Ferry, Bryan - The Times They Are A-Changin' Lyrics

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

For the times they are a-changin'.

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

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Ferry, Bryan The Times They Are A-Changin' Comments
  1. Alexander The Great

    See the tits on the babe in the fake "leopard skin" dress?? What a looker and what a fuckin pair!!!! 👍

  2. yogi yogi

    nice to see the old dudes with the young kid

  3. edward round

    A very true statement for to day. Bryan Ferry hits the mark everytime

  4. Nick Moranis

    Insane. Horrible. This has to be a joke.

  5. patrickspoint

    Love it, love it, love it...

  6. koonings1

    Glad to listen to your strong music Bryan!!

  7. Keith Keller

    Thanks and posting for his B-Day........

  8. Slavko Cosic

    Yes, I agree...They are... Nice song...Light & Love...

  9. Vernon Smith

    love it never realised he was so amazing

  10. tolo tolo

    great cover
    has something that I always look for in covers different angle

  11. stefano pinzi

    great! a completely different atmosphera from dylan's, but the lyrics still remain. Brian and Bob will live forever

  12. Nora Eslar

    Tu locura es Bryan Ferry.

  13. Dawn Sutton

    Love this version; it doesnt sound so full of dread as Dylan's tho the times themselves accounted for that. This is the same message exactly but more optimistic. I love the slightly reggae/carribean lilt to it. Singers, guitars, drums and of course Bryan himself; sublime. Delicious, I could eat him up he's so divine, better the older he gets, like a fine wine.

  14. MickyP4


    Reidar Lund

    Bryan sings 1st, 4th and 5th verse here.

  15. will brown

    Ferry nailed it !!!

  16. Tony McCann

    Brilliant rock,out of this world backing music.

  17. Nicolás González

    Simplemente genial

  18. Kay Olaf Ballreich

    Tolle Version von Dylan's alter Nummer, super Band und  Backsingers, Ferry singt super routiniert, echt toll. Das komplette Album Dylanesque ist erste Sahne.....

  19. david giles

    this is fucking awesome bob who lol

  20. Iron Butcher

    From yesterday I am under this song's influence. I have listened it many many times (several dozens or even maybe several hundred) and I'm more than sure it's not the end!

    To tell the truth I've never heard original version but this performance thanks to Mr Ferry and - great musicians (by the way guitar players but not only) addicted me from itself seriously.

    Re-ve-lat-ion - in my opinion this word the best describes this performance!

  21. Vidar Larsen

    3 guys on guitar,, one of'em is Spedding, and 4 ladies on backing vocals?
    Its way too many people on that stage.


    Vidar Larsen Dylan barely has that many people on stage during the rock sections. Not a bad version though and I would consider myself a Dylan purist to a degree..

  22. Ana D Fernandes

    Bryan Ferry has always worked with great musicians.

  23. olli manninen

    Ferry elegance.

  24. Charles Crisp

    this is such a better version than on the album more groovy

  25. Rainer Buch

    Tolle Version mit einem tollen Rhythmus,

  26. conussnail

    The Best after BOB!

  27. Satan Clous

    THANKS GOD FOR BRYAN !!!! 100% splendid !!!!!!!
    one of the most important reasons in my life.

  28. Marie-Jeanne Van Steen

    excellent - perfect- love it.

  29. terry waters

    Great video cover of a great song, but film editor has guitar great Chris Spedding sitting and wearing glasses in a couple of shots and the standing with no glasses for other shots. Detracts a little from an otherwise excellent video.

    J Seddon.

    Great Comment Terry.

  30. MelbyDK

    Super Number

  31. Violet Femme

    I'm no cougar but that Oliver Thompson might make me a-change my mind...😂

  32. jerrylw75

    Très bon j'aime

  33. Christopher O'Brien


  34. Jakub Wallflower

    Anyone knows, whos that young guitarist?

    Jakub Wallflower

    Thank you! :)

    Violet Femme

    Ur quite welcome! U have a good ear..did u watch the live studio version of "watchtower"? I can send link if u want. It zooms on his guitar and u can see how crazy talented the guy is.

    Jakub Wallflower

    @Violet Femme Yes, I've seen it, it's absolutely stunning! :)

    Violet Femme

    @Jakub Wallflower I adore him...so talented! And pretty hot for a ginger lol...

    Jakub Wallflower

    @Violet Femme Can't more agree! :)

  35. Brian Kelly

    How is that double kick done on the bass drum?

    Gerardo Erak

    +Brian Kelly Practice

    Karen Williamson

    drum roll

    Barrie Jonas

    Easiest with 2 bass drums. In this case it's one of the best session drummers in the World...Andy Newmark.



  37. thefullcurlew

    fantastic.....loved it....cool backing singers and the whole band were just so worth watching.....what a great version on Dylan's classic


    This kid on lead guitar is wicked.

    James Claridge

    TheEleatic Oliver Thompson very talented by all accounts!

    Enzo Giargia

    Grande versione...

    Enzo Giargia

    thefullcurlew -

    Nick Moranis

    Are you completely mad or being ironic? Pub singing.

  38. Francisc Roncov


  39. davyboy176

    ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤ youtube is a changing ! what a mess ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤

  40. davyboy176

    Brian you are always worth saving : )

  41. Sebastian Wendel

    thats true

  42. Sebastian Wendel

    the blond guitar player looks so bored ...

  43. Milan P

    Great !

  44. Blustu Rising

    Now if only Bob could sing like that? Excellent album well done Mr Ferry.

  45. 酒井隆文

    Very good

  46. rambletamble58

    Totally love it!!

  47. philip harrison


  48. flammable2002

    Buy on Ferry

  49. Yves Tshavier Nivola Farmiga

    nice version

  50. Andrew Knowles

    Or Ron Weasley

  51. RigelX9

    Didn't know David Lynch played guitar so well.

  52. bandity2k

    you're an idiot and obviously not a QUALITY musician

  53. Nuron666

    Those backing singers are hot

  54. jimtrueblue99

    The singer mumbles the words. The instruments are too loud.

  55. Andrew Knowles

    Interesting that the session singers can't help but dance, even though they're in a studio

  56. balutstore

    This version always reminds me of a lazy summer evening watching the waves crash while drinking some micro brew next to a smoking bon fire. Now if you want to have a riot on your hand play the flogging molly version then its time to put out the fire and put on the brass knuckles. Sorry but i dont associate this Bob Dylan song with peace im more into war

  57. davyboy176

    ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤ Hey are you still plying buddy???❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤

  58. davyboy176

    @DYSYALYS ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤ No baby i left a note did you not get it , i just went up to Khyber pass, to buy a new bus pass, so that maybe one day i will be able to get the bus to see you in ........wait for it!.......................................your house aaaaaaaaaahaaaa nearly , but nearly only counts in falling of mountains ;);;;; lmfao in tears. ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤

  59. davyboy176

    @DYSYALYS❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤ I am were i always am write here lol little Miss , now behave ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤

  60. davyboy176

    @chrismas1958 ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤ Just be happy with the story , or do you want my address swell as hers lol, and you aint so stupid as you put it and neither are we , so you have fun guessing but your close i will give you a clue ! its not Africa lol Adios amigo ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤

  61. noel black

    O.k Dysalys,i've done some research into possible locations 4000 miles from England,Australia's too far so is South America,so i'm guessing your West of the U.K,conclusion North America right?

  62. noel black

    Hi Davey,Noel here ,hence Chismas,sorry i'm a little stupid don't know how to follow your story? sounds interesting,by the way i'm a guy and live in Yorkshire,thanks for your reply.Ps where in the world does the love of your life live?

  63. davyboy176

    @chrismas1958 ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤Ok buddy or mam witchever , me and DYSYALYS live 40000 miles apart yet we have been in love and still are for a while , but lately times have been a changing and its getting harder to keep in touch , due to unseen surcomestances , now if you follow the story threw all the songs you will see what we have had to do to keep our contact in place ,.The love will always be there , ok. Take it away Brian Ferry❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤

  64. noel black

    Sorry guys,fill me in on the story and why this song plays a part in what seems to be some romantic encounter?

  65. davyboy176

    @DYSYALYS ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤ I want you and me to be happy , and the only way it is going to happen is if we stop doing what we are doing to each other and fly fly , i am not saying we cant fly back from time to time , so there its hard but thats the story of my life , so i will see or here from you in the passing . You will always be with me , remember that and be supermom get on with Austen and Sade , BE LUCKY MY GIRL ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤

  66. davyboy176

    @DYSYALYS Yea but our world is getting smaller Baby ~~~~sad~~~~~but true ;.(..

  67. davyboy176

    ❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤"Hey Brian baby i know times they are a changing , but hey thats life, everything happens for a reason , so lets kick on , Love you Melissa❤♫•*❤♫•*❤♫•*❤"

  68. mike acton

    there is not more than this

  69. Axel Friedhoff

    One of the best remakes of this great song.

  70. Russell Johnson

    great !!! and id like to hear the vocals up a bit more... thanks for posting

  71. scurpenin

    nice, thanks for posting it

  72. pete holland

    so good ,what a find on youtube thanks

  73. Mike Thorpe

    @Chopard1000 the lady is called Me'sha Bryan ;-)

  74. timtak1

    The ginger guitarist is god.

  75. gux290

    I love the strumental part, but voice(except the chorus) doesn't convince me...

  76. Demerdjy

    @paulipavilion I have the same taste, but still don't know her name! ;-))

  77. David P

    what a great version of a fantastic song!

  78. kemposoefi

    You MAY not like this rendition, Brian Ferry or anything else, but what a fine musicians they are. Well, I like it all. Made me buy the DVD. Peace to you all.

  79. thomas schuster

    Oliver T. and Chris S. on guitars. And Bryans voice.... Soooo fantastic, Not to top! I"m the BIGGEST fan of ROXY/BRYAN on this whole fuckin" planet!

  80. thomas schuster

    YES a thatcher-friend.YES a pro fox-hunt fighter! I love animals and hate Maggie T. BUT: There is no better music than ROXY/BRYAN on this planet.His voice is so fantastic,his style sooo amazing. Simply the biggest ARTIST .Let "s hope he quit the "pro" fox-hunt shit,and find better friends than Maggie!!!

  81. kemposoefi

    Music is al about emotion and therefore taste. When you may not like this rendition, you should at least appreciate the setting of these great musicians. And I am not saying this just because I have a crush on the black background singer with the dreadlocks... ;-). Thanks for posting, made me buy the DVD. Peace to you all, Fred.

  82. Littleblackdress2001


  83. Ben Love


    Quite right.

  84. woody furball

    I WONT respond to a comment below, BUT, ive followed Roxy / Bryan since the 70`s, I think this is very good, BUT STOP technically bla bla bla using GEEK words, Bob Dylan wrote / delivered this song in his own way (Perfect), Bryan does`nt sing, "OH The Times they are a changing" in a WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE way that Dylan sang it, thats what the song says, or you`ll sink like a bone, its not a a lullaby or soul song it needs more GRUFF<< great word (Techically secure on that one TY)

  85. extrajohntra


  86. Pilar Prieto

    El Dandy;hace suyas las canciones de dylan

  87. w0mbles

    It's All Over Now, Baby Blue was a real stand-out from these sessions.

    But I cannot get in to this. It's so lifeless, so pedestrian (by Ferry's standards). It's plodding, with no texture, no character.

  88. Bonnie Bardowski


  89. Zoran Spasic


  90. BoysKeepSwingin2

    Absolutely great version of Dylan's song. Bryan Ferry always makes a coversong always sound like it's his own. The quality is astonishing and Bryan almost did not change in 40 years. That's something most other singers can't say.

  91. kerstmanneke82

    This guy can turn great songs into super great songs... Just like Jealous Guy

  92. iheartsupernatural

    his voice will always be super sexy :D

  93. kjellpike

    So cclose to Dylan u can get

  94. MrsCrushDummie

    Great song!

  95. woody furball

    Classy as Eva! love it,

  96. bretbryan

    times change, people change, tastes change, music just gets better, lyrics stay the same....praise be to the guy (or gal) who wrote these words, equal praise to whoever heard the music first.

  97. kemposoefi

    Indeed, shut it, please.