Fightstar - Cross Out The Stars Lyrics

I woke up cold November,
It takes a lot to show my face around here.
I've only myself to blame.

I tried not to lose,
What I tried so hard to show to you

How long, can I wait here?
I'm wrote on by your words
I'm broken, yet we're still burning
Just hold on till the end.

I crossed out all the stars
To try to show that she was once amongst them
I've only myself to blame.

I tried not to lose,
But I tried so hard to show to you.

How long, can I wait here?
I'm wrote on by your words
I'm broken, yet we're still burning
Just hold on till the end

It's been a long time,
It's been such a long time.

How long, can I wait here?
I'm wrote on by your words
I'm broken, yet we're still burning
Just hold on till the end

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Fightstar Cross Out The Stars Comments
  1. Dan Cassidy

    Some else with the same last name as me 😁

  2. King Sisyphus

    Woke up cold November...

  3. Dean Luxton

    I remember my friend shows me phalaniuks laughter when it first came out I was scouring Napster for it & only managed to stumble across this song... blew me away the second I played it. The song ages well

  4. Mark Brewer

    Dat chorus harmony tho

  5. AMask ofGreen

    I really hope the hiatus ends soon and they manage to release another album. They're an excellent band, in my top 10, and their last LP was one of my favorites of the decade.

  6. Leeteri Campbellhoggart

    FIGHTSTAR PLEASE REFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They haven't broken up mate. Be still

    Gleison Ferreira

    Simpson came back to pathetic silly band called Busted...

  7. dave ward

    9 people didn’t cross out the stars

  8. anthony

    This is just too good!

  9. Mike Johnston

    why is this band not bigger there so good

  10. TURKISH812

    Wow Charlie you fucking legend!!!!!!!

  11. MrJTD1999

    I'm a huge fan of Charlie Simpsons solo work. Fightstar isn't really my kind of music but I still really enjoy them. But this song is just beautiful. Charlie Simpson is amazing.

  12. Cristina Díez

    Charlie Simpson's God. Seriously. I've been following his music career since he was in busted and I can tell it's nothing but amazing. This type of music it's hard to find nowadays. I mean, music which can touch your soul. The harmonies, the vocals, the lyrics... Thank you for bringing us the pleasure to listen to deep stuff like this.


    Isn't he just. "It's been such a long time" gives me goose bumps. What a legend he is and a rather big lad aswell lol.

    Gleison Ferreira

    This Band is one of my favorites, I have listened them over the years, since my adolescence, great memories, Grand Unification is a masterpiece, it made such a great moments for me.

    My english is in a progress, i'm brazilian Fightstar fan...

  13. Thomas Jermy

    By far the most underrated British band ever. Lacked BBC radio backing like some Crapy bands, which is sad really and show how subjective music can be. I like to make my own mind up. This is genius.


    absolutely incredible performance...... this is unreal!

  15. Bill Evans

    both al and charlie have on various occasions had terrible vocals whether it be from nerves, smoking, drinking, losing voice on tour or not being able to hear themselves. But both have demonstrated over the years they are perfectly capable in the same way. Charlies vocals have become even better since his solo work and al i expect will have improved but regardless of their vocal quality they are brilliant together and I wouldn't change any of it.

  16. Adam Knight

    Jesus fucking Christ, just when I thought I'd discovered every song that this incredible band and that God like genius Charlie Simpson wrote I stumble across this, this is sublime. Certainly amongst their best and very beautiful ecoustic.

  17. Arthur Ling

    Al's vocals though <3

  18. opalfruits99

    Playing this full volume is not enough for this breathtakingly incredible song.

  19. bruce L

    Live performances.... They just don't get any better than this

  20. Gazandsarah15

    I got this song tattooed on my arm. love it.


    @Gaz Waite SHOW US


    i changed my profile pic, still yet to add any additional art around it. This was over 5 years ago too haha! 

  21. Manere Verum

    I woke up cold November...

  22. Florian Schriebl

    Thats so incredibly awesome,one of the most beautiful songs ever :))

  23. Pin cushion

    Absolutely, with a shadow of a doubt, THE best song they ever produced

  24. The Roar Within

    Check out my vocal cover? :)

  25. Mitchul Tyler

    I wish the recorded version sounded like this.. 

    dave ward

    Mitchul Tyler kind of is.. only you can’t hear Charlie that much in the chorus behind Alex in the recorded version which is what makes this track so incredible.

  26. Eddie Temple

    jesus christ those harmonies are sending shivers down my spine, wish i'd been in the audience for this

    dave ward

    Eddie Marais I were there and trust me it was even better hearing it live for the first time ever..a lot of people were crying and it even brought a tear to my eyes..everyone were just in that moment with them 💥👍🏻

  27. catnado

    Al vocals are unique, in a wonderful way. Every time I hear him sing, my soul just loves it. <3

  28. Joshua Goddard

    who the hell dislikes this???

  29. Sieben2703

    Seriously can't get over the harmonies, still brings goosebumps up after this long

  30. Yusuf Pandor

    Couldn't agree more! Al's voice is incredibly unique and he sound EXACTLY like he does on the EP version.

  31. Yusuf Pandor

    Everything is perfect here. From the killer harmonies to the post-rock outro. The EP version of this song is incredibly close to the way that it sounds acoustically and that just goes to show how organic this song is. Cross Out The Stars will always be one of my favorite songs and I hope that when Fightstar do regroup, they record more songs like this.

  32. SPSguy836

    Dem vocals.

  33. Hakimi Bin Razmi

    Als voice is awesome

  34. HorwoodTV

    Als vocals are epic <3

  35. skateonwaves

    Wow wow. Better ?!... Just listen to 2:20 .

  36. TheRoisin84

    [email protected]!ing love it!

  37. JuanluWolstenholme

    Just fucking amazed when Alex sings for the first time

  38. David Johannes

    This is actually the best i've heard either Al's or Charlie's vocals i think.

  39. bluefalcon222

    @evilrolo i couldn't have put that statement better myself :D and thats why i want fightstar to come back so bad

  40. evilrolo

    I don't think this song would work if Al didn't do the chorus. In fact I don't think Fightstar would work. Charlie's doing well for himself solo, and that's great, but half the attraction of Fighstar as a group is the contrast between the two vocal styles. I'm sick of people saying Al is a shit singer because he's not and he's heavily underrated.

  41. Goku Schäfer

    04:22 OMFG, the end part is so awesome. I can't even find a word for it, so genius it sounds

  42. David Ward

    @Sieben2703 You should have been there, the harmonies were amazing and brought a tear to my eye. I remember stood there listening, thinking of when Chaz first left for Fightstar and all the shit he received to make music like this, I remember all the happy and sad times in life and it was just so beautiful.
    Its what sets Fightstar apart from many other bands in the world today.

  43. Harrison Smooth

    This song was played when the universe was being created

  44. daowsley

    You know what...this video makes me finally want to say screw the people that wanted Busted back. I love Fightstar and the music they write. Alex is a good singer, which really pulls through here and Charlie is perhaps one of the best vocalists with such a distinct voice and tone. Fightstar does things that Busted will never be able to do.

  45. Hauntzz

    Al's voice works really well in this song, love it

  46. Sieben2703

    I miss them :( The harmonies between Charlie and Al in this version are incredible. Goosebumps

  47. Liam Redding Drums

    love this song!

  48. ytj92

    Is this the only song you have from the Picturedrome? I would love to see them do Sleep Well Tonight like this

  49. CrazyGitar

    How the hell are they terrible?!? He's singing amazingly...

    Not liking the tone of someone's voice is not the same as not liking singing 'cause it's out of tune...

  50. ThatBobbsyGuy

    I love Charlie, but if it was only his vocals I'd end up being bored shitless with Fightstar songs. They need each other ('D'awwww' moment)

  51. Lucy Bennett

    i want babies with this song?

  52. Voithas

    I love 2 listening to Charlie and Alex when they're singing together.

    ibad rajput

    Voithas sixfilm

  53. Brady Myers

    Idk what people are talking about AL singed it just like it was meant to bE(:

  54. Imee Malabonga

    Legendary song from such a legendary band. LOVE it. =)

  55. inmepete

    Its strange that this is one of the first songs they wrote together.. it reminds me alot of one of InMes very first songs in structure as well, called Ruins. Beautiful harmonies though... great tune as always

  56. Edgar Martins

    3:48 Al Must be thinking: "how can i be the lead singer if charlie has such a nice voice"
    ahaha kiddin'


  57. seraphism91

    i cant find the tabs for the acoustic version :( can anyone help me out ?

  58. LuisaFiona

    Love this one!

  59. TheRankus

    How can people say that Al sucks. His voice is so unique as well as charlies and from this live version of cross out the stars Al sounds exactly like what he sings like on the album. Whoever says he sucks must be shot in the face and made good looking.

  60. Andrew B

    charlie's wail at 3:40. moves me to tears.

  61. Shmerkaberl

    @crockurock316 hes right al sucks huge dicks at singing

  62. topcat2726

    @wackosaco to be fair they are better than usual but he is pretty inconsistent. charlie awesome as usual though

  63. David Ward


  64. maynd

    lol, Al always sucked, even a decent Fightstar fan can admit that.
    He sounds god on album version, in controlled environment.

  65. mattdcs15CORK

    @wackosaco Agreed! Al kicked ass on that!

  66. Craig Davidson

    @wackosaco Ha ha, well firstly I can sing. And clearly you're threatened. It wasn't anything against Fightstar as I am a fan, I just don't like Als voice. If you scan a lot of vids by Fighstar he sings really badly and often out of tune.

  67. Craig Davidson

    Als vocals are terrible

  68. mattdcs15CORK

    Al fucking rocking the vocals on that song! AMAZING!