it was Lennon's cover! :/

  21. KikiTottori

    .... What the fuck?

    Came here looking for Eric Watson's version...


  22. michele jusko

    I love a Fine Frenzy have both albums and Alison's voice and lyrics and melodies are simply gorgeous! A huge inspiration to me...

  23. shite ei

    i love this song!!!!

  24. Inês Lucas

    @TheToveLove replay :b

  25. usernforce

    This is my favourite song of her's. Vocally, it's her best work.

  26. Sophie Rickard

    the lyrics that are written in these songs show great meaning; great emotion and her deep yet wonderful voice tells the story perfectly especially in alomost lover, ashes and wine, near to you and this song. this is what we call music not all the shit on the charts.

  27. Dave Keane

    i fucking love this womans voice.

  28. Brianna Jenkins

    @aosvaldo19 haha yeah & wut i say is my opinion so obviously ur jus an obnoxious hypocrite :)

  29. aosvaldo19

    @crazzibri You're obviously someone who disregards other people's opinions. As if I haven't seen that comment already; very original buddy.

  30. Ashton Jordan

    @girlz110 because people don't want to take the time to listen and "figure out" this kind of music. Music that actually says something and has real substance. they would rather listen to brainless, mindless music that I personally feel anyone could write. I don't listen to mainstream music because I personally think its dumb. I like *this* kind of music because its good, she can actually sing, and shes a good writer. i really don't want to offend anyone, but thats my opinion.

  31. Ashton Jordan

    wow. there are six people who missed the like button. too bad. mouse must have slipped :)

  32. Brianna Jenkins

    yth is there 6 dislikes ?! -.- they must be deaf

  33. fairyvivi18

    amoo su musica... es super especial... cambia mi vida!!

  34. Μαρια Γεωργιάδου

    @girlz110 because the really talented ones dont seek fame :)

  35. MagicalZayz

    Loving that lovely accompaniment, partic. the guitar (or whatever related instrument it is) - and of course Alison's insightful, quaintly poetic lyrics delivered in that sweet voice of hers. ♥

  36. luotieve

    i love it when people upload awsome music vids!

  37. ash jey

    just discoverd this wonder 2day and i'm completely obsessed - can't stop listening to her music - and i haven't found a song i don't love yet! and love her gorgeous red hair!

  38. Shanelle Taylor

    omg this song is so good
    cant get it out my mind

  39. Paola Martinez

    Omg...i cannot get over this song! It has been in my head all dayyyyyy. =] [=

  40. Paola Martinez

    omg i love this song! =][=

  41. saintvalley

    I just love her music

  42. CindyNihgt

    that would be interesting.

  43. Hannah Perez

    Love this song<3

  44. Meghan Baer

    love this song but i didnt get what happened at the end.

  45. Tove Andersson

    Nice song. Wish it was a little bit longer ;)

  46. ninaloveme

    i love this song! The new album is so good!

  47. ksoccer8

    amen to that

  48. Emily Hollis

    amazinnnnnn' song

  49. Emily Hollis

    she just came out with a new album "Bomb in a Birdcage" its hitting shelves in septemer but you can find some of the stuff on youtube

  50. kendle rock

    Her hair is as amazing as her voice.

  51. LondonHarrods

    This song is awesome!

  52. IWasHereMomentsAgo

    I'd say it was about growing up about growing up and really living your life, not just hanging around 'waiting to die,' but whilst also being sad you're leaving your childhood behind.

    But that's the beauty with songs like this, songs that don't spell it out for you, everyone can have their on interpretation which means something personal to them.

  53. musiQFreak02

    yea, this played on both the hills and the city. her songs are popular on these two shows.

  54. Sez Bez

    First episode of the city.. first few songs of the episode.

  55. bonjourMELL

    when was it on the city? i watch every episode and i don't remember hearing it!

    this is such a beautiful song though. love her!

  56. KyleAgs

    her songs are so amazing - her voice is really unique and her lyrics are beautifully written!

  57. Jóna Þóra Friðriksdóttir

    Heard it on The City too, I love the music they play on The City :]

  58. Macy Hong

    ahaha , yeahh same. ;]

  59. Anisha Gandhi

    haha same!

  60. musiQFreak02

    i heard this song on the city that's why i came here to look for it

  61. theSOUNDinterpreter

    i am glad artists like this exist.

  62. Kayla Bryant

    She sounds alot like Juliett Simms and the lead singer from FlyLeaf..

  63. no one xoxo

    funny, it was also on the City, before Whitney was going on her date.
    hahah, how ironic.