Finding Favour - Refuge Lyrics

Though the earth should change
And the mountains slip away
You will keep me safe
Who you are will still remain

You're the place, you're the place that I call home
You're the fire that I feel inside my bones
You're the one, you're the one that won't let go

My soul it sings to you
Oh God you are my refuge
I will cling, I will cling to you
My shelter through the storm
My peace when waves of troubles roll
I will cling, I will cling to you

I could search the stars
I could sail across the seas
Never find a love
That's as strong as yours for me
I could search the stars
I could sail across the seas
Never find a love
That's as strong as yours for me

My soul it sings to you
Oh God, you are my refuge
I will cling, I will cling to you
My shelter through the storm
My peace when waves of troubles roll
I will cling, I will cling to you

You are my refuge, you are my refuge

You're the place, you're the place that I call home
You're the fire that I feel inside my bones
You're the one, you're the one that won't let go

My soul it sings to you
Oh God, you are my refuge
I will cling, I will cling to you
My shelter through the storm
My peace when waves of troubles roll
I will cling, I will cling to you

You are my refuge, you are my refuge

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Finding Favour Refuge Comments
  1. Alma Pimentel

    Jesus is king❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Chris Ardaiz

    I still love this song! All praise and glory be to God in heaven and Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

  3. Taariq Ty

    That was my track back when I was 12. 16 now btw

  4. Mark Cuellar

    Man, this is a very uplifting song! Especially 2:58 I love when he sings that portion!

  5. isaac pardowsky

    People are really missing out on a great video, this songs deserves millions

  6. Jacob Lauridsen

    My Church Sings This Song!!

    Finding Favour

    That's so cool. Thank you

  7. deolababes

    This song is one of the most inspiring songs ever! I remembered it yesterday and decided to check it out on YouTube. It's been in my head and mouth ever since yesterday and I've been sharing it to friends!!... My soul it sings to you, oh God u r my refuge. I will sing, I will sing to you! My shelter through the storm, my peace when waves of troubles roll. I will cling, i will cling to you! Hallelujah!!!

  8. Juan Giron


  9. Gerardo Donaire

    Belleza de canción i love it

  10. Ronnie Dryden


  11. Juan Giron


  12. Juan Giron


  13. Scott Bunning

    I see the world my country that was built on God trying everything to tear our Lord out of it where ever they can.started with people wanting to take down war monuments that could be hurting others because of who the statue was of but now they want to tear down the crosses at the memorials because they represent Christ where is this world going and so fast in the wrong direction I fear for those who buy into the devils lies and promises because they will not hold like my
    Lords the War is won and I see His truth more and more everyday I live I see Good but I see a lot of evil more than ever in my time and most of all I see them targeting Christ again like it was in Nero’s time I feel we may truly be closer to the end than ever now I see the Bible playing out just as said and those who don’t know it won’t see it they think it’s just a clever story

  14. Family White

    Back off devil he’s my Jesus I will never forget Jesus I know you want me to sorry devil I with the lord

  15. Family White

    This is the best song everrrrrrrrr😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇💋 keep me in your prayers my baby sister is sick in the hospital this song keeps my faith for her and me he really is the refuge in our life I will cling to him yes I will

  16. Family White

    Hello all fellow Christian lovers I love this song my name is lacey and I need to tell you never lose your faith to the devil please you are all Christians if you listen to this I am to get this song in your head during the day it will help please I will cling to you y’all know that verse btw I’m a girl in the song you are my refuge he is he is 😉 amazing don’t you see it he’s my amaziñg unicorn 🦄 I love them and I live him one day I will live with him f golden streets as far as I can see I would love that no more worries it’s amazing don’t you know read the Bible I remember being young and my mom turned on the Christian radio channel and this song Came on I love it I’m 10 now every song that comes on on the radio on the channel I now it all thanks so much for reading this comment and taking your tome and mine to share about our forever love you all god bless you😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 lacey Brooke white

  17. Preme Supreme

    Positive Encouraging K 💖

  18. Jack Morales

    I love cristian songs and hate songs for the devil

  19. Jack Morales

    I am cristian. I have to go to my church on sundays

  20. Jack Morales

    My soul it sings to oh god you are muy refuge. I love this song

  21. Jack Morales

    I like Air 1 and k-love

  22. Sweet Toko

    100.3fm lets go

    Preme Supreme

    Rendered Useless K💖

  23. Deer Hunter

    No matter what everyone is special, GOD created us and he is our REFUGE. Just remember to put GOD first always.

  24. Darrell Waters

  25. Garrett Long

    Great song

  26. isaac pardowsky

    this deserves several million views

  27. Kelly D

    Keep up the good work and plus I ❤️your songs

  28. Evelyn Remmerde

    We love all of you thank you for blessing to the world.

  29. scotty thomas

    Best song ever🙏👀

  30. Sam Jung


  31. geo porto

    Amo demais Glória a Deus!

  32. Char Louw


  33. matheus borges


  34. Patricia Ramos

    This song has been my sons favorite song sense I was pregnant with him he just loves it !!

  35. Yajaira Maldonado

    my favoritesong n the world

  36. Kill this love

    One of my favorite Christian songs!

  37. Kill this love

    I love this song and i love God!!!

  38. Jayleen Lopez

    This is one of my favorite songs❤️

  39. Sheree Toms

    Finding favor is such a blessing

  40. Daniel Audu

    the name on top is my dads

  41. Daniel Audu

    did you know my name is favour

  42. Lainey Jordan

    I love u guys you took me through some rough times and I saw u in concert the one at gassaway WV

  43. Mattie Pazel

    I'm 9 years old and I heared the song and it showed me a lot

    isaac pardowsky

    its cool that you like this song im 16 and i dont see many Christians kids anymore

  44. eddier2k9

    love this song

  45. Maria C

    This season-year has been the hardest storm for me, but my soul will sing to you 🙏 I will cling I will cling to you.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖MY JESUS CHRIST💖💖💖💖

  46. Farah Yacinthe

    i will cling i will cling to you father!

  47. Dylan S

    Not what I was looking 4

  48. Blue Bells

    Every time I listen to this, I would feel connected to our King and best friend. Thank you for the awesome song and performance. God bless!

  49. Raul

    I love this song.

  50. El Chino

    Bro I keep seeing a lot of people in the audience that are just sitting there and clapping their hands! Like this song just wants to make me dance and sing!

  51. Saved by Christ

    how True are these Words.. Listening to this makes hard days easier, they Remind me to stay strong in the Lord to rely on HIM to NEVER LET HIM GO!! This song reminds me of a vision God gave me over a year ago.
    Always & forever I will love you Lord Abba Father 🌸💗💘💍💎

  52. Tyler Ellenbolt

    I love listening to Christian music it warms my heart and soul as should it yours if you believe in God....

  53. ramon guardado

    Acts 238 is the plan of salvation REPENT

  54. ramon guardado

    Love God and love humanity on these hang the whole LAW

  55. ramon guardado

    Jesus is the only way to heaven if you love him obey his commands

    Ellen Noh

    ramon guardado amen 🙏🙏

  56. Junior Gramajo

    He low key looks like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

  57. swordfish00007

    Solid! Great tune

  58. Random Act Of Nothing

    My mom loves this song a lot. I mean a lot.

  59. Siracha Boys

    Heard this song in 2017. Now seeing that it was made back in 2015, with this amount of views, makes me greatly distressed lol.

  60. Kevin vs. Gamingz

    Love it!!!

  61. Chantal Vreeland

    I JUST WANNA SING ALONG AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!! How did i ever survive before I found good christian music? Seriously, these songs are all the music I need.

  62. neon tiger

    i love this song so much this is my most favorite song 😄

  63. Shirin Khosraviani

    this is an amazing song :-)

  64. Abdu Abdu

    No one refuge in this world write but I love only the music 😊😊

  65. Bng210

    Such an amazing and uplifting praise and worship song...Thank You Guys So Much! My heart is on fire for the Lord after hearing, singing and dancing to this song!

  66. Repairer of the Breach

    The Bridge to Life

    One of the oldest questions humankind has been asking is, “How can I know God?” The question is a valid one. What is He like? What can we do to please Him? How can we get to Heaven? If we work hard enough to be a good enough person will He accept us then? If we do enough religious activities to get His attention, will that do it?  

    Fortunately for us, the answer is surprisingly simple. The “Gospel” that the Bible talks about literally means, “the Good News,” and the news is good indeed!  

    First, we have to start at the beginning. In Genesis 1:26, when God created the first humans, He said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness”, then God blessed them and spent the days walking and talking with the people He had created. In short, life was good.

    But why isn’t life like that anymore? What happened to mess everything up? This brings us to the second point: when we (humankind) chose to do the opposite of what God told us, sin poisoned the world. Sin separated us from God, and everything changed.Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”  and in Isaiah 59:2 we’re told, “your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear.” 
    This is especially bad news because there is no way for us to get across that gap on our own. We (humankind) have tried to find our way back to God and a perfect world on our own ever since then, and without any luck. We try to get there by being good people, or through religion, money, morality, philosophy, education, or any number of other ways, but eventually we find out that none of it works. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12).

    There is only one way to find peace with God, and the Bible says it is through Jesus Christ. We were stranded without any way of getting back to our Creator, and we needed a way to pay for our sins and be clean again so that we could be welcomed back to be with Him.Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” So this is the Good News—that even though we were still enemies of God (as one translation says), Jesus came to die on the cross and pay the price for our sins so that we could have a relationship with Him again. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    What then should be our reaction to this awesome news? This brings us to the last and most important part.John 5:24 says, "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.” Jesus Christ himself even says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10), and Romans 5:1 says, “we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
    So how can I have peace with God, life to the full, and be confident of eternal life like these verses say? First, through an honest prayer to God, I have to admit that I’m not perfect—that I can’t escape my sins, and I can’t save myself. I follow this admission by believing that Jesus Christ died for me on the cross and rose from the grave, conquering death and sin. Then I invite Jesus Christ to live in me and be the Lord of my life, accepting His free gift of eternal life with Him.

    The prayer can go something like this:

    “Dear Jesus,
    I know that I am a sinner and that I need You to forgive me. I know that You died a painful death so that my sins could be washed clean. Thank you. I want to make You the Lord of my life, and I will trust and follow You. Everything I have is Yours now.
    In Your name, Lord.

    There is nothing magical about these words. It’s not the words themselves that make things right between you and God—it’s whether or not your heart really means it. We know this because in 1 Samuel 16:7, the Bible says, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
    The best part of this whole process is that it doesn’t matter how badly we’ve messed up, Jesus is powerful enough to save anyone from their sins—even the worst of us. Romans 10:13 says, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." That’s fantastic news—no matter how badly we’ve messed up, we can place our complete trust in Jesus, and He will wipe all of our sins off the face of the earth. Jesus is the bridge to life.

    Terence Tagoylo

    Repairer of the Breach Jesus our lawyer and defender, messiah and savior. Jesus is love, God loves us

  67. Hayden Longbons

    I had an NF grinding commercial come on, then another amazing song come on right after, amazing.

  68. Gislayne Santana

    Deus tu és o meu refúgio! Deus seja louvado! :) beautiful song. God be praised!

  69. blog dos pandinhas

    bands newls twop finding favor amem .

  70. Michael AJ Steckler

    My favorite song. Let's praise the lord

  71. Andrew Chung

    I know that not all Christians dance...but I don't know why you would ever knowingly go to this concert, let alone hear this song, and then not dance or move to it. This is a fun song glorifying God.

  72. alwaysGod4ever

    This is such a great song. It's my favorite one that's out now. Wish I would have heard of this band sooner.

  73. Johnathon Williams

    theres a higher quality video thas why this one doesnt have as many views

  74. jayrob 03

    that my favorite song

  75. Charles Martel

    Jesus + nothing 😍😍

  76. Aidan Phillips

    Great song

  77. maranda Peterson

    this song helped me when i was down in the dumps when my ex broke up with me. it helpes so much. thank you for making such a great song you guys!!!


    Aww. Hopefully your fund one and all❤Stay Strong.❤❤-Madeline

  78. Jonathan Tulier

    This Song Is AMAZING!!! GOD is Good.


    Jonathan Tulier amen!

  79. Jade Israel

    Yes, Praise God!

  80. Sleepipandi AJ

    This kind of music just makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😊😊😊 I LOVE GOOD, CHRISTIAN MUSIC!!! I love God so much!!!!!!!! I am proud and in a good way, to be Catholic!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜 I want music like this to be everywhere instead of trashy rock or pop songs.. Or any kind of junky music like that!!! We all need more love!!!.💜💜💜😄😊 Just think if we could make the world better by using our actions for good!!! There is a lot of bad, horrible, nasty videos on the internet that is really bad for people's souls to look at.. So please help by trying to stay away from trash like that everyone!!!😊😊😊💜💜💜 Thank You SOOO much God for creating me, and all of my family, friends, relatives, neighbors, and everybody!!!💜💜💜 And thank you to everyone who wants to help make people in the world a better place!!!😄😄😄😊😊😊💙💜💙💜💙💜💙

    Nico P

    Amen 😊👉⛪️👈😄 GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!!!!

    Laura Mocyk

    You sound like an amazing person. Happy Easter from another proud-in-a-good-way-to-be-Catholic! God bless youuu!!! 😄😄😄

    Abian Ramirez

    My wife😯😯😯

    Kayleigh Mcdougle

    Em's DIY Videos you are so right there is a lot of things out there in the world that need to be put away for good

  81. C dub GAMING

    best song ever

  82. Micaylah

    This song is amazing! It can touch people in ways that only words cannot

  83. Susana Zuniga

    I love your voice

  84. Susana Zuniga

    men I love this song soooooo much thx God Bless

  85. Gab60459

    You know what I appreciate the most about these guys? They're adults.

  86. Chloe Sams

    how could 49 people dislike this?

    Chloe Sams

    +Holly Robinson no

    Chloe Sams

    +Holly Robinson what?

    Holly Robinson

    +Chloe Sams I bought the first place in Florida

    It's meh

    Chloe Sams actually 75 people

  87. Oscar Duran

    Just heard this on the radio. Pretty good

    Sweet Toko

    100.3 fm?

  88. Crystal Kirk


  89. Mia Hinogiante

    where singing this song for you Lord!!!!!!!!!

  90. Will Morris

    Awesome song.

  91. Chanel Peterson

    Love this song (:

  92. Kassandra Thao


  93. Jamdung Vybz

    damn this is not northlane at all #imanatheist

    Linda Carter

    Jamdung Vybz who cares

    Jamdung Vybz

    most definitely you for replying to a seven month old comment

  94. Joel Barton

    I love this song! It's annointed.

  95. Lauren

    What a wonderful song.....You are my refuge Jesus!!!! Where would I be without you???!!! 💗💗💗

  96. Debra Field-Henry

    Thank you Lord for your Love! Praising you daily!! You are my refuge!!! Prayers to God through Christ our savior always most valued! Holy Spirit please counsel always! Love to Praise You Lord! Thanks K-Love staff!

  97. Emmie Lou - ChristianVlogger

    <3 this song so much!

  98. iRyNx

    This is one of my favorite worship songs!

  99. Eric Day

    This guy loves singing to the Lord, right, what a privilege, you know I cant sing a lick, but when I am singing a Christian song or with a choir, I suddenly think I sound good, I hope I am right, or that the folks around me are kind enough to let me know that they understand, that God does not care if I sound like crap, I just keep on singing!!!   Praise God, make a joyful sound to the Lord.


    +Eric Day I don't think I'm a good singer either, but this song makes me want to cry out to God!!!! It's a great song...💓💓💓


    i feel the same, i think i sing best when it is for God

    Ruby Jauregui

    Eric Day really ...crap?

    Laura Sotelo

    it's doesn't matter what you sound like as long as you're happy and prasing God. look at me for perfect example. so 2.5 yrs ago I had a voice where I sang out loud and was complimented that I have a beautiful voice. Long story short....I was in an automobile accident and docs had to do surgery in my neck area for my spine. During the cutting for the procedure my right vocal cord was cut now causing me to have a raspy horseness voice. Ask me if I care who's listening as I sing...nope. I'm grateful to have life and love singing aloud to Christian music 🎶