FIDLAR - 5 To 9 Lyrics

Three o'clock! (Three o'clock!) in the morning, double vision with my homies,
Four o'clock! (Four o'clock!) feeling funny, got no car and we got no money.

Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh

Five o'clock! (Five o'clock!) bumming, sunset, drinking forties till we can't see
Six o'clock! (Six o'clock!) get too bent and ask if Evan's got anything

Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh

Eight o'clock! (Eight o'clock!) feeling shitty, coming down off cheap pcp
Nine o'clock!, (Nine o'clock!) drunk and driving, on my way to Culver city.

Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh

Ten o'clock! (Ten o'clock!) stuck in traffic, taking bong rips in the backseat
Twelve o cloc! (Twelve o'clock!) get arrested on my way to LA County

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FIDLAR 5 To 9 Comments
  1. shustrik.



    shustrik. Same here

  2. JeSuisUnFooteux

    Lundi canap

  3. Monkeyliver19

    The guy who posted this loves moes

  4. Dje Djey

    going to play at a live for my school bcze we need to make that shit blow up at some point

  5. Julia Moraes

    The vampire 4×16

  6. Nayla Victoria

    this is so good

  7. Nayla Victoria

    can't believe i just found this

  8. Abbey

    The plug brought me here

  9. Simple

    sexy. needs to be longer

  10. Javier Herrero

    lundi canap!

  11. Flo Nyark

    Lundi canap' #Quotidien :)

  12. That1Fucker

    Really fun song to play and shout along to

  13. Pat W

    well......anybody know what gpcp is?


    I think he said Cheap PCP. PCP (Phencyclidine) is a drug that was researched in the 1950's as an anaesthetic for humans, and is generally referred to as a dissasociative.

    Carlos Martinez

    Cheap pcp

  14. Kickflip

    Ned Flanders

  15. scarypotter777

    such a banger

  16. Jack James

    I like cock :(


    +Jack James same );

    Bob Jimenez

    chicken is delicious 😂

  17. Ines L

    completely different genre but this song reminds me of norgaard by the vaccines cause they are both extremely hype fucking anthems that end after a minute

    Bob Jimenez

    I'll be the judge of that

  18. Bryan Velez

    I need to see fidlar live so badly. Their shows are nuts

  19. lol

    Such an anthem, NEEDS to be longer


    +lol fidlar tracks in general


    no it doesnt

    Andrew Tyler!

    Somebody ain't know how punk rock works 😂

  20. Lizette Espana

    this song never fails to make me happy. makes me want to jump around/dance every time i hear it


    it makes me wanna get fucking wasted and thrashed skating

    Shaula Hernandez

    Lizette Espana makes me want to shoot up lines of coke and get fucking wasted and throw my glass bottles off the roof and take a giant piss off the roof top.

    Levente Szemerei

    Same same!!!

  21. Darryl montgomery

    This is running around at 12 at night theme music right here

  22. tonyriscool

    Always thought they needed a longer version, but some songs don't need to be long.

  23. Andrew Soderstrom

    Euphoric; a blast of energetic emotion.

  24. Jimmy_bunzi

    demand 10hours version!!!!

  25. Notshe

    Kinda reminds me of 9 to 5 by millencolin; good song

  26. Pagan Baby

    10 oclock stuck in traffic, taking bong rips in the backseat

  27. jtdcp

    this song is too short but oh well i FUCKING LOVE IT

  28. Tyler1243

    Fidlar should make a longer version.

    Lyle .G

    Meh, Song 2 is only 2 minutes long. Sometimes things are better short but sweet.

  29. Jon Gori

    Why only a minute!?!?

  30. LessThanJayson

    I wanna marry this song and babies with it.

  31. Joey10341

    LMAO! For sure! All in the moment.

  32. Julia

    This song makes me happy lalaalla

  33. emma cook

    fuck yes

  34. Tzuc Son

    nobody gives a fuck kid.

  35. Deveon_W

    ahahahahahaahhaah aahahhahahahahahaahaah 4 a clock :P

  36. Lurpy Skeezer

    hell yeah that's my show

    talkin ass

  37. Porsche997911Turbo

    The description of the video says it all XD

  38. Jasmine Burns

    go away

  39. Jasmine Burns

    Replay button had to file a restraining order against me

  40. jackrabbitsrevenge

    i gotta say. this is my new theme song lol

  41. k lew

    The first positive thing Myspace has done for me

  42. Radley Watler

    Myspace brought me here

  43. Andrea Corral

    This song gets me pumped!

  44. Joel Mc Evoy

    i hate vampire diaries for all these retarded comments about it.

  45. MusicalSounds

    I just feel like...rolling and jumping around every where....

  46. Caitlin Angell

    I have a list of genres of music I want to have a band in. I want a band just like Fidlar, my current band would disagree :L

  47. Joe Campbell

    wrong band to bring that shit to...

  48. Sloth Steve


  49. Tim Crawford

    f that

  50. Kealan Lafferty

    If I had a tv show this would be my opening credits song.

  51. theViece

    holy shit is this awesome o: ..

  52. chantelle orlando

    like if the vampire diaries brought you here

    Ariel Brodny

    chantelle orlando 👍


    chantelle orlando what episode?

    Jessica a

    Abbey season 4 episode 16

  53. Izzy Norton

    song was perfect in the vampire diaries , do wish it was longer tho

  54. TheKrakenX52

    wish it was longer

  55. Kaahz Vi