Ferry, Bryan - The 'In' Crowd Lyrics

I'm in with the "in" crowd
I go where the "in" crowd goes
I'm in with the "in" crowd
And I know what the "in" crowd knows (how to have fun)
Any time of the year, don't you hear? (how to have fun)
Dressin' fine, makin' time
We breeze up and down the street
We get respect from people we meet
They make way day or night
They know the "in" crowd is out of sight

I'm in with the "in" crowd
I know ev'ry latest dance
When you're in with the "in" crowd
It's easy to find romance (and we work out)
At a spot where the beat's really hot (and we work out)
If it's square we ain't there
We make ev'ry minute count
Our share is always the biggest amount
Other guys imitate us
But the original's still the greatest

We got our own way of walkin
We got our way of talkin' (gotta have fun)
Any time of the year, don't you hear (gotta have fun)
Spendin' cash, talkin' trash
Girl, I'll show you a real good time
Come on with me and leave your troubles behind
I don't care where you've been
You ain't been nowhere till you been in with the "in" crowd
With the "in" crowd
With the "in" crowd

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Ferry, Bryan The 'In' Crowd Comments
  1. bumble1612

    Loved this,still do.

  2. DUANE Osman

    I don't know where the term 'Wall of Sound' came from... maybe Roxy Music??

  3. moonbear

    there was a club thurs nights in bolton under the palais called the nocturne and thurs night was roxy night, me and my ex wife went before we was married for a lonnggg time. roxy music aka brian ferry everything was played...

  4. Jason Carpp

    Awesome song! Awesome version of *"The "In" Crowd."* I've heard the song before, but none like this.

  5. znyggo

    Im old! Bought this record when it came out! The best version ever....

  6. Michael Chretien

    490, baby! im in. :)

  7. Kaspar Bauhauser

    Another time, another place...

  8. Kevin Douglas

    Along with All I want is you(Him crying over Jerry Hall)these are some of the best.Unbelievably they bombed in the States, Madison Square Garden,they couldn't get on with him,but liked Freddie.

  9. Nick Whitestar

    💚 😂 💚 ....... ⭐ 21 hours ago 😲 ........ Yes keep up ?

  10. Patrick Parker

    Great intro , and a lot better than the original version .

  11. Juan Clegg

    step dad got me into this guy I always put this on when my life is flying high

    Gareth Griffiths

    Respect to you and your stepdad.x

  12. caroline g

    As slick as a sexy oil spill.

  13. greenatom

    Sounds like David Byrne got some singing ideas from this.

  14. Patricia LAMBERT

    This song has Bowie's name written all over it--he wished he'd recorded it first


    Yes, a Bowie sound to the backing. Not hard to imagine Bowie singing.

  15. Van Karguis

    the most beautiful and eclectic music of Our Generation genius in the making Bryan Ferry you are my idol and mentor

  16. Van Karguis

    Bryan Ferry the best ever genius of music and style we will never see anyone like his style and Prestige and genius

  17. Ellen Streger

    he is so modern,....could have recorded today...best, ellen streger

  18. Tony Bates

    Someone confirm for me that this is satirical - I've got somebody here who actually thinks these lyrics are to be taken at face value.


    Tony Bates he didn’t even write it

    Jef Snyder

    Tony Bates not satirical. didn't you see the cool kids talking about trump.

  19. Marky Mark357

    Timeless and uber cool..

  20. Van Karguis

    I can't stop listening to Roxy. I love you Bryan. You r a genius

  21. Van Karguis

    Roxy music the best rock and roll band in the universe

  22. Van Karguis

    The best ever Brian Ferry you are the best ever

  23. John Tiggleman

    Bugger off, mate. You ruined Ramsey Lewis's original. AuntieSoul34, he had no clue what cool is or was. But you young poofters enjoy it anyway.


    John Tiggleman get your head out of your ass already

    Grant Grove

    I actually heard this years - nay decades before the Dobie Gray original (?) but also love the "Trio's" version, along with this "rocky" version. Shakes the dust of me woofers a treat.

  24. Gary Bounds

    Tried everywhere to get them green bags the cool sod

  25. znyggo

    Bought the record -74 I think. I was 15 years. But it sound like yesterday.

  26. olli manninen

    Just had to listen to that great guitar solo

  27. Kevin Mihalko

    This is was the song I used to get ready to when I went to the clubs in the 80's

    Peter Dunkley

    And me!

    London Loves

    That’s a lovely image to evoke :) thanks for sharing

    Barbara Meshel

    Clubs in the eighties.....aaahhhhhhhh...I miss them so...

  28. sullivan2339

    Always love this song-the production was awesome- saw & heard them live twice- only remember one of those concerts- the other was Red stage lights & two gals in uniforms- the 2nd was at the famous Chicago Uptown Theater- it officially closed soon after. It still sits there-decomposing.

  29. BackToTheBlues

    I'm sure he sings 'We wheeze up and down the street..' - I always envisaged a load of blokes in leather jackets and shades with cigarettes hanging our of their mouths.


    Universal Queen Gaia Victoria Gray Wolf Stagg to the double Gee Gee. This is you this is! <3

  31. EnnioRome

    Perfect 4 the New York's pre punk scene and the social situation at the time

  32. NEntv58

    Davie O'list on guitar. Only know him from the Nice...

    James D Richardson

    @PrizewinnersPaws Early Roxy Music lead guitarist before they hit the big time...a very underrated guitarist who should be recognised because of his unique style and nobody's heard of him. A fantastic Intro and an even better Outro.

    Martin Harnevie

    Yes this is Davy O'List. Phil's style was taken from Davy.

    Martin Harnevie

    @Dan Hermon Nope. It's Davy.

    James D Richardson

    @Martin Harnevie You could say depending on your point of view that he was a founding member of Roxy, he started off as their first Lead Guitarist but left shortly afterwards before the release of Virginia Plain and Re Make Re Model which I'm sure was Roxy's first Single release but didn't chart. I could be wrong,.....Wiki may hold the answer or the Roxy Music Site.


    you are ALL so wrong.

  33. Terry Britteon

    hard to believe its 1974, so before its time

    black zebra

    I was 21 years old that year...remember the song well...was in flight school...THOSE WERE THE DAYS BABY

    Ben Pittoors

    It's a cover ;-) ... The song is *way* older than that

    Ronnie Acerra

    Britain was my whole world growing up. America was so behind the times.

  34. Manuel Figueiredo Figueiredo

    Bom musico Brayn Ferry

  35. Francesca Johnson

    Wow, one of my fave ever tracks. An amazing combi of styles, which hasn't been bettered

  36. Ian Wyse

    Love this song and the album !

  37. Lorraine Ashby

    THE IN CROWD!!!!

    Prof. Harvey Crichton

    We're all here Lorraine ! :  ))

  38. Lawrence Frauens

    This has the best quality upload, thanks.  Great chords!


    Hey Lawrence!  Thankyou!   Just love this, and the chords.. Oh Yess!    :p

    Lawrence Frauens

    So rockin'....still remember the first night I heard this.  These chords resonated through my brain all night.......
    Auntie rocks!


    The changes after the A7 are a bitch though!

  39. Lungomolto

    this cover version has something "nasty": Dobie Gray or Mamas and Papas are ironic and cool, this one is decadent and it is a sort of forecasting of the Blank Generation.

    oliver honeywill

    It's the 'nasty' that makes it sooo good. It is bursting at the seams with raw, sexy abandon - hugely energetic - so possible to lose oneself in. And no doubt some got lost in that abandon.

  40. Kate McKinnon

    The London show in 2007 opened with this one (and it's a very nice version), and his white shirt was fresh and clean. By the end of the show, it was transparent on his body. He makes it look effortless but hmm, I think he's working it. Can't wait to catch him this fall in merrie olde Oxford.

  41. AuntieSoul34

    Hey m23c2sh! Thanx..For me this is the best version by a mile! I think this was the point at which Bryan Ferry became the epitome of Cool!! :p

  42. m23c2sh

    I never knew he did this song. I love it.