FIDLAR - Can't You See Lyrics

Diamond rings help me sing
Jesus Christ makes me nice
Baby, can't you see?
This is good for me
And baby, can't you see?
This is what I need

Meditate, you can get rich quick
Don't talk, just like my shit
On the streets, yeah I feel so chique
Sellin' jeans that I bought last week, last week, last week
That was so last week
Now I need a new thing, new thing, new thing
Can I get your name?
I can do your thing

Summertime helps me rhyme
Oh gluten-free, it's killin' me
And no need to pray
I got nothin' to say
And baby I get paid
Cause I'm a DJ

Meditate, you can get rich quick
Don't talk, just like my shit
On the streets, yeah I feel so chique
Sellin' jeans that I bought last week, last week, last week
That was so last week
Now I need a new thing, new thing, new thing
Can I get your name?
I can do your thing

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FIDLAR Can't You See Comments
  1. Chris Macmurchie

    All good

  2. Chris Macmurchie


  3. Chris Macmurchie


  4. Chris Macmurchie


  5. Innocent but cursed

    I've never listened to that song but it feels like I have???

  6. Rhona Way

    The beginning reminds me of RHCP, Damn. Happy I found Fidlar years ago.

  7. Marty Frank

    I love this song and I am a Baby Boomer.

  8. Rami Abdelal

    Certainly an essential song to ramp up the lead up to a night out. Funky, stylish, confident, oozing with all of it. Your sounds exemplify the process.

  9. JEIL

    I googled" last week last week" and this popped up. Amazing thats all i needed to find a song that i had no idea the name of.

  10. mathjob20

    New spring song for sure

  11. Johnny

    Good chord progression but someone has got to rewrite those lyrics. I almost liked it.

  12. Piper Redden

    Reminds me of Fight by the Hip, especially of the riff.
    Great song though.

  13. Betty G

    Why is this comment section literally just people talking about their experiences with drugs? Like I just came cuz I heard this funky fresh song on the radio and I’m being bombarded with drug-related crap.

  14. Carlos

    Like si vienes por Jacobo

  15. Mark Hanson

    Is this the same singer? Sounds so different than the old shit.

    Wilson The Coconut

    That’s the lead guitarist Elvis. Zac sings the chorus.

  16. Aesthetic Virtuoso

    Wow they're less bratty and matured in sound. Good. Now i can listen again i thought they'd keep going with that bratty shit.

  17. El Diablo

    Source of Inspiration?

  18. Loosejoints Records

    I will def be buying this album. Excellent.

  19. Smokes ____

    Way to keep it real. Boiled down.

  20. Be Laine Gibs, Son.

    This sounds like a hit, people.

  21. Ali Aslam


  22. Poppy Hoppy

    i CANNOT wait for the new album :))))

  23. Ella Shattuck

    y'all want comparisons sooooo bad. Just let them "do their thing"

  24. CRUSH 30

    Can't wait for the new Album

  25. John Sample

    damn thats funky goodness.

  26. Jason Rauso

    I’m such a sucker for catchy riffs.

  27. molly maac

    Uhhhh I’m in love with this song

  28. Ohhooode

    meditate you can get rich quick don’t talk just to lack my sh*t on the streets ya I feel so sheek sell the jeans that I Baught last now I need a new thing

  29. paul milliganp

    never heard these guys before but seriously cool tune and not pulling that out lightly.

  30. Peter

    Life's a risk fuck it dog

  31. Josh Leone

    Diggin the vibe of this one! Niceeeeeeeeeee

  32. Sinclair Sinz

    Awesome, I got out of jail this past friday..
    Almost free lmfao I missed listening too fidlar, I kept writing their lyrics down on a piece of paper and thinking about the rhythms, but I have to write this is good song...

  33. petestrat07

    Love this song!

  34. Me Same as the first

    Cheap beer

  35. Jonathan Watson

    If anyone misses their old shit, check out this band Leather Phase. Psychedelic surf punk yoooo

  36. Jonathan Rodriguez

    I haven’t heard any of your new songs yet, but this song is pretty good. Good job guys 👍🏻

  37. Renaldo Matadeen

    sick. diverse

  38. Валерий Галкин

    сука пиздец тупо кончаю от фидларов!!

  39. Jacob Curran

    These guys are so goddamn fresh

  40. Ник Отвага

    Ого! Огого!

  41. Stutter • Allan Scott

    Super Sweeeeeeet

  42. Sarah Nicole

    dig the piano

  43. alex

    aww man that sound is so crunchy... really gets my dick hard=)

  44. Green Mountain Boy

    Ty segall!!!!!!!

  45. Charlie Fernández

    Fuck. What a fucking mania to betray the style, get off the fucking pants and insult the fan of a lifetime!

  46. Sam Kibbey

    Every day we stray a little further from the original sound

  47. Rich Picchietti

    Luv it! Fun song!

  48. Orphanore

    Can't wait to see these guys in Toronto

  49. Mixed kid Fridays Official

    hey when you play a home show in Los Angeles can we please open for you.. xoxoxoxo

  50. Tachii Nii

    It’s like. phish

  51. daphnes1001

    The kids grew up.

  52. Claire Gillies

    Just have to say I’m loving this direction 😘

  53. Marcus Connolly

    Fidlar makes the best fucking aongs

  54. Vivi K

    I feel like I've heard this song somewhere before. Is this a cover?

  55. Eileeniep

    Is anyone getting Rolling Stone vibes from the guitar at 00:59 + 01:04

  56. Jubjub9000

    Rockin' tune. love it

  57. Eduardo Bernheim

    This new Ty Segall song is fire ❤

  58. gary winthorpe

    ty fidlar

  59. Space Case

    Seeing these guys tonight with my best bro :)

  60. minerl lrenim


  61. marlys mcgregor

    I hear a little Duran Duran. Like a funkier version.

  62. Bird Rustler

    FIDLAR makes souns for young dead peopl <3

  63. Daveigh Josephina Collopy

    their new stuff is so different, dont know if i like

  64. barboros24

    cool as usual

  65. Faptastic

    This is fucking good! Spotify pleaseeeee

  66. The Standards

    Best song in a while IMO

  67. Anthony

    Hell yeah I get to be not queer for a bit

  68. Natural Shocker

    I love it. My brother got me into them this summer, we were at the beach for a nice long extended vacation, and the second night we were riding to the boardwalk in his GF's car and I was like, "what station is this? this is awesome like beachy-type music and I wana know who this is..." (it was Max can't surf) and then he just laughed and played the rest of their albums for me, we listened to everything over and over. Great beach music, but great JUST MUSIC. These guys are great with all their songs. I hope nobody tries to box them into a genre because that just sounds stupid and they would just sound like embarrassing posers (by the standards of some of the comments i must be one since i'm a fairly new fan lol). FIDLAR is awesome, it's rock n' roll and it is what it is. Can't wait for Almost Free!! Just let them beeeeeee.......... Wait, someone say LSD? I'll take 1, or 3. Hundred. :)

  69. jorge carreira sanchez

    Por fin

  70. Евгений Филин

    Stone Roses anyone?

  71. dan soil

    Hints of Black Sabbath and Tame Impala, lovin' this sound

  72. Michael Marshall

    When did Ty Segall join Fidlar?!?!

  73. Daniel Watt


  74. psychedelically mundane

    fUcK iT dOg LiFeS a RiSk.


    fOrGeT iT dAd LiFe'S aLrIgHt

  75. Chris Nagy

    Kind of like Tame Impala.

  76. frncsc vdl

    en velocidad 1.25 <3

  77. on acid

    catchy goody

  78. Firwik Howlo

    Seeing you guys in a week and a half. Heeeeeel yeah

  79. Steve Nodel

    Needs more cowbell

  80. DJ Roomba !

    From the debut to this :(

  81. Caz

    cant fucking wait for the album to drop

  82. Verania Hinojosa


  83. I'm Abdullaeff


  84. Jake Dudgeon

    thank you triple j for bringing me here, awesome jam guys!!

  85. santo

    this is good this is different

  86. Boy McFacto

    this sounds nothing like Ty Segall, don't know where the comparisons are coming from


    Pentatonic Guitar fills / tone / that falsetto intro. Past that tho, idk


    have you listened to anything ty has released in the past 2 years? its super similar

    Boy McFacto

    +BurnAfterEating not at all but ok

  87. Tony Hudson

    Sounds in places like Tom Meighan - never heard of this band till recently but love this song!

  88. Aubrey Douglas

    Fuck yeah

  89. Michael Pottinger

    The Stone Roses are in there somewhere as well. Nice.

  90. 78 Stitches

    Ah hell ye

  91. Emil Frederiksen

    pretty dope hope it's a new album tease

  92. Barbaric Music Group

    eyyo guys, I'm a young music producer and i would appreciate if you could take a minute to listen to my new beat that i just released and give this a thumbs up so others can see it ✊✊

  93. Freddy Tay Tay

    Eat my butt