FFH - Fly Away Lyrics

Ok you win, you caught me day dreaming again
About our sudden evacuation
Ok I give in, I can't help but wondering
But it seems I can't get enough information

Curiosity has got a hold on me
Tell me how it's gonna be - when
One day I'll see you coming back for me
And all together we'll fly away
One day I'll hear that trumpet loud and clear
And all together we'll fly away
O how I long for the day
When we'll fly away

Don't ask me why I keep starin' at the sky
It's just I'm lost in anticipation
I know it will be in the twinkling of an eye
It's just I get lost in my imagination

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FFH Fly Away Comments
  1. acountrysdream1

    After my dad's abuse I was left mute. This was the first song I sang on the day I started to speak. Started to heal. Thank you God. Thank you FFH.

  2. Julie Donn aka Jesa Jones

    I thought of a couple lines that could fit in with the chorus, and wanted to share:
    One day I'll learn I've got what I have yearned. One day I'll know You've come to take me home, and all together we'll fly away!

  3. untraumatized

    Does FFH still make music?


    untraumatized Yes, but it's nothing compared to what they produced back around 2007-2009.

  4. Krystle Grayson

    So many memories!

  5. Alexander Tarahteeff

    Me again. Listened about five times. Tomorrow I will be staring at the sky myself. Awesome tune. You go girl. God Bless You.

  6. Alexander Tarahteeff

    Excuse me please. But that guy happens to be me. She just totally picked me up.

  7. Alexander Tarahteeff

    This girl is going to make some guy pretty happy one day. She sounds like a bird in Springtime. tweet, tweet. Very sweet.

    Sean McCuaig

    Her and the lead singer jave been married for 20 or so years I think

  8. VarynDar

    This brings me back to my childhood

  9. BlitsDragon Plays Roblox

    foxy from fnaf should acutely feel this song

  10. BlitsDragon Plays Roblox


  11. Jany1954

    Mike wrong!!

  12. Killerz

    This will always be my favorite song

    Mike Hodgson

    +Killerz may be - but its NOT biblical. He "raptures" AFTER Trib!


    +Mike Hodgson you are wrong, sir. its no secret; I mean, its in The Bible..

    Mike Hodgson

    Would you please show me from the Bible then?

  13. Riley Day

    If I had a dollar for every time I sang this song as a solo!!! even after not hearing this song since high school I remember every single lyric LOL

  14. phoebeLOVEScandy

    This was my favorite song as a kid ♥♥


    Me too. After my trauma I was psychologically mute. This was the first song I sang when I broke my silence.

  15. Blake Stone

    When I used to go to Church, which was a little over a decade ago, this used to be my favorite Sunday School song. 

  16. Travis Huseby

    Read Your Bible.

  17. Hannah B

    love this song <3

  18. Carlos Moeller

    No man knows,that day or hour nor the angels in heaven,nor the Son...but ONLY the Father...
    -so says the Bible


    Doesn't say we can't know the season or the year. It is in the Bible. Check out the historic view of Revelation and you will see how it unfolds. It's not like the Church has been preaching it over the last 50 years....

  19. shamrocksunglasses

    if you mean kill ourselves to get to heaven faster, then i get what you mean. we don't kill ourselves because it is a sin, and it is the most selfish thing one can do. we are put on this earth to give glory to God until the day He comes to take us to heaven. while we are here, we are supposed to tell others of His love so they can come and be in heaven with us. and how would it look if as soon as we decided to love Jesus and got saved, and killed ourselves so we don't have to deal with life. :)

  20. Yvonne Ray

    It Is Mis-Leading in that GOD Tells US He Is Coming back To Make HIS Kingdom Here On EARTH...No I Have NOT Do Not Believe In IT!!! CHRIST Comes at the 7th Trump Unlike Satan at the 6th Trump. And FOOLS Most People Into Believing He Is The CHRIST but in TRUTH He Is NOT!!! OUR Bodies Will Be Physically Changed Into Angelic Bodies In GODs Dimension So That We Can Physically See Them ALL !!

  21. dachamp692

    ya but we were put here to worship God and even tho i would like to go to Heaven i would like to spend time with family a little longer its God's choice when we go ^_^

  22. Christiness546

    Also, we don't strive to get to Heaven. As Christians, we've already got our free ticket so really the only reason we're "good" is because we love Jesus and don't want to disappoint him by doing what he and we consider to be bad.

  23. Christiness546

    We Christians stick around because even though we can't wait til Heaven (can't wait, figuratively), we also believe that other people are not on their way to Heaven so we're here to try and help as many people as possible. It's Heaven or Hell and we can't just off ourselves while other people are on their way to Hell. Plus, we try to follow God's commandments as much as possible and one of those is not to kill, and I'm pretty sure that includes ourselves.

  24. jazzyjossy

    I wasn't trying to be cruel, I'm legitimately curious. I mean, this song and the people commenting on it strive so much to get into heaven, why do they bother sticking around if that's what they truly believe? Have a nice day too, dachamp

  25. dachamp692

    well not quite sure wat "off yourselves" means but wats so wrong with staying on the land God put us on? we r here to serve Him until he brings us home and honestly i guess im not really shocked tht a cruel person would be listening to a Christian song just to be... well cruel not exactly surprising since many do tht but thts fine i guess and i hope u have a wonderful day ^_^

  26. oreosandicing

    Because God put us on Earth for a purpose, and we live to serve God. When we finish our job for him, he'll take us home.

  27. jazzyjossy

    If all you Christians can't wait to get into heaven so bad, then why don't you just off yourselves?

  28. Pandamonium1221

    Gosh, it's been so long since I've heard this. I love this song.

  29. Seale96

    yes not the Fly Away I was expecting also.

  30. Christina Gooley

    fly with me

  31. vulpix2000

    Love love love it forever and always will

  32. GirlWhoKnowsNoBoundaries

    i've just been reunited with my favorite song from my childhood. I was sorting through my CD's and found one that had the soundtrack played at my brother's funeral. and the song on the cd was actually lord move, or move me, but i remembered that my song was by FFH, so i just found this video. THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU FFH!!!! (still knew basically all the lyrics)

  33. Megan Brown

    back in high school, during my senior year, i sang this for our talent show. the crowd was quiet while i sang which was unusual at my school. later, people told me how awesome it was for me to share my faith so publicly. the first time i ever sang at school :) it holds a special place in my heart.

  34. TheStrawberryGrass

    I remember being 8 years old and this was my most favorite song ever! <3 I absolutely loved it....And forever will. <3 Thank you God for creating this song! ^^

  35. Burry Gonzalez

    this are exactly my thoughts on paper... thanks FFH

  36. swimmergirl454

    i miss this song. they used to play it all the time on the radio and now its forgotten. thank you so much for posting this:)

  37. BookGeekGirl13

    I love this song!!!!! lol, lol, lol=)

  38. sevorpa


  39. Alex Wright

    Love this song!!! I've been daydreaming about the rapture too(:

  40. Sparkling Tulips

    this song makes me cry because i can't wait

  41. Naomi P.

    This is my fav song!! But You made it even better!!!!

  42. Hannah Dominguez

    IM HOPEING FOR 2012 BABY! heh heh i wanna see god and heven! no more pain no more killing and sin ^.^

  43. cgtravel100

    Love this song & the glorious promise it brings!

  44. SeattleSunE

    Agreeing with nanabx! But LOVE songs about the Rapture. This one is the best ever. We WILL all fly away. :)