Fifth Harmony - Young And Beautiful Lyrics

We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We're alive tonight, tonight

Flying high like an airplane
Burning stars in the Milky Way
I'm tired cause we never say
Never, never, no no
Lovers come and haters go
Won't be left out in the cold
In the dark where you always glow
Always, always oh, always, always oh

We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We are, we are, the fearless, the world is yours
We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We're alive tonight, tonight

Hang with me and we're figure by
That's forever and a whole new life
And we're alive cause we never cry
Never, never oh
We're running up so we don't back down
When our hearts are beating loud
Sing along to the booming sound
Always, always

We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We are, we are, the fearless, the world is yours
We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We're alive tonight, tonight

This one goes out to the dreamers
All the hopers and the lovers
Cause as long as we're believers
We're alive, tonight

We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We are, we are, the fearless, the world is yours
We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We're alive tonight, tonight
We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We are, we are, the fearless, the world is yours
We are, we are, the young and the beautiful
We're alive tonight, tonight

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Fifth Harmony Young And Beautiful Comments
  1. prince edits

    its been years and i still cant believe brave honest beautiful was chosen over this...

  2. Saniece Robinson


  3. Saniece Robinson


  4. DesTheBes

    this song makes me so happy ☺️

  5. Rylee Cashen

    Listening to these unreleased songs and asking why we didn’t go on a god damn strike for the unreleased songs and ended up with “The life” rather than this. Smfh. To be CLEAR no hate fifth harmony is my life and I love the 7/27 album but “The life” just sucks (not cause them) cause the lyrics and beat

  6. Saniece Robinson


  7. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    Camila and Lauren slayed👏🔥👏🔥.

  8. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    This song is so good it shoulda made it to the album😉. I💖the pictures😍.

  9. riya dubey

    they will always be young and beautiful our fifthies.... forever

  10. Davian Stewart

    the beginning of this song is everything go normani. she should have gotten more parts in this song

  11. Niky sarah Ramroop

    Fifth Harmony feat. 😏😏Meghan Trainor - 😏Brave Honest Beautiful Yeah 😊😌💕💋👄🤗💋💕🤳💗👏💃🏻😊😙😚😉😉😊

  12. Niky sarah Ramroop

    Yeah you got a smile 😊 worth fighting for yeah we got everything

  13. Niky sarah Ramroop

    We are WE ARE WE ARE WE ARE Y & B😍👍👏💃🏻💋💗💕🤳👄

  14. Niky sarah Ramroop

    We true are we are we are we are we are y &b

  15. Niky sarah Ramroop

    We truly are Y & B

  16. Hugo Fernández

    10 seconds of Ally and they put the rapper😂😂😂

  17. Zina

    This would have been great in reflection

  18. Musiclover201396

    Of all the unreleased songs, this one is my fave, they all sound perfect ❤ honestly don't know how this didn't make it on to an album

  19. You Know

    Mrk esto es un temazo!!

  20. leila jaiteh

    love you all so much and your music xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. claudiamarcela75

    La mejor para mi es Lolo te amo lindaaaa

  22. Dinah Ray Hansen

    cause as long as we're believers, we're alive" DJ 💓

  23. Nermac cc

    😭😭😭😭this song is giving me the feels

  24. Zarena Pegenia

    1:41 arghh!!! it ruined the song!!!!!

  25. Forever_ kpop___

    This is my favorite song/music❣ 😍💖💝

  26. Emerson


  27. Isa Rome

    this song shouldve been on the album

  28. Diyonce Jane

    When fifth harmony gets over i will play this song over and over

    MUSIC 17

    Diyonce Jane play it over and over again. Go

  29. chérie


    Diyonce Jane

    night mime; name of the song?


    Young Forever - BTS

  30. k z

    bhb made reflection and THIS didn’t?

  31. Ariel Thompson

    I can't tell if thats a really high, high note or if thats a guitar at 2:31-2:34

    Emily Yamasaki

    computer generated sound like guitar or something idk....

    Dinah Ray Hansen

    Ariel Thompson Normani or ally

  32. Andrea Baxter


  33. Bailey Evans is awesomeness

    Why does that man have to talk during my girl allys part 😞😞😞😒😒

  34. Bailey Evans is awesomeness

    Love this song but there are so many dislikes why people get it together now

  35. Caio frias

    I love the girls clip

  36. Junior Salazar

    Disney channel song

  37. Samantha Strongeagle

    Lovers come and haters go won't be left out In the cold in the dark where you always glow always , always ohh ohh always , always ohh ohh love it Lauren slayed Do 1000 hands & dope please and listen to the first chorus you can hear Lauren in the backround saying we are and I hate the part when ally sings well I love her voice but that stupid dumb guy saying all that shit

  38. nadaloo jc

    This song is giving me so much positivity.

  39. Yaahgo

    This song is my favorite.

  40. Kishi Chad

    This would've been great on Better Together.

  41. Girly Myli

    I miss 5H 💖

  42. Mani Nedoow


  43. 1DKidrxuhl

    I wish they released this song! It sounds amazing. ❤️

  44. Josiah Loren

    Camila them sound good they should've released this shit

  45. Fifth Harmony Lyrics

    for excluse hip hop... viene en la musica

  46. nehir gözaçan

    I want this album
    1 tellin me
    2 one wish
    3change the bad boy
    4 exs and ohs
    5 young and beatiful
    6 ıf these walls could talk
    7 rock your candies
    8 douple vision
    9 goodbye
    10 No catching feelings
    11 ladder
    12 No filter
    13 senstive

  47. *V4neLlopE VøN 'SçHweeTz.

    2017 here.. Im still not over Camila's departure tho🤦🏻‍♀️😑😩

  48. Bae Joohyun Love

    Les Fifth Harmony sont les One Direction en filles ❤❤❤ avant 5 maintenant 4 ...

  49. Eley Lang

    why cant they released more inspirational song or songs that will lift up confidence to everyone,.. management always like a little rough

  50. Wolf Lover13

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Farrah Rassul

    the man voice is so not needed



  53. valen perini

    son geniales

  54. Kayli Beckham

    Love yall

  55. Melli B

    1:49 did anyone else hear beliebers

  56. tinhisa l

    camila kinda looks like mirinda sings

  57. lidia reyes

    I would like Normani would have sing in this song.

  58. Eleni Iliopoulou

    AMAZING SONG!! Love it so bad :)

  59. Fay

    Fetus harmony? no

  60. curtburp

    1:40 wtf was that?!?!?!😂😂

  61. Zero

    Ally ❤💜💗💚💓

  62. Jose Luis Medina


  63. Valentina Barreto

    i love this song!!!!

  64. Selena Gomez My Queen

    thank you fifth harmony
    for my fave song EVER!!!!!!!

  65. Dino Saur

    i like the voice in lauren

  66. Farah

    everything was going like butter and then 1:41 comes :3

  67. Floor .S

    this song makes me so happy

  68. Ashley Jayna

    they should make an album of all the songs that didn't get an album because some songs of theirs deserve more credit

  69. Joe lovesturtles

    the lyrics are sooo beautiful
    and it motivates me 😇💖✨😇

  70. Bae Joohyun Love

    Je ne connaissait pas cette chanson de mes bébés 😍😍😍💍💍 elle est juste trop bien 😍😍😍💓💍💓💍💓💍

  71. messthetic

    The beginning kinda of sounds like write on me tbh

  72. 5Harmoney

    For some reason this reminds me of the old disney😍 Doesnt this seem like it couldve been a disney commercial or something 😭😭😭

  73. Haters Gotta Love

    I heard we are, we are, we are forever Beautiful, where is young and beautiful coming from?


    Haters Gotta Love it's THE young and THE beautiful. I was having the same problem

  74. Jessica Lopez

    You can be fearless even if you aren't young. You don't have to be young to be beautiful. You don't have to be young to have dreams and be a believer. Youth is a mental state.

  75. GlamJauregui_4ever

    I have been crying for the past hours becaus eof this song....i wish this song was actually released! I want it to be known...

  76. Anna sucese

    This song would've been my favorite song

  77. K Dunny

    I'm legit about to make my own album of FH unreleased songs and send all harmonizes our very own copy 😊

    Justin Sfield

    Yesss pleaseee

    Eleni Iliopoulou

    Wow, what a super idea!!♡♡ It must be hard to find the original studio versions of all the songs... but you know what else you can do ?? Make a video including all the songs you find and upload it on your chanell!!♡♡♡♡ All the unrealesed ones!!♡♡☆

    Izzy Driscoll

    I know it's 2 years later but did you make it?

  78. sebastián b

    I imagine this song being part of a teenage movie soundtrack

    Eleni Iliopoulou


  79. Sara Lopez

    I'm crying, ot5 will forever be my fav.

  80. Its Krisis

    we are the young and the beautiful*

  81. Vane De La Cueva

    I want a full album with unrealesed songs like 1.Tellin me
    2. Over
    3.One wish
    4. Young & Beautiful
    5. Sensitive
    6. Change the bad boy
    7. No filter
    8. Goodbye
    9. If these walls could talk
    10. Ladder
    11. 1000 hands (I know it's in 7/27 but in the japanese version also with BBW)
    12. Big bad wolf
    13. Me and my girls
    14. Voicemail
    15. I'm in love with a monster
    That would be a complete good album

    Shawmila Stan

    6 is a extra track on reflection i think

    Shawmila Stan

    Two Ghosts 13 is a released song though

    Shawmila Stan

    And 15 is on the reflection album also i think

    Shawmila Stan

    Movies & TV Full i said I think


    One wish is on better together though

  82. MOMOCH1

    So much girl powering how the hell this didn't make it in the better together album like exucse me?!

  83. Nidia Wilson

    I'm am young and beautiful and I'm fearless

  84. ben 10 joseph isidro 24

    fifth harmony young and beautifu :)

  85. Alyson Anderson

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the fifth harmony

  86. Luna Perrie

    I'm glad this was an unreleased song this is annoying

  87. Kp kp

    This is my favorite song😍😍

  88. Alejandra Gallego

    free lauren!

  89. toricorn

    This song makes me SO HAPPY

  90. technobish

    i love how camila sings 'singing loud to the booming sound'

  91. Janely Elizabeth Mendoza Ortiz

    i like so much this song i love 5H

  92. ben 10 joseph isidro 24

    just a bit and we are the way we will need any of you and we are you can get it was a new one that we will take you know how you and we will need any of you are you can you have to the new year of our office of our most likely not a new one and any of Joseph Smith sent on my life in

  93. Flora Ahmed

    idk why but to me this sounds like the life

  94. miyoko yuzuriha

    how beautiful song it is!

  95. Tiffani Linde

    Love this

  96. ecehan demirbüken

    I love this song

  97. TylerCottle Vlogs

    Now this is a girl band song... I love it, I get a 2009 vibe from it which is (imho) the best year of music

    TylerCottle Vlogs

    I wish it was released bc this seems like the type of song you could play at any event, at almost any moment in a movie, on a road trip, ANY birthday party, etc.