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[Fetty Wap:]
Yeah, baby, 17
(Remy Boy lifestyle)
Ay, ay look

[Fetty Wap:]
Baby girl, you're so damn fine though
I'm tryna know if I could hit it from behind though
I'm sipping on you like some fine wine though
And when it's over, I press rewind though
You talking bands, girl, I got it
Benjamins all in my pocket
I traded in my trues for some robins
He playing Batman, Fetty's gon' rob him
I got a Glock in my 'rari, 17 shots, no 38
I got a Glock in my 'rari, 17 shots, no 38

[Hook - Fetty Wap:]
I'm like, yeah, she's fine
Wonder when she'll be mine
She walk past, i press rewind
To see that ass one more time
And I got this sewed up
Remy Boyz, they know us
All fast money, no slow bucks
No one can control us
Ay, yeah, baby

[Montana Bucks:]
Tell me what you see
Is it money or it's me?
I smoke twenty, smell the weed
I got hunnies in my V
They like, Monty, can you be my baby daddy, I'm like, yeah
I got robins on my jeans, you see the wings on every pair
All you see is Remy Boyz, you know my niggas everywhere
And if somebody got a problem, we could meet up anywhere
Now go say some
Don't you niggas play dumb
You know where we came from
You don't want sauce, no A1


[Fetty Wap:]
ZooWap, Monty
ZooWap, Monty
Yeah, baby, Remy Boyz

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Fetty Wap 679 Comments
  1. Stefelicity

    I used to do this on musical.y back in yr 9 before those tiktok days

  2. David Carson

    hey bud

  3. Coffee Cake

    What ig about her hair blonde and grey shirt

  4. Shit Vlogs

    1:01 what does she floss with a mattress(!)

  5. Nat Nat

    Drink Remy Martin responsibly, Laddies

  6. Shit Vlogs

    1:09 tit flash

  7. phat0101nguyen0202


  8. Thana Simon

    Anyone else here in 2020?❤️🦋

  9. Daddy Long John

    When this song came on I sung it word for word, what happened to fetty 😔

  10. Yvng Veno

    bumping 2020

  11. Samuel Garcia

    We still poppin after 5 years can’t wait to show my kids this

  12. ItzJK

    This track will always be hard

  13. Fatima Ben Ali


    Shit Vlogs

    The only reason I am liking this is because it is my birthday today.

  14. Soroush tabibi

    I’m here cause of a imdontai video

  15. King Saphars


  16. Tunnel Vision

    Fetty was like the modern day nelly lol

  17. LilUzi Art/Amvs

    My friend wondering why I'm activating stealth mode at 3 am leaving my room:
    Me coming back in: 1:16

  18. monir bentabet

    And i got the soda

  19. Luca Roberts

    Anyone 2020?

  20. Bikelife_ Rydder

    I was young asf when I was listening to the song and I didn’t even know what half of the shit in his songs meant and I’m going through his old songs and I’m like “damn I was dumb asf”😭

  21. ᴀ x

    What happened to him? Whenever i think of 2015/2016 his songs are like THE SONGS from those two years.

  22. Sean McManus

    Who’s here after he dropped his new stuff

  23. Ali Jamaa

    Zol in my pokit

  24. d o r a n


  25. Mr. AWIT


  26. sp0rky

    When your parents tell you to come and help with some groceries:

  27. Schwaffles

    4 and a half years later, and this song is still a bop

  28. IDC

    I remember being 10 doing Musically to this song💀

  29. TheRolph88

    Best song ever

  30. Realones SK

    Who here in 2020 like this comment yeaaaa baby !!

  31. BigMangoz G

    2020 and still lovin this song

  32. I E Papi

    *This song is still one of the greatest*

  33. Pandaslushy504

    1:07-1:20 Tik Tok Right there

  34. Dalvii Veee

    summer 2015 vibes 😭

  35. Dylan Santiago

    1:01 she fine until she opened her mouth💀💀💀

  36. Bob Ross

    Everyone thinks its soda but really what hes saying is “i got this all sewed up”

  37. Daniel Hernandez

    Dem middle school Dayz on g 😂😪

  38. Zerey ZaZ

    Tic tok plays half of this song:
    me: Wonder when she’ll be mi
    Me: *gose straight to YouTube

  39. Sirwan Tofiq

    2020 ❤

  40. Faisal Bukar

    And when it's over i press rewind though

  41. sara imtiaz

    this song defined an entire generation

  42. Hyper_red

    2020 we're tf u att but FR tho I miss these days

  43. HSW 7oreign

    Why can’t niggas make bangers anymore

  44. Agent_Sayonara_ •_•

    Feels like this song came out yesterday 😫

  45. Junior Junior

    It’s been 4years damn that just tells that time be flying

  46. marsha carter

    I will ALWAYS LOVE ❤️ THIS SONG! Whenever, wherever it comes on, I stop what Im doing and start dancing!


    Is that chick missing a tooth or is that a gap ?

  48. Din Zaf

    Fetty wap is like one of those stars you’ll never get to see again

    My 44 Face-Off

    He lied in his rhymes that's why

  49. memes4robux 69

    1:07 tiktok has entered the chat

  50. YRB Caps

    2015 Fetty: yaaah baybie

    2020 Fetty: nahhhh baybie

  51. Saladin

    This man needs to blow up again !!

  52. Essense Bryant

    If u listen real closely at the beginning of the song he says “im a devil worshiper” 👀

  53. Eric Helon

    Man this the one yah babay😂

  54. Tempus Gui


  55. Дрон шема

    Нах ваше бабло . Не это главное

  56. brandon

    u tryna tell me he ain't say "and i got the soda" 😂😂

  57. Branchy

    Fetty wap walk in there with 2 girls and sees this hot white chick and he’s like fuck this shit I’m out and just dips

  58. Tess Geddies

    probably the best song anyone could play at a party

  59. 972mp

    Anybody 2020 ?

  60. REALLY

    U can still bump this shit atta party n everyone getting turnt up, sum bout that hook and beat😆🤝

  61. Eliza Fernandes


  62. bucci butch

    Ever listened to this with one eye closed?

  63. Zacharyhg -

    1:10. You know you know

  64. Shavor Robinson

    2020 and still out

  65. Erik Jamerson

    White girl still fine asf on life ....

  66. Ornery Crystal

    I love this song but being a girl myself it's objectifying 😑

  67. Mihai Rares

    What if Fetty Wap brought his name from Wetty Fap *mindfuck*

  68. don scheust

    They don’t make good music like this no more

  69. Jake Brown

    Crazy how this song is considered old now. Feels like it just came out.

  70. niyahhh Frmatl

    My guy made 3 bangers and dipped

  71. SweetnessnBK

    The ghettoest party that I wish I was invited to!

  72. Baldhead Bart

    if yhu still listening in feb 2020 like this and fetty wap gone drop sum mo heat 🔥

  73. Robert mosquera

    I miss when i was playing cod 2 and listening to this song

  74. 許家綱

    What is the name of the black Girl in the white bikini

  75. Angel Iniguez

    1:16 if your looking for when he says soda

  76. dushawn powell

    This was a good time to be alive

  77. Bleach

    Just asking for a friend.. who’s that girl at 1:03

  78. Ej P

    Heart this 2020 <3

  79. Darwin Paul

    B R A W A D I S ! ! !

  80. FZPROf

    Pogba raps whaaat

  81. Thanh Le

    He be really having the soda doe 😳😳

  82. SCipher YT

    Who here I’m 2020 bois

  83. Sl2 Hisham

    2020 who’s watching

  84. Jarlitoシ

    This song brings me back to musically

  85. G1ng l1fe

    When its 2020 February and u still remember this banger

  86. Swa Hun

    who the shorty in the grey. whats her ig?

  87. vSycles

    5 years later and I still know these lyrics 😭