Fightstar - Take You Home Lyrics

Wait a minute
I would like to take you home again
Wait for me here
You can see it all descending around me

You're only happy sometimes
When you're not worried

We're taking it back
We'll be around for hours
We're taking it back
We'll be around forever this time

Hold your head up
Keep your eyes above the finish lines
Wait for me here
I'll be back around forever this time

You're only happy sometimes
When you're not worried

We're taking it back
We'll be around for hours
We're taking it back
We'll be around forever this time

Wait a minute
I would like to take you home
'Cause you make me smile

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Fightstar Take You Home Comments
  1. TigersandBearsOhMy

    Lay on a roof on a warm night with a cold breeze, close your eyes, and listen to this song. 10/10 experience.

    This one takes me back to things from what seems like a whole different life... Maybe it was.

  2. Emulated Nostalgia

    One day, I will cover this.

    Emulated Nostalgia

    +RicochetXL51 Once Im confident enough in my musicianship I will!

  3. BlackHeart1199

    I will sing this one day to my future wife.

  4. Giovanni

    They need a new album, im getting withdrawals lmao xDDD

  5. Mstar82

    man this song reminds me of years and years ago and how everything was different back then, everything was emo (and I hated it but glad atleast thats gone now), there was no david guetta and shit that ruins your ears, right now this song with all its passion and lightweight-whispering vocals just stands for how much easier it was back then

  6. blido

    well, everyone is always talking about charlie... fightstar is Alex, Dan and Omar too

  7. Emlay Lincolnator

    just cried... <3

  8. G Schrader

    Charlie, for the love of god please take me home!

  9. iertjuh

    @Mstar82 wikipedia says it s a b-side.. : )

  10. Mstar82

    I remember when I heard this song first in early 2007, I thought this, Hurt and the Days I Recall Being Wonderful were three new tracks back then, as they were on a myspace site of one guy, I later found out the latter two were covers but I am atm not really sure what this song was.. I guess either a b-side or an unreleased song

    nevertheless this is such a great tune, I love Fightstar for their diversity in sound, they can be soft as a cloud or heavy as a rock or inbetween its breathtaking

  11. J Dilrew

    anyone who cares or judges a song on whether its emo or not is just retarded rofl, if it sounds good it sounds good.. thats all that matters :S

  12. Molly Harding

    I am surprised at how soft Charlies voice sound in this, as much as I like his voice sometimes in softer songs it sounds like hes trying to hard! :)

  13. spidercocks

    this is what i like about fightstar they aint jus a rock band they mellow some of theris ongs try try diff things its great

  14. clarissal

    It's from the DVD version of the Grand Unification Part 1 single. :-)

  15. hannahgc7

    does anyone know what album this song is from? :)

  16. Lewis Fairbrother

    this is so cool, amazing song :)

  17. Mstar82

    Wow the time while their first album brought out AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT SONGS!

    didn't like the second album that much though. The first their best until yet, in my opinion.

    This is just an amazing song, wonderful!

    Remember when I found out they had this song, is it available on any single they did?

  18. Kardelen Babal

    his voice is so wonderful
    it makes me cry

  19. Hamza Palestine

    there is nothing called "Emo"
    there is something called emotional.. which is not something u choose or follow..
    then there is something called "Emo" which are a bunch of gays and lesbians who want attention :)

  20. Emil Alegada

    yes so true. emotional music is every music that was made on earth. every song or music conveys an emotion, and a song is not a song if it is not emotional, even if it was nsync or something poppish..

  21. bindelbum

    the song is in english
    therefore its CAPTIONED,
    not subtitled... :P

  22. H Wood

    mmm totally agree, surely all music is emotional in its own way, some being more obvious but still, it can be the most shittest or most random song, milk and cereal for example and it can be emotional to that person

  23. seaag

    What a tune!
    What album is this on anybody?? :)

  24. KoHaigun

    Some hate themselves for hating their life as they're very aware that they're in a priviliged position. Viscous circle.

    but its their problems that they know and have to deal with, not the fact that people are starving. (that sounsd a little selfish doesn't it?)

    On the Fightstar front: good song.

  25. Cjagel

    aint amethyst enough for emotional songs?
    this song is boring.. doesnt even show half of his voice nor their band talent.

    Yes more paint your target, deathcar, build an army stuff would be awesome ;)

  26. Patricia Sanchez

    omg! so sweet!!! I simply love it! It almost made me cry!!

  27. Chris Prado

    actually, this song is more than sweet or small, it's beautiful, wow :)
    i really cant help but feel so warm and happy when hearing this...the words really tempt tears into my eyes

  28. Chris Prado

    well personally, i think this song is very sweet, something small and special like a crush on someone...i like the way it's delicate like that, i smile when listening

  29. Craig Shephard

    ohhhh i thought it was a new one...

    my bad x

  30. Craig Shephard

    to be honest...i was a little dissapointed with this on first listen...i love...the english way...but this wasnt very unique in the slightest...i werent feeling the fightstar..


  31. Sketch

    no, more deftone-ish to me

  32. Nenagh

    aww nice
    i like how (almost) everything is black n white

  33. lauvelga Athea

    im from spain and i cant find (obviously) this song anywhere, could someone help me to get it? thank u :)

  34. Eleanor Harris

    ha that's really cool [:
    Thanx..... !

  35. Eleanor Harris

    I'd love to meet Charlie, I seriously would! He grew up like 4 miles from where I live...Yet not one suffolk show ¬¬
    But yeahhh! I'm seeing the band at greenbelt actually!! End of august, should be AMAZING! [:

  36. Tom Sutcliffe

    very well put, i love them they are possibly the best band in the UK at the moment. my favorite band by a long way!!

  37. Integrit Performance

    awesome song =]

  38. danutd94

    a B-side to which single?

  39. Ben Clement

    I thnk it's a B-side.

  40. Integrit Performance

    awesome band and awesome song!!!!

  41. Chris Prado


  42. Keirley2

    incredible song! great video! well done, 5 stars easily!

  43. Hayden Lafourcade

    Yeah that is an amazing video, well done.