Fetty Wap - Throw It Back Lyrics

Cause everything you off, I wanna see
I can’t believe you falling for a g’
Cause girl, we only fucking for the moment
Girl, I need you to throw it back
I’m like everything you off, I wanna see
I can’t believe you falling for a g’
Cause girl, we only fucking for the moment
Girl, I need you to throw it back

If I roll this wood, girl, I’m gon forget you
You claiming you a hitta, you don’t own a pistol
I couldn't buy one, so I had to get two
And girl, your track slipping so I had to get glue
And I ain’t tryna play you, I ain’t tryna diss you
But, if you sucking my dick, then, I ain’t tryna kiss you
Said bitch, why is you texting asking if I miss you?
Cause if I missed you, bitch, I would’ve hit you
You only gave me top, I ain’t even dicked you
Telling people we together, bitch, that’s the issue
You thought that Benz was mine, bitch, it was a rental
Fucked your sister and your cousin, even fucked your friends too
Said bitch, I’m disrespectful, I thought I should tell you
But I heard that income tax was coming in the mail soon
Look, bitch, I want my money for them damn hotel rooms
Every penny, I’ma flip it, throw it on the ‘gram soon


Got them niggas hating on me ‘cause I got money
Hate them flexing niggas that be moving funny
If you the whip man, best believe, you a lick
Ruger with the beam, that’s about fifty hits
Wylin’ off the shit, me and Fetty drilling shit
Snatching corners, bending shit is my in my Infinity
High as hell sipping lean, barely can’t see
Khaos, hello pussy, dare you to try me
Flipping shit [?]
Bitch, your pussy wet, we was looking like relief
From all these bitches, all I care about is cheese
Had your thot in the back and she on her knees


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Fetty Wap Throw It Back Comments

    One of his best songs hands down!!

  2. thegprince 300

    y'all niggaz mad off he got dis flow from keef song "i don't know" and love no thotties is second

  3. Mrs.V Losoya

    Y'all mad cuz this one sounds better either way

  4. kortezfitness

    Taxes coming in the mail soon 😂

  5. Stein Matias

    Chief keef

  6. Westc0at_goon

    This shits on no thotties

  7. Tarka BMX

    First song ?

  8. Tarka BMX

    What is this song from second 5 ?

    craziboi 777

    Trap queen

  9. Cap Fck12

    Everybody wanna be sosa so bad

  10. Jesus Becerra

    This that 2018 come down anthem 18.....2019

  11. Lucas Carvallo

    Listen to I don’t know I’m chief keef finally rich album fatty stole the flow and bang bang Adkin at the end of the verse

  12. SimplyKay

    if any of yall were smart yall would know fetty released this in 2014 , keef released his in 15 . of course keefs go harder but at lease recognize before you try and say people stealin flows


    Love no thotties came out 2013

  13. Wilber Leon

    Chief keef flow all over this video

  14. Tonyy Steven

    Y'all niggas saying he stole chief keefs flow y'all stupied it don't matter chief ain't even that good

  15. Rice Pop

    alot of ya’ll didnt even know that chief keef love no thotties song until one guy exposed fetty then all ya niggas found out and now ya act like was been listening to that song stop da act😭😭😭😭😭

  16. R.I.P. XxxTentacion

    Love no thotties

  17. daniel helbig

    Bruh y’all need to shut the fuck up yeah so what it’s love no thot by chief keef but let’s be real this is way better than chief

  18. Mr.1Take __

    Sosa influence so many rappers of this generation #facts he the godfather of this generation #facts 🐐💯💯

  19. Kamil Kici

    chief keef flow but still like it :))))

  20. Justin Brannigan

    Biting sosa flow

  21. Almighty Nate

    This nigga Wanna Be Chief Keef

  22. trey frmdaclarke

    lmfaooo ! this nigga bit chief sosaaa so hard dawg 🤦🏾‍♂️ if anybody ever question fetty ab stealin keef love no thotties flow he better admit he bopped sosa dawg the last nigga who rapped was garbage fetty part was straight on here but he made it extraa fuckin obvious with the baaaang bang bang wtf 😭😭😂 chief so the goat

  23. sha loopy

    Wheres the instrumental to this at

  24. Issa Mo

    This is littt👅

  25. Cesar Arechiga

    name plox 4:03 :(

  26. JR Rida

    I keep wondering why and how did this dude Khaos get on the track. His stuffy nose sounding ass 1 2 many big mac eating ass shitty rappin ass niga needs to get some nasal strips some herbal tea and sit the fuck down...way to fuck up a song fetty. And no not in a good way

    973 Santana

    JR Rida : You hating 😂😂😂 around this time they was just rapping for fun. Nothing serious.

  27. G L O R Y

    Fetty wap was the family friendly chief keef

  28. Red Ranger

    Chief Keef has sooooo many sons

  29. Get It Gang Bonskii

    Love no thotties

  30. brunogaming07 awm

    stole the flow from chief keef

  31. Dee Davis

    Give Sosa his flow back

    1738 Vibes

    We good

  32. Almighty Stocks

    This one eye Willy muthafucker stole Sosa flow

  33. Glo The Almighty

    These bitches act local but they ain't global

  34. L Donations Fund

    Chief keef so underrated he been influencing all this mane stream shit

  35. Thatboi_quavo

    ngga can't never be Sosa he to pussy if someone would smack him he wouldn't do shit

  36. Thatboi_quavo

    bitch nigga stole chief keef shit

  37. chucky V

    What's the name of the song at the end

  38. Chris Sosa

    Listen too I don't know by chief keef lol fetty wap better thank Sosa for the flow

  39. Saucy Life

    that's 😨😨😨

  40. kenya davis

    throw it backk 😂😂

  41. King Barbie

    That's y I got braids now. Lol iktr lol u fucked ha n ha crew! But not mines. Lol n that's y u won't! Ever leave me. #Boss💨💰💍💜💋👑👅😘😝👍👏✈🔒😎

  42. Nedorb

    Remy boy Monty is the beast

  43. Nedorb

    GLO he ain't there because he sucks

  44. Monei Green

    i love fetty

  45. Stone.Cold.Stunna daPestimist


  46. Lex Lee

    the dude in the red sound like he got a cold

    Vibes MUSIV3

    he have fetty smile

  47. 727braxx /

    Wanna be sosa

  48. Munirat Yusuff

    I like fetty wap's whole part

  49. yessèt y

    Whats the song at the 'end?

    John Candelaria

    I don't think that's a real song out

    yessèt y

    +John Candelaria your late as hell ik that now

    John Candelaria

    +Tamaya E my bad just trynna. help 😂

    yessèt y

    +John Candelaria you good 😂😂

  50. Keeonnia Hunter

    love him


    chief keef flo or

  52. Jaelyn S

    "Girl yo track slipping so i had to get glue." Damn

  53. curly fries

    Khaos sound like he got a sinus infection lmao

  54. LOD FLEX

    sound just like chief keef love no thotties

    Sean Scott.

    He’s dissing him

  55. Pedro Nóbrega

    P-dice kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  56. wRiNklyPEnIS foREverY ONe

    This way better than love no thotties... 😏

    Yusuke Urameshi

    klark kent chill the fuck out

  57. No El

    1:1 love no thotties :(

  58. Jamila Lucas

    What's that song at the end


    khaos fucked this song up i had to chop his part out

  60. FoolyWitDaToolie

    this shit dope

  61. Julian Busigo

    took keef flow and ran with that shit

  62. Jorgo Tb

    one of the best song from fetty love it

  63. Brittney B

    Favorite song by fetty

    Willie LumpLump

    Brittney B you should listen to Chief Keef - Love no thotties, cause this is an rip off of that

    1738 Vibes

    Willie LumpLump keef is ass dawg he makes edm music

  64. miguel reyes

    dice was locked up the same month this video was released fetty lying

  65. Akeem Muhammad

    this is pne of those videos where he said "where was dice"

  66. lazy lay's

    this shit is sorry
    just like young thug music...

  67. Shanece Clarke

    I love this song

  68. Marcel Anderson

    yahh i cant u fallin for a g

  69. Celine sheffey

    Dice got excluded from the the squad

  70. edwar diaz

    me gusta este tema (Y)

  71. Omniponent

    dice where are u????

  72. Pretty Zay

    Throw it back💯🙆

  73. Gaming Wizard

    Try listening to the video with 2x speed. It is...Something.

  74. Ugly God

    But where the fuck was dice?

  75. Lynn Leach


  76. Southbity

    love no thotties flow

  77. mystique rogers

    this my song😜😜

  78. Bella

    Those girls was done 😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Acoustic Horse

    If she suckin my dick i aint tryna kiss you

  80. Zion Woods

    dice is stupid he mess up evey one of his songs

  81. Zaleijah Bishop

    it don't matter if he stole chief beat dis shit still went hard asf

  82. Michael Hajduk

    What the name
    Of the song after throw it back? Never heard that before.

    1738 Music

    +Michael Hajduk right? i cant even find that shit

    1738 Music

    @***** thanks nigga and sub to me if u want i be posting new fetty songs everday

  83. TyLa Shaye

    go listen to the song love no thot and listen to this song again

  84. compleatsummer2006

    fetty da💩

  85. compleatsummer2006

    this my jam 💪🚬

  86. Natascha Morgan

    all he care is for the cheese

  87. 973 Santana

    "In the throw it back video Where the fuck was Dice?"

    miguel reyes

    he was locked up the same month this video dropped

  88. Lil Hez Official

    Where da fuck was dice?

  89. Lana Farrell

    lovve....... listen to 8x

  90. Shanece Clarke

    dice is a bitch ass nigga

  91. Polo Rican

    Fetty Wap says"Where the fuck was P Dice????"

  92. jeremytjerry

    who made the beat


    @J. Caspersen on soundcloud

    Enrique Maldonado

    +J. Caspersen alright thanks

    Enrique Maldonado

    +J. Caspersen were can i find the beat ?

    J. Caspersen

    +Enrique Maldonado JCaspersenBeats . com. It's beat #322


    @J. Caspersen ok

  93. jeremytjerry

    who hears love no thotties


    @YourMother knew i wasnt the only one

    973 Santana

    +YourMother He combined all them different flows in to his ONE Style & mastered it.

  94. Jon

    The first line is if i roll this wood girl I'm gon forget you, in chief keef love no thot he says if I roll this blunt girl I'm gon forget you. Wow fetty u just had to steal somebody stuff, when fetty and keef have beef, the whole world will know fetty wap stole keef flow and bars