FIDLAR - Flake Lyrics

Hey man what are you doin tonight?
How 'bout me and you go for a ride?

(Ahhhhhhh) Said you'd be late
(Ahhhhhhh) You're barely awake
(Ahhhhhhh) Its all I can take!

You're a flake
And I need a, need a break
You're a flake
I don't wanna see you around this place
You're a flake
And I need a, need a break
You're a flake
I'm better off alone anyway

Man just how much shit are you gonna talk?
I know you spent all night in a bathroom stall
I think you're a fake (Flake!)
That's ok this is LA
But we're not gonna make it after all

(Ahhhhhhh) Said you'd be late
(Ahhhhhhh) You're barely awake
(Ahhhhhhh) Gimmie a break!

You're a flake
And I need a, need a break
You're a flake
I don't wanna see you around this place
You're a flake
And I need a, need a break
You're a flake
I'm better off alone anyway

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FIDLAR Flake Comments
  1. 8 8

    Sounds like Liam Gallaghers newer stuff 🤔

  2. 8 8

    Thanks Locke & Key!

  3. Alba Benjumea

    The start sounds like the song in the scene of the stairs in Joker

  4. Leung no Chu



    Other way around


    @Carma listened to this then watched the show because of it?


    @Cammyboi yep


    Leung no Chu meeeee

  5. It's not just Playlist

    "Locke & Key" Season 1 Ep.1 at 0.27.45
    Here all the songs played in Locke & Key

  6. Maartje van der Woude

    Who's here after Locke and Key?


    I was but then I found out that I already had it on my song playlist lol.

    Shawty Wallgreens

    Please stop

  7. Anne Scholey

    Summer Glam revival

  8. Rook Hook

    Next single?

  9. PunkRockPebble

    I cant help but think i’ve heard this before early in my life.

  10. jody beringer

    This fuckin rocks your sole.👌

  11. Anne Scholey

    Always Glam

  12. Robert Poka

    Justin makes love with Jess

  13. The Mandalorian

    You made it to 13 reasons why!

    x x

    Wait really lmfao?? What episode

    The Mandalorian

    Riley M I think it was the last episode of season 3

    Johnathan Geovanny

    episode 11 lol
    i was like is this fidlar???????

  14. EdelweissY_

    13 reasons why. 11 episode.

  15. BOBSAGET1010

    Had to come back to this album because 13 reasons why ALWAYS LOVED THIS BAND

  16. Lainey Grieve

    this song sounds how pepsi tastes

    Google User

    Never in my life have I read something so accurate.

    Hen Shen

    😂😂True day tho

  17. A Jolly

    This is Liam Gallagher

  18. Sarah Dodd

    Sounds like it would be on a car advert

  19. Caz

    Definitely some black key vibes coming off this track

  20. King Coaster

    little gems are dropping!

  21. Lucas Basile

    Royal Blood vibes.. ❤❤ Tune!

  22. FJ21™

    sounds like howin for you - the black keys + rock n roll pt 2 - gary glitter

  23. Carma

    The lyrics sound like a song that I can't put my finger on

  24. Russell Stevens

    not too shabby actually sounds like a fidlar song this time

  25. Mfenga

    Queens of the Stone Age possessed Fidlars guitars.

  26. Geoffrey Griffiths

    Getting strong Gary Glitter vibes off this track

  27. Juno the Dragon

    This sounds so familiar, I just cant put my finger on it

  28. Rita Santos

    fidlar + ty segall + black keys.. wow

  29. Be Laine Gibs, Son.

    The lyrics, and what I think they are about, made me realize that FIDLAR is a band of people who are annoyed with PC culture and it's bullshit.

  30. Don Funk

    one of my favorite songs from this album

  31. aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh

    this new sound fidlar seems to be going for is pretty sick honestly

  32. Олег Білінкевич

    What a heck, guys. You stole the sound from The Black Keys song ”Howling for you”

  33. perlowkey

    this is a nice song, i like the feeling it gives me

  34. Smallzthehomie 760

    Yea I go out with my homies all the time and there is always that one fucker who always flakes

  35. Julio García

    Flakin' For You

  36. CSk401

    Everyone spam Anthony Fantano about reviewing this album plz

  37. will

    Longview drums ya?

  38. RYANimations

    I just hope some business executive isnt forcing them to make their music more "suitable for mainstream tastes". Evem though I love FIDLAR, I miss their punk roots


    @Julian Aguilar Of course I want them to evolve, but I want them to evolve in a good way.
    Critique is necessary for everything


    @RYANimations same, or maybe id be a fan but i wouldnt feel the same and that says something

    False Reality

    Every band changes somewhat to bring in a bigger crowd. I don't think they had anybody forcing them to change. They probably just wanted to try something a little more fresh.


    Punk? Pop punk.

    Maffi Lu

    yeah there is some change alright, but hey, just put it on a metal tape and rock it from your old ghettoblasters tape deck - it dont get more legit than this. :D :D :D

  39. Señor Pigeon

    I could see this in a google ad


    Kebab Kicker yeah


    since apple is broke and lost its funky, edgy image?

    Cool Jumpa

    I hope not lol nothing more tasteless than the norm.

  40. Death Clonic

    I know this beat from something else, does anyone what song that might be?

    Rita Santos

    The Black Keys- Howlin' For You maybe

  41. Erik Garcia

    Im still enjoying the taste of Coca-Cola

  42. chris schaffer

    You know it's a FIDLAR song because they drop it in the middle of the night


    i mean honestly


    Hell yeah

  43. chris schaffer

    It's a good start of the year with these bombs dropping 🤯

  44. MattyB

    Well time to get drunk on a thursday

  45. Pacific Coast


    Harry Knackers

    I'm happy for my insomnia.

  46. Phantaminum, i need...............more...............

  47. MyHugeDong -


  48. Mishka Todachiny

    Thank you FIDLAR, Very Cool!


    do you comment that on every fidlar music vid

    Ronnie D

    You're on every video

  49. Jae Jae D


  50. Bro zuff

    This sounds like black keys

    Christopher R.R.

    elvis is just cool shut up about black keys

    Alister Gallo

    Better than thats

    Jon M

    I was thinkn the same thing dude

    Cool Jumpa

    His voice sounds like Liam Gallagher too

  51. Rylee Campbell


  52. West coast renegade

    Serious Change but I can fuckin dig it man. Im gonna pump this shit for years to come

  53. SCP 173

    Is this a new album

  54. Poochoo Nut

    This is what im gonna sing to myself while eating frosted flakes

  55. stupid boy without dreams

    I luv this

  56. Ephemeral Sleep

    This is bringing some kind of distant nostalgic feeling and it makes me uncomfortably happy

  57. Caz

    instant fidlar classic

    Australian Fish


  58. Lil Ian

    Los amo mucho, son mi banda fav
    Saludos desde México aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Gaizka Arregi

    También la mía, pensaba que era el único mexicano que los escuchaba, saludos

    Lysergic 420

    Ya somos 3, nos vemos en el concierto xD ❤❤

  59. Ana Reyes


  60. andrea

    thank u for blessin me w another one uGh its all so sickkkkk

  61. Max Noonan

    Wtf another one? You guys are blessing us ❤


    Yes, another one. many more as well, thats how releasing an album works

  62. Internet Gremlin

    1 second in this sounds like the sonny w a chance intro thanks I love it

  63. Maddy Vlogs

    My life is being complete

  64. Liz Sanchez


  65. Danielle Rothwell

    holy shit y'all are on a roll tonight

  66. Oliver

    Aytttteeeee thajks u

  67. justin flint