Ferry, Bryan - Will You Love Me Tomorrow Lyrics

Tonight you're mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
Will you love me tomorrow?
Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moments pleasure
Can I believe the magic of your sighs
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I'm the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the mornin' sun
I'd like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?
So tell me now and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

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Ferry, Bryan Will You Love Me Tomorrow Comments
  1. Alex Nicolson

    Bryan Ferry is the coolest

  2. Eduardo Rivera

    Reese Witherspoon or her daughter should play Nicole in a film.

  3. Joannie Trotter

    This video is as suitably luxurious as the sound of Ferry & Roxy. They looked great together i this video.

  4. cat walk

    おはようございます^ ^ とても素敵な歌とムービーのupload有難う御座います^ ^
    HAVE a nice day🍀🍀🍀🍀✨✨✨✨❣️

  5. The Ghost 62

    She was a beautiful woman and what a waste Dam drugs

  6. Steven Pallet


  7. Lock Star Goddess

    lol _ i never knew he covered this! love this coming from a male perspective instead of trite female... and I love Bryan trying new stuff with the younger genration his son isaac and etc... thinking out of the box and just being Bryan w ho is cooler than cool forever... no matter his age now _ and even more so still my favorite dandy....and I am a century old though I don't look or feel it # vampirebitch #blackdontcrack #afropunk and still think Like i am in college art school but more experience wisdom so same thing... I get it..

  8. Aaron

    She's a chunk.


    court ruled in Anna Nicole's favor, awarding her a whopping $474 million.


    Vickie Lynn Hogan poznata pod umjetničkim imenom Anna Nicole Smith (28. novembar 1967 – 8. februar 2007) bila je američka manekenka i glumica, poznata po izuzetno burnom privatnom životu, koga su pred kraj obilježile tragedije.

  11. Carol Ilse Anne

    Absolutely, always!

  12. Yenney Rossi

    Eccellente brano e interpretazione caro Bryan Ferry ♦ Grazie in anticipo per averlo condiviso ★ Complimenti e [email protected] Buon weekend!! ♥

  13. Ярослав Мудрый

    She will...

  14. Jesamine O'Brien

    Nicole was so pretty ... RIP

  15. Frank lampard

    Ferry always has had an uncanny knack of being able to take a classic song and make it his own without losing the soul of the original.

  16. Libra Fitness Karen

    He wouldn't have to ask me twice !! 😘❤️

  17. l h

    I will, Brian Ferry. 🥰🐾🤓🥂👍😍

  18. Marta Benito Mateos

    Sobrio,elegante, inconfundible.

  19. sheridanguy

    Anna Nicole and Bryan Ferry - hot couple!

  20. AllAn ARo

    Perfecto. hermoso, sutil, fogoso, una versión deliciosa para el alma! Gracias Bryan Ferry!

  21. Марианна Попова

    Единственный мужчина, который меня окодовывает и приводит в трепет.

  22. Colinart

    You've got to be kidding. Holy shite.

  23. shaitarn

    I remember buying this album on cassette and thinking I was going to wreck it because I just kept rewinding this song and listening to it again and again. Still love it.

  24. Alex Kealey

    Another old song , but he would give you an orgasm .

  25. ana

    The man with charm….

    Eduardo Rivera

    Mr Suave

  26. 1groovygreg

    Superlative. Stylistically, Bryan Ferry at the top of his game.

  27. Libra Fitness Karen

    Of course I will ❤️

  28. Sergio Valente

    Damn I never knew these two made a video together

  29. Ann. O’Brien

    He's awesome

  30. Susan Lane

    Hauntingly Beautiful ❤️

  31. Raymond Campbell

    Anna nicole smith rip 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  32. Daniela Duldhardt

    averry nice song.i love this harmonys.great. i like Brian Ferry.

  33. Галия Молшылыкова

    Не обычный стиль исполнения.Браво.Клипы ,просто бомба,шикарно Брайн.

  34. Umberto Enna

    Davanti a Anne Nicole, Bryan sparisce un poco.

  35. Big AL

    Loved your version and video.  Love it Great job.

  36. Paula J Baker

    Odd that I would be into music apways and especially the 80s, and found out that Bryan Ferry who performed that song that I was just crazy about. Know, I am discovering Bryan Ferry and love it. P. Baker

  37. Taija Metso

    Still loving this one. Now and forever.



  39. Sytnikov Salon

    We will love you tomorrow, after tomorrow, and all our life. Thank you for your music. Thank you!

  40. M .M XO XO

    upload thank you for your kindness✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨💖

  41. Sandra Susky

    I love how they're in the same room, but never really connect. beautifully illustrates how isolating love can be.

  42. auacur

    This is from the album "Taxi", highly recommended....

  43. Sandra Susky

    Very beautiful.

  44. Sandra Susky

    Anna Nicole........

  45. Agnes Tamba

    RIP Anna

  46. keeway

    superrrrrr !!!!!

  47. MissHannah2036

    Had the world at her feet

  48. Libra Fitness Karen

    When B is playing cards what are those things on the table ??

  49. NM 1170

    He sounds sad, I love this version

  50. juke joint Jezebel Triple J

    Written by Carole King originally and then she covered it later

  51. Trifilaki

    That man is sex personified in that video! Tomorrow and always, Mr Ferry!

    Paula J Baker

    Ooooooo lalalalala! Don't put out that flame. It's unique. it's. No one does it better than you Bryan Ferry?❤

  52. 1groovygreg

    I realize this is a cover, but Bryan Ferry is a musical GENIUS. The production and vocals on this song are chilling.

  53. Danielle Polk

    beautiful video starring my mom and dad
    (anna nicole is my mom and bryan ferry is my dad, they conceived me in 1993 around the time this video was shot)

  54. keeway

    exxtraa ,ssupeerr ,bajka!!!!!!

  55. Cao Ky Nguyễn

    the song is visually breath-taking thanks to the performance by the gorgeous anna nicole smith
    Rest In Peace

  56. ioa.giannakop


  57. ga-ga szpital

    thank you for my tears

  58. sandra torrez


  59. Sean Burdick

    Does anyone know who directed this?

  60. Paul Gibbett

    That chick had some jugs on her

  61. Seish's Mom

    She was stunning in this video!

  62. Tina Jones

    Beautifully sensual take on this tune. It still hurts that she's gone.

  63. Gulya Summer

    The Shirelles-Original

  64. Conchi Herves

    Esta noche eres mío completamente
    Le das a tu amor tan dulcemente
    Esta noche la luz del amor está en tus ojos
    ¿Me amarás mañana?
    ¿Es esto un bien duradero
    O simplemente un momento el placer
    ¿Puedo creer en la magia de tus suspiros
    ¿Todavía me amarás mañana?
    Esta noche con palabras no dichas
    Tú dices que yo soy el único
    Pero mi corazón se rompe
    Cuando la noche se reúne el sol mañana "
    Me gustaría saber que su amor
    ¿Es el amor que puedo estar seguro de
    Así que me digo ahora y no voy a preguntar de nuevo
    ¿Todavía me amarás mañana?
    Así que me digo ahora y no voy a preguntar de nuevo
    ¿Todavía me amarás mañana?
    ¿Todavía me amarás mañana?

  65. Derek Lyons

    Such a sweet   version  by Mr Ferry !

  66. Aror EclecticMusic

    Dios mio, eres un grande Bryan Ferry!

  67. max field

    I call this PROUSTIAN pop , even opium addled singing, in a wall of sound like no other - even orientalist. Ferry working on this vein for quite some time...when it hits you, it hits you like a wallop

  68. God_is_LoVe

    So he the one who wrote this song?? Amazing video

  69. evolunter

    He sings just bullshit. Poor Brian, seems he never learns.

    Paul Gibbett

    And your a tosser.

  70. Eliana Rodrigues

    Ele é sensacional!!!

  71. BK Lulu

    this version and Roberta Flack's are truly my favorite. Proof you can do anything with a gorgeous lyric and a simple musical arrangement. Simple canvas to jump off into other worlds.

  72. любовь

    ах. как красиво!

  73. c thomas

    luke and laura brought me here

  74. Julie Boardman

    Just beautiful

    Julie Boardman

    A haunting song just lovely

  75. 22Yeller

    The urbane Mr. Ferry.........smoother than a puma in silk pyjamas....

  76. Грузин но не Гиви

    so sad his not INTERNET era musician ..deserve 1000 000 000 views .simply brilliant

  77. kayfabe 58

    too much 80's roxy

  78. Kandi Kane

    Is that Anna Nicole Smith in video? She is beautiful girl.

  79. Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Lo compartimos en Todo Rock Murcia

  80. kikocris1

    Fantástic song and a great Bryan Ferry.

  81. Seish's Mom

    ANS was stunning in this video!

  82. Peter Nicklin

    love the way he"s slowed the song down, to suit his voice, and it works. beautiful.

  83. Bernd Wever

    Fantastic song from the style icon himself....
    Greetings from Oldenburg, Germany

  84. Robert Cieslikiewicz

    The most beautiful song of all times !!

  85. Don Phantom

    One of the most beautiful women in the world, R.I.P Ana !

  86. Luis Rueda


  87. CBU 2029

    bryan ferry is a fucking god! <3

  88. Daiana Oliveira


  89. Ovidiu Pop

    Bryan Ferry in Love me tomorrow - is that blond lady Anna Nicole Smith?

  90. aujourd8

    so so good, pure talent, what a voice

  91. Carol Thomas

    I'd have happily done this video with him free of charge just to have him sing it ostensibly to me - sighhhh


    Carol Thomas me too 😍😍

  92. Mario Lemieux

    Голос у Ферри - просто блеск.

  93. inga robinson

    I like Brian Ferry's song Smoke gets in your Eyes , but i can't find it !

  94. Selma Cristina

    Essa música é maravilhosa, clipe lindo!

    Selma Cristina

    +Sami Turgut oi boa noite!

    Sami Turgut

    Selma :-))

  95. novak ilic


  96. cosmin grigoriu

    sachira zootopia