FIDLAR - At The ChaCha Lyrics

I walk right in with a fake ID
And your teenage angst and anxiety
You try to find your wallet, but you just can't see
And you're leaving with someone else's keys

And now you're coked up in your car
And something down there's getting hard
Let's go back into the bar where we can erase all our memories

At the Cha ChaChaCha ChaCha ChaCha

I'm at the Cha ChaChaCha ChaCha ChaCha [x3]

I saw you with some other guy and another girl and another guy
I've got a little shiver straight down to my knees
And I can't believe I'm still breathing
And just my luck I fall in love in another bar and I'm super drunk
And let's go into the bathroom stall where we can erase all our feelings

At Cha ChaChaCha ChaCha ChaCha

I'm at the Cha ChaChaCha ChaCha ChaCha [x7]

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FIDLAR At The ChaCha Comments
  1. Nocturne XIII

    freddie dredd brought me here ;)

  2. thickzipper

    I identify as this song.

  3. Aliah

    This is probably one of their catchiest songs

  4. Aurora Grace

    2019 anyone ?

    Green Shark

    Piss off

  5. kklondikke

    This song needs to be on ituuuunes

  6. Was Up

    I havent listened to this song in a few years and hearing it now makes me feel like im hearing it for the first time

  7. k H

    14 people have never been to the ChaCha

  8. Chief Dunder

    I been to this place, and am still looking for my fake ID

  9. J M

    I wish this masterpiece was on Spotify.

  10. Sidney Beld

    Damn, I can never get over this song. Still makes me feel the way it did the first time I heard it.

  11. Thomas Albert

    Damn, way to make me miss home.

  12. Tony Balsamo

    I was at the Washington DC show this week and some older guy (probably late 40’s) in the pit kept screaming for this song. I’ve never smiled so hard.

  13. scarypotter777

    Sooo good

  14. BowieMoonen

    Just Saying this is a real bar in Cali .

  15. Jellions

    yes pretty coolio

  16. krystal rose

    Damn, I've kept coming back to this video since 2013 and it's still my favorite FIDLAR song

  17. Isobel Heinze

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  18. Jazzy potato

    the best part of fidlar is you always find something by them you never knew they made

  19. Albertovich A

    because of this this song I refer to dive bars as chachas

    Kyle Loucks

    Anton A literally gonna start doing this. When the term spreads like wildfire you'll be credited 😂

    Mads Estay

    im on it

  20. Ailillwalsh

    Songs like this are why I have a bloody lip. Love you fiddler!


    fuck it dawg dawg lifes er risk

  21. Dumanist Biri


  22. Mitchell Productions

    Aww good ol' Cha Cha lounge in Silverlake, never has a more truer song been written.

  23. Gabriel Valdetaro

    i saw you with some other guy and another girl and another guy

  24. Roman Macrae

    I can't deal with how good this song is, makes me so happy

  25. no axee

    Lyrics pls

  26. Marcus Montemayor

    This place is an actual bar. They have sombreros hanging from the ceiling haha

    money walrus

    thats awesome

  27. john Janssens

    is this a cover I've heard many times but never comment

  28. Doug.E Doug

    Never known a band to have so many secret unreleased songs, I fucking love it

  29. Jorge Rojas

    i love this song so much

  30. Gerome Spino

    Chords are C, F, A, F

    Joe Wilson

    Gerome Spino I love you omg

    Autumn C


  31. Nico Papito

    Same riff as that bunny guy I forgot his name but the song was called I am a girlfriend, Colleen Green made one aswell, they all sound great tho

    Novus Nova

    +Yung Nicoアート NoBunny?

    Javier Dethkor

    NoBunny lol

    Nico Papito

    lmao yeah, that's the name, great song and it sounds really similar

  32. Roxie Corrigan

    eeeeerrrraaaseee all our feelingssssss

  33. Andre

    FIDLAR suprising me all days

  34. Meatwood Flac

    Fuck man can't get enough of this song

  35. spaceforjake

    they really should release an album of all their hidden songs, it would be so fucking good

  36. aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh

    "I walk right in with a fake ID, and your teenage angst and anxiety. You try to find your wallet but you just can't see, and you're leaving with someone else's keys. Now you're coked up in your car, and something down there's getting hard. Let's go back into the bar where we can erase all our memories."

    story of my fucking life. i need 12 beers and a xanax. 

    Jev the crack dealer

    No you need professional help

    Ivan Montiel

    @Jev the crack dealer And everybody says that i need professional help

  37. tom Perrett

    songs like this are why im still alive


    +Ciara Conklin I got you ;)


    +tom Perrett For fucking real man.

    tamarra iero

    tom Perrett same Tom - hope you're well x

    Marlie Eamigh

    tom Perrett glad you’re still around to enjoy Fidlar with us

    Aurora Grace

    Same bro

  38. Michael Hardy

    I understand why this song has no dislikes

  39. pho3nixinflight


  40. Ayeme Moz

    FUcK ME I'm crying fuck

  41. PukeFu

    This is by far the best fidlar tune! been a huge fan since 2012 and never heard this song until today!

  42. Matty Matt

    Seriously this song rules!

  43. King Sheegadorah

    whered you find this?