Fetty Wap - Wap Thru Lyrics

7-7-1738 Oooahh oooahhh ooooahhhhhhhhh baby

I be yelling out squad when I walk thru
Got some bitches outside toting guns too
Throwing up gang sign cause we want to
Hella bands hella guwop How I come thru
Nip the Grips and stunt how I want to
Engine in the back trunk in the front too
Hollow tips bullets in ya front tooth
Drill shit bullets in ya new coop
Feel this Fetty Wap is too cool
Young nigga leader of the new school
Robins traded in my old trues
6's sitting on the new scoop
I'd done walked in with jays on my feet
Hold back on wedges come and roll up my weed
Remy and bali they know how it is
Bad boys and bitches they all came for me
People are watching me just like T.V
Remy boy wap give them something to see
Remy boys up watch when we hit T.V
3 of us sold us a million a piece

I be feeling like Wap when I walk thru
I be bagging all the thots when I walk thru
I be throwing hella guwop when I walk thru
She gon' make that pussy pop when I want to

Now watch me, watch me, watch me wap thru
Watch me wapppp through, Now watch me wappppppppp through baby

Like who she talk to
I got band signs too
Ya bitch she fine too
I make her mine too
That's what the wine do
Remy boys or nuttin' My niggas are stuntin'
These niggas are bluffin' We threw hella hunneds
Coutin' up the money and we be movie stuntin'

Remy Boys RGF [?] gang or nuttin'
Fuck benigga
I said fuck boy & fuck nigga
Fuck benigga

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