FFH - Jesus Speak To Me Lyrics

Can I talk to You a while
Can I lay my weary head
On Your shoulder again
Can I rest beneath Your smile
Will You whisper to me
As I kneel beside my bed

I've been walkin' in the desert
I need to hear from You

I need Your touch, I need Your love
Oh Jesus, speak to me, yeah
I need to hold You oh so close
Oh Jesus, speak to me, yeah
Oh Jesus, speak to me

It feels like I've walked a thousand miles
Just to see the mountaintop
To be above the clouds
But it only takes a while
Until my feet just seem to stop
And I make my way back down

I've been so long in the valley
I need to hear from You

Feels like I'm losing my mind
Going crazy
Feels like I'm running out of time
Come and save me
Just wipe the tears from my eyes
Say it's alright, alright

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FFH Jesus Speak To Me Comments
  1. Ronnie Thompson

    Communication is a 2 way conversation .... Jesus speak to us we need to speak to Jesus

  2. Ronnie Thompson

    Jesus lover of my soul

  3. Todd McCracken, DDS

    One of my all time fav FFH tunes! Just perfection!