Fifth Harmony - Anything Is Possible Lyrics

Together, forever
You and me

I can be anything I wanna be
If I can dream it I can do it, know what's out for me
And I will, yea I will
And I know I can do it 'cus I got my friends
We'll go on a journey that will never end
Yea, we will
We will

We can be anything we want

Me and my girls! Yeah
It's our world, yeah
Anything is possible, we're unstoppable
Me and my girls!


We're dreaming big, I know we are
We've got it all, we'll be superstars
Yea we will, we will
We're looking good, we're feeling proud
Gonna stand up, gonna shout it out
Yea, we will
Yea, we will

We can be anything we want

Me and my girls! Yeah
It's our world, yeah
Anything is possible, we're unstoppable
Me and my girls!

Let's go

I've got all my girls with me
Together, forever
You and me

If I can dream it, then I can do it
I've got my girls with me
There's nothing to it

Me and my girls! Yeah
It's our world, yeah
Anything is possible, we're unstoppable
Me and my girls!

Together, forever
You and me)

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Fifth Harmony Anything Is Possible Comments
  1. Josh Bommer

    I love Barbie!

  2. Snip

    omgosh i'm in love with this song

  3. Izma Shazad

    I love 5th harmony

  4. João Victor Vicente

    Eu gostei lindas

  5. Zainab Salman

    I love it

  6. Rosa Scarlet

    I am gonna be 17 this 7th of July but who cares. Love for Barbie is forever. It freaking made my childhood.

  7. Phëä ŃïńnPlayz

    Ok just me then
    It reminds me of my childhood I miss Barbie😂😭💓

  8. soy renata

    Me encantan esta cancion

  9. zakaria messi

    الاغنية جميل

  10. Kaila Yogurt Smiles

    omg fifth harmony sings this i love barbie 😍😍😍

  11. lyca fun play

    The next I want little pony song

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    i love barbie barbie is. the best doll in the worlds

  13. Zoub Christian Darius

    My daughter loves this

  14. felipe leite

    Gostei muito 😭🎶😻💜

  15. Gita Giri

    Too good

  16. Marietta Lagrimas

    Love it its my fav song fifth harmony

  17. Victoria Playz

    Omg Barbie is my favorite and fifth harmony THIS SONG IS FANTASTIC!!! 😀😄😀 you can be anything :)


    Thanks for tuning in, Victoria Vias! Stay strong and be super!

  18. je sais pas

    jadore la musique de barbie barbie tu et top belle je tadore dans mon coeur bisou

  19. Viviane Silva

    I love you Barbie 💖💖💖 I love Fifth Harmony ❤😘😍😍

  20. the greatest boss

    After I just the barbie episode with 5h. Now I cant stop watching this

  21. Meliss Love

    I loving😍

  22. Meu Gato Oficial

    So perfect amazing !!!!👏👏👏👏

  23. The Joker

    love this song

  24. wendy wolf

    I love this song

  25. Maria Tsiaousi

    Are there fifth harmony in barbie version?

  26. gamer h

    My fav i love it

  27. Mona Robinson

    13 and still playing with dolls and no one can stop me from playing with my dolls💁

  28. Mona Robinson

    They're the best I wish I could meet them

  29. Velma Ange Inkstains

    Oh wow old gems

  30. Spidey Matt

    okay but this is an underrated bop

  31. Eunice Chibora

    It is amazing.

  32. Kat Lady

    It's soo cute

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    Amei y love You my favoryt

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    Camila is my favorite

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    I Can't stop loving Barbie I keep buying it and I have too many

  36. Zatanna


  37. Spidey Matt

    How have I never seen this before?? I never even knew they were on Barbie until just now

  38. HorOsCoPe By Zainab

    Was that really fifth harmony girls , can't believe my eyes !😵😵😵

  39. everal williams

    This motivated me soo much

  40. Nur Qurratul Ayn Amran

    I love you so much fifth harmony

  41. Flowe Girl

    Cool iLove Barbie

  42. Sophie Z.

    I love this song.

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    I love Camila she is my fav

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    My favorite Is Camila Cabello

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    Totally rock... I love 5th harmony & barbie 😎

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    CAMILA!!!! (back in the ol' days when'd everything was fine...)

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    Love You Fifth Harmony

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    Eu tenhooo, faço par delas com os bonecos do 1D 😂😍

  53. Daniel Daniel


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    I wonder how much they paid Lauren to stand up there and do that

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    Adorei a música

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    nice 👍 cool

  57. said بحتام

    Omg I love you Barbie ❤❤❤

  58. Axl G.

    Now I am 24 and have a daughter but still a fan of Barbie. lol

  59. duckie uwu

    I watched the sisters fun day and saw u guys in barbies XD I’m happy u knew that u guys were in a barbie episode😆

  60. Elene

    I love this music very much!!!!💖💖💖

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    me gusta esta canción

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    Love u I’m 12 from UK