Fightstar - Ghosts On 31 Lyrics

We have never seen so far as this
Distance fails my feet as our minds think

If you can look in our eyes through the walls
Igniting the fires will be hard to ignore
If you don't act now, you'll never know

I will never walk this far again
We're all so weak, broken hearted here

If you can look in our eyes through the walls
Igniting the fires will be hard to ignore
Cause they
Always getting tired, I can't seem to stay awake
Trying to run away from the other place
You left us to burn in here
Fuck this place, I'm sick of this

It's hard for me to change the lies
When all the hate gets paralysed

We live in a world with pain for most
The worse thing you seek to hold the most
Would you hold on?
Do you suffer it?

Distance hurts me [x4]
I've never walked so far [x7]

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Fightstar Ghosts On 31 Comments
  1. snipes503

    I love how they decided to make so many genres of rock fit into one band.

  2. Gareth James

    yeah must of thought it was the repeat button!

  3. Gareth James

    Fuck this place, i'm sick of this

  4. bbyblueeyes1496

    does this song have another name?

  5. chuchingoon vm

    esta banda es de las mejores arriba fightstar y funeral for a friend

  6. Molly Harding

    I dont really listen to this song much but I should more because its awesome!

  7. spidercocks

    what part of this song does he scream ??

  8. spidercocks

    alex screams in hazy eyes at the very end,and alex dont scxream in grand uni thats all chaz,alex onli screams in 2 songs.i think

  9. BlackSword18

    Waste A Moment :]

  10. Anthony Mumford

    totally agree with Colours Bleed, an absolutely awesome tune, probably one of their best ever. Got to admit though Mercury Summer is not good at all for their standards. Shouldn't be a single, album tune yes but single, a ah!

  11. Anthony Mumford

    It's a B-side to one of their singles, can't remember which one though. Can anyone help?

  12. Chris Wheatley

    the end is fucking amazing!!
    i i love every singly fightstar song
    all like 150 of them
    exept unfamiliar selling
    i hate that
    and i like alexs voice. its cool

  13. Ellmarko

    yeh i know the only good bit of english way is the awesome riff...right at the end! :(

  14. Ellmarko

    Chardy's fit

  15. Marc B. *

    Hey man i totally agree,especially live Alex is weak, still they are a truly awesome band

  16. afroduck1

    he doesnt care about being less famous, hes happy with fightstar because hes making and performing music he actually likes. he wasnt doing that in busted.

  17. Louis Fletcher

    charlies made a great massive step and he seems betta in his songs at fightstar but for me he would be betta off stayin at busted they were propa famous were ever they went and now hes in fightstar many people loss interest in him , i think busted shud be back they were the best boy band alive !!!

  18. Sebastian Frost

    Why make my ears THIS happy...
    At no point in my life should i ever feel like music is actually too good to listen.. yet there fightstar go ahead to do it over and over again... the ending can bring a tear to your eye...

  19. Liam Dawe

    true i saw them live, could hardly hear him, pitty

  20. Liam Dawe

    agreed alex needs more singing in fightstar!!

  21. Black Spatular

    if i could bum fightstar i would bum em so good!!!! every song is like amazing by these!!!!!!!!! best band ever!!!!!!!