FEVER 333, The - Soul'd Me Out Lyrics

They keep asking how we got to this place
I can answer that with a question
Let me ask you how you lost your faith
Ask your god why he withholds his blessings
I see them falling in the gap between the wage
I see them falling and there's no-one catching
We're chasing dollars with slaveowners on the face
Those are the dollars that we're never gonna make

Sell me out down the shallow river
Could I hate you more?
Could I hate you more?
Sell me out down the shallow river
Could I hate you more?
Could I hate you more?

Sold me out, sold me out
You sold me out to the highest bidder
Sold me out, sold me out
You sold me out to the highest bidder

You're missing every single shot you don't take
So fill your quota with these moving targets
They push you then tell you stay in your place
Eyes on the profit, don't you miss the market
You say you're hungry with a mountain on your plate
You say you're hungry while the world is starving
We're chasing dollars with slaveowners on the face
They crack the whip and hope our backs don't break

Sell me out down the shallow river
Could I hate you more?
Could I hate you more?
Sell me out down the shallow river
Could I hate you more?
Could I hate you more?

Sold me out, sold me out
You sold me out to the highest bidder
Sold me out, sold me out
You sold me out to the highest bidder

Behind a fucking desk
You slaves

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FEVER 333, The Soul'd Me Out Comments
  1. Cajonnier [C]PROD

    So powerful

  2. Kevin Johnson

    You guys ROCKED BANGOR MAINE. ! Love to see you again there. Fuckin Awsome !!!

  3. Noah Ortiz

    These lyrics man there powerful. shows how much people of color have struggled over the years that’s some sad shit

  4. No One

    People are evil

    smile .as-default

    I love you

  5. The Something

    I really liked this one, I think it's my favorite from the ep

  6. Nick Yelovich

    This is the kind of music the world fucking needs right now!

  7. k0e4n1t3

    first time hear! U guys like Bring me the horizon X hed.p.e

  8. Lion Golani

    I want to sing this song but I cant .. I have neighbors

  9. SilentNight

    fell in love with them after hearing them live with bmth

  10. MetalCoreAngel aka wolfman

    The 23 dislikes are Christians

  11. symyNy

    The way Jason sings "with a question", "his blessings" and "no one catching" in first verse sounds EXACTLY like Chester and chorus sounds EXACTLY like Danny from HU., you can't disagree, but that just means Jason is a very, very, very talented guy. I keep my fingers crossed for FEVER and hope they would come to Poland so I could go to their concert, cuz whole Made An America album is simply amazing.

    Aris Dim

    Loke chester yes but not like danny man....danny has his own voice noone can copy his voice


    Aris Dim well anything is possible it may not be possible for you personally but it is for other people... just sayin :]

  12. Gabriele d'annibale

    Can't stop listening to this

  13. kayleecraft66

    I heard this song at Hot Topic

  14. Brandon Baty

    Sometimes I will sing along to older songs (i.e. 90's rock/grunge etc) and play around screaming some of the vocals and putting a new twist on certain parts just being goofy (when Im alone). I feel like Jason was listening to STP, Kitchenware and Candy Bars doing same thing when he came up with this one lol. I like it.

  15. jamison allen

    They're so sick I've now got a FEVER of 333!

  16. Marci

    Nice 🤟🏻👍🏻

  17. ayabiexx





    i know i almost went mental when I was at Bring me the horizon last month and they played before them and i didn't even know this band before aaaa CRAZYY @Anske

  18. Side Hug

    This song is so raw, lovin' it. Much ll.ove

  19. Yair Gamer

    que alguien le haga una traducción español por que esta muy buena la música y tiene mucho potencial

  20. Rick Shelledy

    My people need you here in SLC. Busy as fuck spreading the word

  21. Lion Golani

    Been here before few millions 🤟🏼🔥🔥

  22. Elijah Main

    This guy should be the new Linkin Park singer.

    Brandon Baty

    I think Jason has surpassed being a "replacement singer" at this point in his career, considering he has mutiple successful bands. But, I get what you're saying.

    Mehmet Selçuk Ada

    Hell Yes!

    MetalCoreAngel aka wolfman

    More like Hollywood undead

    Ashy Slashy

    You should get fucked

    Rafael Lapuente

    stop talk shit

  23. Costa Sergio

    Lyrics absolute shit but sounds good

  24. Deion Thunder

    The chorus reminds me of a song from Breaking Benjamin.

  25. Rick Miller

    Do a tour with skillet

    Costa Sergio

    Rick Miller dude skillet are a Christian rock band, don't think these guys are the kind to get along with...


    @Costa Sergio yup and jason is atheist

  26. Daniel Forsythe

    Fuck Brazil, come to South Africa lol

  27. purplerturtler223

    i need moooooore

  28. Mariah Ana Bell

    I’ve been BLESSED

  29. SuperAlexFB

    I love it!

  30. EliaS A.O

    Lyrics please

  31. Randy Butternubz

    My post letlive depression is cured. Now do I cover my Letlive tattoo with this logo? Lol

    Zach Young

    Randy butternubz no put it next to it



  33. kutemo

    this is fire

  34. Chazz Hill-Hayr

    That chorus! Shit it's good.

    Brandon Baty

    It reminds me a lot of STP, Kitchenware and Candy Bars.

  35. xToneMalone

    Hed PE meets old Hollywood Undead. I think this is one of their best songs on this album.

  36. 3Summanus3 *

    Rage Against the Machine meets Korn meets Linkin Park!

    Diogo Freire

    and a sauce of the used

    MetalCoreAngel aka wolfman

    More like Hollywood undead

  37. Christian Reyes

    You guys should do a song with XXXTENTACION, I personally think it could be something special. Especially since y’all both know Travis Barker so he could hook you up ;) anyways I love the new music guys. Keep up the good work.

    Necessary Evil

    that motherfucker is dead. fuck him.

    Daniel Forsythe

    Christian Reyes lol


    always that one asshole.


    that would have been awesome. I am thinking Lil Uzi Vert could do something with these guys

    Javier Ganzarain

    Reading this is painful.

  38. 0GR3

    Commie bullshit.


    The fuck does that even mean?

    Ivo Avgustinov

    As much as I love the sound, these far-left propaganda lyrics are a big turn-off.

    king doms

    @Ivo Avgustinov puppet

    Jayden Boggs

    As leftist as they are they clearly aren’t communist if the singer literally owns a business.

    Lone Wolf

    @Ivo Avgustinov its Rise Against but about 3x more left wing. So far the only one i can get into is Made In America.

    I jam out to Rise Against all the time, but they were subtlely liberal 95% of the time in their songs. Pretty much all of RA's songs could bw used to describe a different scenario, and songs like Make It Stop got them quite a bit of respect and support from people they openly hated.

    These guys have so much talent and skill that they use to bash conservatives like we're to blame for their problems.

  39. Derk Ender

    I love different music.

  40. Mέδω

    Keep it up!

    cara castillo

    Soul punx

  41. Julian Karlsson

    Jason, why the fuck are u so good. Everything u do is pure diamond

  42. Antlion161


  43. Pedro Gonzalez

    Feels like ll. I know it isnt the same band but i caught the fever.

  44. Jan Rollinson

    Such a amazing tune

    ACUTE immone

    Jan Rollinson Oh yeah, because the us is doing so fucking well


    @ACUTE immone who hurt you kid?

  45. Bob Crossen

    When this popped while I was listening to new release radio, I could have sworn this was a new project from Anthony Green/Circa Survive.

    Alby Gonzalez


  46. Blockwest 1899

    this band is a fucking masterpiece, and now u need a europe tour!

  47. KheMyKhaL

    RAWCORE smile on my face while sk8boarding on this!!! PURE adrenaline POWER!!! LOVE IT!!!

  48. Rob Packard

    @thefever333 Fucking murked this shit Fucking unreal💯💯💯👌👌👌

  49. Nobody in Particular

    Jason doesnt need the autotune Feldy. Song is cool tho


    Nobody in Particular to me it sounds more like is being used as an effect than a tool here. It gives his voice kind of a surreal quality. I'm not in the producer's head though so I could be wrong.

    Jason Clarke

    I think he used autotune on The Blackest Beautiful, so it's obviously a stylistic choice rather than a necessity.

    Nobody in Particular

    Jason Clarke yeah, he didn't need it then, either. We all know he can sing, theres no need for a grimy punk record to have all that polish on the vocal

  50. eleet

    Great start guys. such a banger!

  51. diegonens



    lollapalooza brazil

    † Îøri †


  52. Gregory Thye

    This is it, right here

  53. Funky Monkey1886

    This is totally up my street. Fuckin A

  54. Shole Rock

    I LOVE IT <3

  55. StuffedforLaughs


  56. Matheus Kunzler